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  1. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    I really couldn't say the same about Hazard. I have noticed this one aspect of Willian time and again. When the ball is far from him, he tends to switch off. I have seen us concede goals because he failed to track the full back. He is a sincere footballer, dedicated , supremely fit, has a fantastic shot and is an excellent dribbler. With the ball, when he has space, he is well capable of putting a great ball through. So there you go. Both sides. HeHecould have been world class, but I suspect it has got more to do with coaching when he was young than with Chelsea fans contriving to prevent him from reaching greater heights. Now I'm afraid he is too old.
  2. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Willian is not very bright without the ball. Some might argue he isn't bright with the ball. The only game I saw at the Bridge was last season's loss to Liverpool. Willian was in offside position on the right wing way too many times. Pretty much closed that option to a teammate looking to spread the ball. I don't think he is lazy. I think he lacks focus.
  3. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Giroud can't press, Hazard won't press and Morata will be off for another couple of weeks if he tries.