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  1. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Conte confirmed Baka is alright to play. The left side looked badly damaged in the photographs. Looks like it crashed on a tree trunk.
  2. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    The board is also going through a learning curve. All things considered, I guess it's been a decent few years. In the last 5 years we have won a CL, a Europa League, 2 League titles. In the same period City have a couple of League titles and Utd have one league title. It is a strange balance that the club is attempting to maintain. Build asset value and win trophies. No wonder the managers are under immense pressure. However, the club did attempt to buy Llorente, admittedly on a short contract that he was unwilling to sign. It does indicate some flexibility.
  3. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Honestly, Wenger nullified our formation very well. He had his back five stick close to our wingbacks and front 3. He had 4 midfielders playing narrow to swamp our midfielders. Our best bet was the 2 wingers dropping deep and getting the ball forward slowly and steadily. Willian is strong and Pedro is intelligent; unfortunately neither have enough of the other quality. Starved of space, neither could have much of an impact. Morata is not the kind of striker who will dominate a defence on his own; at least not yet. He does seem to have the physique but not the heart for a physical battle. As good as our wingbacks are in getting forward and keeping the ball, I really wish they had a good cross in them. I certainly expect more from Alonso. Azpi seems to put the best crosses in from open play. Also, I feel we would have been a bit more adventurous had Rudiger started in place of Cahill. Having Cahill and Alonso on the left is scary, especially when a wingback like Bellerin gets behind Alonso.
  4. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    I have a feeling Wenger will go with a solitary holding midfielder and play with 3 attacking midfielder a behind the striker - Alexis, Ozil and Welbeck behind Lacazatte. The safe choice for us is to go with a similar lineup as against Spurs. I'd rather we keep it tight in the first half and bring in the cavalry in the second half. My concern is Morata's fitness. If he can maintain his energy for 90 minutes, I'd want us to go with 5-3-2 else the usual 5-2-3. The fact that Arsenal play on Thursday night will have an effect on the game.
  5. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    Michy tried; but seemed to try outlandish flicks or to turn the last defender. Both unlikely to come off. He rarely faced the last defender with the ball.
  6. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

  7. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    Willian getting a wee bit carried away with his run.
  8. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    Sweet sweet strike from Pedro.
  9. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    I prefer the Seal version :)
  10. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Burt Bacharach was right
  11. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    Highly recommend 'A Civil Action' by Jonathan Harr and 'Black Hawk Down' by Mark Bowden. Both books have been subsequently made into movies.
  12. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    Morata, Baka, Drinkwater and Hazard need time on the pitch. Pedro, Azpi and Moses need some rest. So. Courtois Zappa - Cahill - Christensen - Rudiger - Alonso Drinkwater - Cesc - Baka Morata - Hazard Sub - Bats for Morata Moses for Alonso Willian for Hazard
  13. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    You see Essien would have struggled a little bit with technique in the modern game where most top CMs have a combination of technique, awareness and fiestiness. The game has come a long way in the last 5 years. Yaya's mobility would have held him back. Baka, is not very far from being as effective as Essien at his peak. I feel all he needs is a bit of experience and tactical awareness to be as good as Essien. Add a bit of technique and refinement, he will be amongst the best CMs in the planet. You could say the similar things and more about Pogba, but I don't think he has that humility and focus. Also, it gives me a lot of comfort that Baka is working with a hands-on coach like Conte.
  14. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    We have a gem in our hands.