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  1. Good going. Should avoid relegation this season. Phew!
  2. Greed? I think that is presumptuous. I don't think we were even in for him when he signed for MU. We had signed Luis.
  3. Any takers for Luke Shaw here? He is a Chelsea fan I believe.
  4. Which is what will make getting defensive targets difficult for us. We have serious competition.
  5. Looks like Conte is very much a hands-on coach.
  6. Recently traveled to Britain. I went for a David Gilmour concert. Even at 70 he gives his everything. Legend! His new album is pretty neat. Go to 4:40 for the solo
  7. The last time I saw us pass this well was in the 3-0 win against Sunderland when Lamps, Ballack and Deco played them off the park. Tonight though, scintillating!
  8. Completely fluffed that, Michy
  9. I expect Oscar to be the first sub, if it is early in the game. Azpi needs to get forward as well.
  10. Batshuayi and Oscar struggling with their first touch. Chalobah slotting in well. 3 man defence looking a wee bit unsettled - maybe because of the change in personnel, maybe because of WH forward line.
  11. We are all wiser in hindsight. I doubt there is a post in any Chelsea forum suggesting, let alone pining for Azpi to play as a centre half in a 3 man defence. Or Moses and Alonso to play as wingbacks. Without Moses at RWB there will be little pressure from the right and Hazard will be suffocated on the left. Credit to Conte. He has found balance, however fine.
  12. A bit of noise would be great. Hopefully no Jose chants and nor any boos directed towards him. As for the match itself, 3 at the back with 4 middle should be effective against Zlatan and co. It will come down to how much and how well we commit upfield.
  13. My point exactly. Talk of safe standing is moot if it is with the objective of improving the atmosphere of the stadium. One side, yes. But not of the stadium. A lot of fans don't want to sing for 90 minutes. A lot don't want to stand.
  14. So, if 40000 odd fans decide to stand for 90 minutes there is little the stewards can do, is there?
  15. Well, I hope the deal was in Euros.