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  1. 2017/18 predictions

    City were taken over in 2008 which coincides with your supposed decline. They started outspending us 5 minutes later. Soon after oligarchs appeared all over the place, particularly in the east. Of course Man U had to start hitting back. They're one of the 3 biggest clubs in the world. They didn't necessarily need to outspend us over that period as they have a draw like Barca and Real. Players naturally want to join them. We had money but we always lost out on big players like Modric. We were never in for Bale or Ronaldo. We have to accept our place in the pecking order. That's not necessarily mismanagement or a decline. None of the biggest clubs in the world win everything over a sustained period of time. Even Bayern had a mini decline and let Dortmund in for a while. We have no God given right to win anything anymore as the playing field has been leveled and yet we've won two of the last three premier league titles. Yes we could and should have won two other CL trophies. It's not Roman's fault that JT missed that penalty and he could do nothing about a piss poor performance against Monaco where we would have gone on to beat Porto Fine margins and we could have had the legacy you think you deserve.
  2. It's all about opinions. Mine is different from yours on this occasion.
  3. Indeed. He posted tons of old Instagram stuff last night from his time with Chelsea. He may have taken it all down again. Some of it was a bit random and there was nothing new. Maybe he'd been drinking 😆🍾 Still no official message to the fans although I expect something once the deal is signed. Personally I could forgive most of the things he has done this summer including failing to turn up for us but it was the photo he deliberately posted in an Atleti shirt that was the killer. No matter what his beef was with Conte, that was an insult to the fans who hero worshipped him. Thanks and good riddance.
  4. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Chelsea clearly had the opportunity to watch him testing it up at Betis before his injury and don't need any more evidence that he's a special player. Maybe the jury is still very much out on the others. Who really knows? As an aside, I bet Musonda never thought he'd be described anywhere as the new Matic. I fear he's about to be on here.
  5. Spot on. On the subject of the text conversation I read somewhere that Conte sent the same text to the entire squad saying "enjoy your summer break but remember to come back fit and not overweight" to which Costa sent some sarcastic response (as a joke only, nothing malicious). Conte immediately snapped and sent the text saying "you're not in my plans for next season anyway". Apparently Conte was already sick of the fact that Costa was always carrying out practical jokes and couldn't/wouldn't speak the language.
  6. The Shed and MH really aren't crazy. They'll be fine in any stand. No need to go to the family section. If you buy from a tout near the ground you'll pay over the odds anyway so you might as well pay the £25 for a membership and then you can buy tickets when they come out (about a month before the game) or on the ticket exchange on the Chelsea website.
  7. Your Modus Operandi in a nutshell.
  8. You're doing him a disservice. Costa's record 52 goals in one and a half seasons.
  9. 2017/18 predictions

    Surely you're confusing us standing still or going backwards with other clubs now having billionaire benefactors also. It's all relative.
  10. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    1) This year. I'm referring to this year. Only PSG will be in the mix. 2) I never said anything about English clubs. They've all been awful on the CL in recent years.
  11. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Well..... PSG maybe. The rest won't be around at "the business end".
  12. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    If you watch the development and youth team you'll have seen that even though he's often the youngest player on the pitch he stands out every time as a class above and a potential leader. He plays on the left side of a back three or in midfield. I'd be horrified if he went the way of Josh and RLC. We need to keep hold of him.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    He's absolutely mint. I've seen a couple of instances of pure class from him in his limited appearances that I've never seen from Cahill in years. Once in particular in his first game where he was chasing a ball into his own area under pressure from an attacker and managed to out-muscle him, flick the ball back over his own shoulder, turn and calmly come away with the ball. It was at the MH end. He'll definitely make it with us.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    That would be the game where he scored a blinder. I remember at the time that it was made very clear that he was playing as a trialist. There was absolutely no subterfuge.
  15. Media / Press

    The more news that comes out, the worse the FA look. The timing of this is so telling The little stunt during the game last night where all of the players displayed public support brought a strong reaction from Eni Aluko and another player who supports her. The FA investigated the racism allegations twice and cleared Sampson. In the lead up to the higher level investigation/hearing in October the FA clearly blinked today and conveniently sacked him for something they were already aware of that happened in 2014 when he was in charge of the Bristol ladies academy. What I don't understand is that if the FA knew what he did in 2014 (which sounds serious) how did he get the England job in the first place? Sampson looks very bad now but the FA look even worse. I agree with Mark in that the FA, like FIFA, needs to be disbanded and incepted again with all new people. Corrupt and incompetent.