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  1. Arsenal vs Chelsea

    Yeah..... And with Higuain incoming that's only going to get worse 😏
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Actually it's even better than that. It's a 6 month loan with an obligation of another 1 year loan if Higuain his certain performance targets. Win-win. No obligation to buy.
  3. Arsenal vs Chelsea

    Being a graduate of the Sarriball Institute, that shouldn't be a problem.....
  4. Media / Press

    No need to apologise for the error. You're clearly not a Scouser 😉 Regarding the rest of your post, 39 deaths followed by 96 should trump our anti Spurs/misbehaving on the tube but the media beg to differ.
  5. Media / Press

    No. I meant Sophie's. Either way, someone dies.
  6. Media / Press

    That's the one. Sophie's Choice. Who knows what would have happened had the gates been left closed. A) Would there have been deaths at the main gates or turnstiles due to crushing? B) Wouldn't everyone who wanted to get in have got in anyway, legally or illegally and if so what would have changed? 96 deaths? More? Less?
  7. Media / Press

    Firstly Pete you're replying to Fillery so I'm not sure whether you're challenging what he says or my initial point. All I would say to you is that you would benefit from finding the documentary that featured on TV a number of years ago and judge for yourself whether there has been an absolute whitewash of North Korean proportions here and whether one single man having to make a very difficult decision whilst being screamed at by other officers by radio to open the gates should have faced 3 decades of never ending abuse and now 95 manslaughter charges. I may be misremembering but I'm sure it was Panarama. At least 15 years ago. Included CCTV footage of the main gates being forced by Liverpool fans and hundreds climbing over the turnstile block flat roofs because they didn't want to miss kick off. Eventually, and to prevent what he thought would be a crush at the gates, he had them opened. Nobody knows how many got in without tickets. After you've watched it, tell me that you agree that no Liverpool fans were in any way culpable. It's a disgrace. The man is in his 70s. It's like Salem.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    This I understand but the nonsense is part of the fibre of this thread. As Droy alluded to, this thread seems devalued without JP and his mood swings and "what ifs".
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe we should just close this thread and only talk about done deals?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

  11. Media / Press

    There were a lot of Metropolitan Police there as I recall being paid double time to stay locally, waving wads of money in the faces of people who had lost their livelihoods and homes to get a reaction. Yes I'd agree.
  12. Arsenal vs Chelsea

    Probably be this but if Sarri would just lego of his stubborn habits I'd have CHO in for Willian.
  13. Media / Press

    A case of paid Stormtroopers versus hooligans in the main wasn't it? Not many angels in this story.
  14. Media / Press

    That this trial is even going ahead turns my stomach and this isn't an anti Liverpool thing. From the footage in the documentary I have seen this man was faced with what he thought was about to be a major crush and civil disturbance at the gate and turnstiles outside the ground. Forget what you know about what happened afterwards and put yourself in his shoes right then. Hundreds are climbing over the turnstile block anyway and people are being crushed at the main gate. Open the gates of not? 30 years on he is personally being charged with 95 counts of manslaughter to assuage the guilt of others who know what they did on the day. I know what I saw on film with my own eyes. For the previous case to conclude that NO Liverpool fans were in any way responsible makes me incredibly angry. It is appalling what happened to those poor people but this is just plain wrong.
  15. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    🤣 Respect where it's due
  16. Media / Press

    Classic Levy.....
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well spotted. 👍
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Who knows? Subsequently deleted.
  19. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    To be fair Michael, and if you only use the phone like me, this is all you see. Nothing to suggest you're admin in your posts.
  20. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    To be fair, Ghost wouldn't necessarily know that Michael is the moderator. 😊
  21. Media / Press

    City getting decisions we're not getting again. Always the usual suspects throwing themselves to the floor.
  22. Arsenal vs Chelsea

    I recall CHO giving Arsenal a torrid time in a pre-season friendly. Absolutely destroyed them on the left. They're probably preparing for Hazard and Willian on the wings as we "speak". I'd like to see him start with CHO in place of Willian. If fit, let Morata have another go with a winger who likes to cross early.