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  1. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    In 2012, we were as uncertain. Afterall, that wasn't the 2006 version.
  2. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    The reason why low block works vs possession hogging teams is that it is firstly easy to maintain compared to a pressing game. Discipline is easy to coach than the supreme coordination required for a pressing (medium or high) game. With pressing, there is a risk of vertical (?) gaps. The bigger problem is the gap between the goalie and the last line of defence. There is no way for Courtois to smother a shot should Suarez or Messi run clear to latch on to a throughball. When we kept Barca attack at bay, this worked in our favour. With bodies in the box there were super few opportunities for opposition players to run through the crowd. Add the fact that unlike Kane and Alli, Barca players are unlikely to muscle their way through our lot. Also, if the gap between defence and goalie is relative small Courtois can get forward and block throughballs. The only outlet left for Barca will be crosses. I'd expect us to deal with that. Low crosses are a concern, but certainly a lesser concern than a hesitant Cahill 40 yards from goal. Also, the hallmark of our previous victories were letting Barca have the ball in the middle of the pitch and pressing them only in our third. I'd call that a low block. One step away from parking the bus. Where we won the game was counter attacks. While I know Conte will not go for 4 at the back, a part of me cannot help but hope he does. A front 3 of Hazard, Giroud and Pedro supported by Cesc would be quite a headache for Pique and Co.
  3. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    What makes you say that?
  4. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Then again, neither has 4 at the back with one less solid defender. The last we won the title playing 4 at the back, we had Ivanovic, JT, Cahill, Azpi That's a lot more formidable than Azpi, Christensen, Older Cahill, Alonso If we play low block, I'll be reasonably confident about Cahill; but Alonso is mediocre as a fullback. Which is a shame cause he has been a revelation as a wingback. One alternative, if Moses can manage being a right back is putting Azpi on left back. Question then is so we have enough midfielders to start 5 midfielders (including wingers/AMs)?
  5. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    I really couldn't say the same about Hazard. I have noticed this one aspect of Willian time and again. When the ball is far from him, he tends to switch off. I have seen us concede goals because he failed to track the full back. He is a sincere footballer, dedicated , supremely fit, has a fantastic shot and is an excellent dribbler. With the ball, when he has space, he is well capable of putting a great ball through. So there you go. Both sides. HeHecould have been world class, but I suspect it has got more to do with coaching when he was young than with Chelsea fans contriving to prevent him from reaching greater heights. Now I'm afraid he is too old.
  6. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Willian is not very bright without the ball. Some might argue he isn't bright with the ball. The only game I saw at the Bridge was last season's loss to Liverpool. Willian was in offside position on the right wing way too many times. Pretty much closed that option to a teammate looking to spread the ball. I don't think he is lazy. I think he lacks focus.