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  1. The ease with which they were able to get behind on the left side was scary. Does not help when you have the slowest three players there - Alonso, Matic and Cahill.
  2. Fantastic. The goal we have been trying to score for a long time now.
  3. Some really careless passes by Luiz in the last few minutes. He needs to sort that head of his out ASAP.
  4. Costa is hardly our biggest problem today.
  5. We need a target man for this game. Someone who can relieve their press for some time. If Alonso is playing he can start high.
  6. Yesterday, with Hazard being taken out of the game by a midfielder (not a defender), we needed Costa to step up big time. Unfortunately he could not. You really cannot blame Hazard. He goes past Herrera, there are two defenders waiting for him. Conte simply did not adapt to Jose's set-up. A lot of the heartache could have been avoided by playing Pedro at left-back. You have Azpi's pace and assurance in the centre. With Pedro on the left and Moses on the right, you have the long ball available.
  7. Because some cannot get over their ex, however lovely their current relationship is. Doesn't help when the ex comes to the party and spouts a few drops of acid.
  8. Can't say if Lukaku is a no-brainer for Chelsea. A lot, I suppose, will depend on the price quoted.
  9. If we get Alexis Sanchez, just play him, Hazard and Pedro behind any striker. Even young Tammy or Peter Crouch. Probably overly simplistic but might just blow teams off.
  10. Damned by faint praise. A lot better than usual though :)
  11. Matic made more tackles & interceptions than any other #CFC player. Won possession 14 times, more than any player on either side He also covered more distance than any other player - even Kante: 12.36km.
  12. Thing is its Spurs (who have never won PL) and not City (who have proper expectation of winning the league) who are chasing us.
  13. 18 points to go. Win the next two it will be 12 points from Saints, Boro, Sunderland, Watford home and Everton, West Brom away. Further, if we do get to that stage Spurs' players will drop their shoulders and start drawing games they could have won. Conversely, if we cannot hold on to the lead in the next two games, the pressure will multiply.
  14. He is starting only because he is going to be sold in the summer. Dropping him now and creating controversy knocks off a substantial chunk of the money we can get for him. The alternative theory is that Batshuayi absolutely stinks in training.