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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    You complain about people being rude all the time. You're the worst culprit on here. Go ask West Ham fans what they thought of him before he joined us. They thought they'd robbed us of £11m.
  2. Who are you and what have you done with DWMH?
  3. Media / Press

    Actually Dr Dre is an awful analogy. N***az With Attitude. NWA. I'm comfortable calling them by either the full or shortened version. That's the collective name they give themselves. Nothing remotely racist or offensive in naming this group.
  4. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Jeez. What a fuss over nothing.
  5. Media / Press

    Sadly, and after reading these links, I fear that programme was a waste of time because they have completely misunderstood the entire issue. Typical of the lip service paid to issues by Sky Sports. There is no confusion on whether "Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz" is anti Semitic. What a ridiculous comment by Ivor Baddiel. No, you idiot, the confusion is whether it is anti Semitic per se to address a group of mainly gentiles who collectively call themselves "Y*ds" that same word if you personally have absolutely no issue with Jews or Judaism.
  6. Media / Press

    This appears to be aimed at Spurs fans. We come out of this well as a club actually doing something whilst Spurs only appear interested in giving their 90% gentile fanbase the right to sing "Being a y*d".
  7. Media / Press

    The strange thing is that Wright and Lineker have each received thousands of tweets making them both aware of the fact that he wasn't so much cleared due to a lack of evidence as cleared with expert evidence of his innocence and yet Wright continues to bring it up as an example of how poor little Raheem was racially abused.
  8. Media / Press

    Ian Wright on the FA Cup final build up yesterday ranting about Sterling being racially abused at Chelsea again. Lineker nodding along. Got called out on Twitter and still insists that it's obvious what the fan was shouting, regardless of the evidence of the lip reading experts. Dangerously fast and loose mouth.
  9. Media / Press

    Screw the rules
  10. Totally disingenuous response given that we were all discussing LOC's post from earlier today which was specific about the shift change in opinion on Sarri for many.
  11. If you perceive that people including myself have been rude to you in the past perhaps it's your tendency to describe every alternative opinion as nonsense. That's rude. You are basically suggesting that anyone who criticised Sarri at any point this season did so purely because of a personal hatred that was already there and not because of what was happening on (and sometimes off) the field.
  12. Neither of us know why certain fans booed him. I don't agree with that at all. Not helpful. On Kante, and because of how we set up, in my opinion he is being misused out on the right hand side and would be more suited to a more central role in a different formation, sweeping up left and right, however and to get him into a Sarri formation he has to be used somewhere. He's that good. To be fair to Sarri, Kante started to really excel in that role in the final third of the season. That's perhaps why noise levels reduced on Kante recently. On CHO I was one of Sarri's main critics. We discussed that to death on here and I don't fancy going over it again but many fans were genuinely concerned that Sarri was being stubborn and that he might have cost us the chance to keep the player. At a certain point in time Sarri really did begin to give CHO some proper playing time on merit at the expense of Willian and/or Pedro and again, the grumbling noises disappated. I'm on record as saying on here in the final third of the season that I was all for Sarri staying if he could genuinely manage something resembling Sarriball rather than some of the disjointed, toothless stuff we've seen throughout most of the season. It's been hard to even blame the strikers with the lack of service. Who knows, if he can get his philosophy working, even the likes of Bakayoko and/or Morata might be a success.
  13. The irony of you, of all people, talking about refusing to back down and admit they were wrong is laughable.
  14. You're both ignoring the gist and timeline of LOC's post. He acknowledged that there was a shift of opinion after Sarri started to make changes to the template that was his line up and identikit in-game management. He was eloquently explaining that at a certain period in time this season there was genuine cause for criticism and that the pundits refereeing to Kante in the wrong position and CHO not being used did not necessarily affect what fans were seeing with their own eyes. To use the position as of May 2019 to criticise people's opinions in the middle third isn't right.