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  1. I've been trying anagrams. I thought fabio paim was a quiz.
  2. More likely to be about Costa if it's something that's "embargoed".
  3. Isn't club captain different from match day team captain?
  4. James. All I would say is that you are criticised often because of repetition and I've asked you in the past if you would refrain from posting the same thing multiple times in one day and you advised me to "deal with it". I tend not to criticise the content per se. A bit of courtesy goes a long way. .
  5. Thanks for that. I thought the preparation (platform behind the East stand) was starting at the end of this season but from what I read nothing would happen for a few years. I hadn't realised that any loans would be necessary as I was truly of the belief that it was being funded as a vanity project by Roman.
  6. Pep saying in a press conference that Real Madrid don't have access to more funds than City. If that doesn't prompt an FFP investigation I don't know what will. #notrealmoney
  7. The author of this story, and it wasn't the newspaper, also stated, rather disappointingly, that works wouldn't BEGIN until 2021. It was widely reported until this piece that Fordstam had been set up by Roman as a vehicle to finance the build. It was always my understanding that Roman was personally financing the rebuild. This is a confusing turn of events.
  8. I understand where you're coming from. It's difficult to place your own team where you believe them to be on the world stage, especially when the biggest event you'd attended between the late 70s and the Hoddle era in 1994 was the full members cup final v Man City.
  9. To those asking "why would Matic want to go to manure?" and putting aside all tribalism, they are a much bigger club than us.
  10. We really shouldn't get overrun with 12 players on the pitch.
  11. Some typical knee jerk nonsense on here during a pre season friendly in which we were missing key players.
  12. That's exactly how the press works. Cover all possibilities and take credit when one of them happens.
  13. Am I right in thinking that Chelsea TV are only carrying live commentary? Looks like it's on Premier Sports and ESPN US. Must win. 3 points a must blah blah.
  14. The energy drink logo is horrific. Everything else is good.
  15. €700m in 3 years and absolutely nothing trophywise to speak of. You can't technically accuse them of buying the title.
  16. Bought mine yesterday. I've a feeling it's one I'll go back to in future seasons. Love it.
  17. Extra community shield tickets on the website right now. Just got two no problem.
  18. Absolutely no evidence of this. End of a bell.
  19. An entire spine right there.
  20. Now that's a post I CAN get behind.
  21. Ok petal.
  22. Yours are massively hypocritical. That's the difference. Enough of the victim crap too. Own your opinions.