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  1. For the first time on here I've just used the feature. Cheers.
  2. Seriously, you're a joke. A bore and a joke. You call people "fool" and question the intelligence of anyone who has a different opinion to you. I was convinced you'd be watching the game tonight as your favourite new team featured but clearly you don't even watch their games. Totally sick of your crap. Bore off.
  3. Look at JM the bellend signalling "number 1" to the Man Ure fans. If they're number 1, where does the winner and runner up in the CL come? (and everyone else in the CL since ManUre for that matter) Look at him making this all about him.
  4. By lightweight I mean that he is being hustled off the ball VERY easily. He really is. I'm saying that as a fan of his who hopes he makes it with us. He's not quite in Pedro's class yet.
  5. Traore looking a bit lightweight against ManUre tonight so far.
  6. It's funny how you will accept barely adequate performances from certain players.
  7. Actually he scored 4 in 3. We can only guess at whether he would have scored those goals in pressure games. He has a goal every 47 minutes. You can't argue with that. I'm not saying he's a better player than Costa. He's not. Do I think he deserves a start in the FA Cup final? Yes I think he does. Partially because of the lacklustre attitude shown by Costa since January. I think that, for team morale, it's important to recognise and reward good form and a first class attitude.
  8. Actually "the way Costa has played for us for half of this season" would have been more accurate. Also, it's factually correct that Michy has done better in the past three games than Costa since January if you're counting goals. It's up for discussion whether he would have scored those goals had the pressure still been on.
  9. The press and oppo fans will find away of putting a negative spin on it.
  10. There could be some truth in this. JT buys a replica of every trophy he has won.
  11. Yeah that's what I mean. Retirement. 😊
  12. Same here. When the dust settles and he considers how badly he has been exposed recently together with the pros of being the only real one club man around versus the con of one more season at a lower level possibly being turned inside out by pace I think he'll make the right choice.
  13. Darth Crooks must be destroyed for the sake of football.
  14. That's Big Bird. You're watching Sesame Street I'm afraid.
  15. Maybe we're sweetening them up for the summer.