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  1. Don't despair. There are a few absolute gems coming through our current youth set up who might benefit from a spell at Bristol City. It won't have gone unnoticed by the club how well Tammy has progressed with you.
  2. Aren't we the only premier league London club whose fans don't fight amongst each other? Spurs, Arsenal and West Ham this season alone.
  3. Even at its worst, it doesn't look a day over 44.
  4. Actually, and because they're different types of player, I don't think I could...... Mount is a classy little player and he also seems to be filling out a bit. Once he's put some more weight on, maybe him.
  5. Mount, Ugbo and Hudson-Odoi will all make it in the big time, either here or elsewhere.
  6. First and second goals were pretty damn good too!
  7. Youth playing like Barcelona in the FA cup final. They're a credit to the club.
  8. So now the majority of people on here are imagining that Costa has been going through a slump since January? It WAS sudden. I class it as "severe" because he was dogshite. Define "prolonged". In the context of a 9 month season, I'd say 3 months is prolonged.
  9. I think Jimmy Floyd got there a couple of games quicker.
  10. Just because it was against Spurs I thought Bats' flick leading up to the free kick for the first goal was worth the £30 million.
  11. To be fair you cannot completely deny Eriksen the opportunity to pass from anywhere on the pitch for 95 minutes. It's not physically possible. Look at where he crosses from. Could just as easily have been from the halfway line to get the same result. Wonderful cross. Freakishly good finish.
  12. Hypothetical question then, given that you don't wear a wedding ring ever....... Let's say, for example, you were the manager of a football team. You spoke often of your love for the club and especially the fans. Came back for a second time and gushed about the special relationship and your love for the club and the fans. The club sack you twice so admittedly you would owe them no respect going forward. The fans support you to the end and beyond. You then move to a direct rival and only wear the new club's badge whenever you played the old club so that you can pump the badge in front of the old club's fans. In this completely hypothetical situation, what's your opinion? Would it be fair to say that you are acting like a dick?
  13. But was he wearing his wedding ring?
  14. What would make you happy? Call me easily pleased but top of the league and FA Cup final in mid April is pretty good.
  15. Wow! He really is rated there.
  16. PICK THAT OUT!!!!!!
  17. Reading this week I've convinced myself that we're in danger of getting relegated. I can't face relegation again. Last season was too much.
  18. Like I said..... Spite and pettiness is the ONLY inference.
  19. No. I'm going with petty and spiteful. It's things like this which give Chelsea fans a reason to have issue with him. You choose to back him regardless. That's not the opposite of fickle. That's blind fanboy love. Don't be so quick to pat yourself on the back.
  20. Sorry to quote myself but I see JM isn't wearing his Man U badge again tonight. Only wearing it for Chelsea games shows a level of pettiness/spite I've never seen in a football manager (or adult even) before.
  21. Here are some comparison stats. Here's a picture of Diego and his brother. Call me a tin foil hatter but.......... Could they? Did they?
  22. http://therepublikofmancunia.com/pictures-Mourinho-only-wears-united-coat-for-chelsea-games/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=pictures-Mourinho-only-wears-united-coat-for-chelsea-games
  23. Which you completely blew by then naming ONE player as having had a particularly bad game. Well done.
  24. The whole team played badly by their standards. Why single out one?
  25. Fair play to city for building a purpose built stadium for the youth/ladies/development squads to play in. Is this what we're planning at Plough Lane or are we going to use whatever is already there? On the game, we have some seriously talented youth again. Mason Mount has been impressing for a couple of years.