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  1. If course depends what kind of music you're into. I only really listen to Absolute radio.
  2. Indeed and the fickle fans couldn't have cared less apart from putting the lights on their phones for 30 seconds. Pathetic. Say what you like about Chelsea fans but we make our feelings known very publicly if we're unhappy with the club or the players.
  3. You can't her away from the song 'Human' at the moment. On every radio and tv show and used as the background in every montage. Great voice and comes across as a very humble bloke too.
  4. Two things; Why doesn't Costa score more than one goal per game? Did anyone think that Llorente's behaviour suggested at a possible done deal to us in the summer? He didn't really celebrate the goal and he was laughing and joking with our Spanish players immediately after the game.
  5. My choice...... 3 statutes
  6. Well in the new stadium, one stand will remain the Matthew Harding stand and I'm sure the shed end will remain. I wouldn't be against one being named after Abramovic. That leaves one. Who do you name it after? As with the current stadium they'll probably just name entrances or bars after the likes of Lamps, JT, Drogba, Zola etc.
  7. Nice work with the editing Michael. Just keeping you on your toes 😉 My next post will be about the Maddie McCann "disappearance" Only joking.
  8. With Payet having to follow his wife and kids to Marseille I'd say we'll batter this shower of shyte 0-4.
  9. You simply do not get what people have been saying for two years do you? I'm sure most of us are thrilled that Fabregas is playing today. Just another "look at me" moment from you.
  10. And Sian Massey is running the line today 😨
  11. "Moronic". That's your problem Dave.
  12. It was sarcasm Jane. Guilty as charged. 🙄
  13. For the record I've never met Peter Bonetti. Am I the only one?