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  1. Man Utd are most popular without question. Chelsea and Liverpool would be second or third depending on the country. Liverpool are very SE Asia and Australia because a lot of pundits here are Liverpool fans or ex-players.
  2. James looked good today because Boga was completely out of position leaving Alonso to deal with James and Rafinha in both attack and defence. Also, Renato Sanchez is quite short, about as short as Kante. He was offered a lot of space but wasnt outstanding.
  3. I was at the game. Much better at dribbling than Diego or Torres. Looks fairly athletic. Not too bulky, not too lean. Made decent runs. Was disciplined defensively. Unlike Boga, he was where he needed to be.
  4. We will get Peter Crouch.
  5. I doubt Saints will sell at £30 million. Fully expect them to ask more if we bid for Bertrand.
  6. When you read players' interviews regarding transfers, one of the most critical factors is how far the club ans the coach are willing to go to show the player it really wants him. Players mention phone calls and stadium tour by the first team coach. For a lot of young players it matters. Jose calls Romelu and says 'I want you. You are the first choice striker for Man Utd. Zlatan is out. Rooney will be. I'll play Rashford on the wing'. The he is offered double wages. All this while we are bickering over 10 million quid. You can see why he might be swayed by the attention. Having said that, I don't think he is 'that' much of an improvement over Ibrahimovic.
  7. Probably because a lot of them are in the last year of their contract.
  8. We have back to back away games against Manchester clubs. That should be fun.
  9. Sorry, Arsenal cannot have the cup.
  10. I like Tom Davies. He is unfazed and yet ready to work hard for the team. If only RLC showed that kind of energy on the field ... Sigh
  11. Luiz has been off today. Giving Lukaku very little to worry about
  12. The ease with which they were able to get behind on the left side was scary. Does not help when you have the slowest three players there - Alonso, Matic and Cahill.
  13. Fantastic. The goal we have been trying to score for a long time now.
  14. Some really careless passes by Luiz in the last few minutes. He needs to sort that head of his out ASAP.
  15. Much needed goal