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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    How on earth has that dipper goal been allowed?
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Conclusion: 41% of Tottenham fans are dishonest.
  3. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Regardless of their start we're still way too strong for them although the fact that we'll only have ten players does even the field a bit.
  4. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Bloody hell! There's a name from the archives. Welcome back!
  5. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Another myth created by lazy commentators. One good shot from a difficult angle hit the post and another instinctive first time shot from a cross was on target but saved at point blank range. I've seen this recently where a brilliant save comes under the "Werner miss" category to create a picture of a poor player.
  6. Saying that an alternative view is a bare faced lie does not advance the evidence. Anyway, I'm out because I know where these debates go.
  7. You really don't see much beyond your starting position. He gets injured a lot now. Fact.
  8. You're really stretching now. He has played a lot of games for a 23 year old but has clearly been injury prone since joining Chelsea. Just let it go.
  9. I had absolutely no idea he was an old timer under a new name. My bad. I can't keep up when members change their names without warning or explanation 🙄 Look I know you have a difficult role but I just feel uncomfortable with the tone of the warnings. That's all. I agree with the sentiment generally. Maybe it's Aussie directness and we're all a bit namby pamby in Blighty 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Mate we were genuinely happy to have new members and fresh opinions in here and I'm desperate not to see another new member walk so I agree with MT in one respect. We've all fallen foul of the rules in here and been told to wind our necks in. Your post went beyond what tends to get pulled up. It's less Twitter BS and more a civil discussion over a pint in here. Having said that I do agree with one thing you've said. Michael I get that you've got to keep order but I do think your way of warning members on here goes beyond what is comfortable to hear as an adult member of society. The "shut up or get out" posts go too far in my opinion. You're not actually talking to children. We're in danger of losing any new members who aren't familiar with how things go around here. Just my opinion.
  11. 😂 The one explaining to the new one who the older one with the camera is.
  12. Which team do you truly dislike?

    I do remember that actually. The same reaction as Roman but he was in a helicopter.
  13. Which team do you truly dislike?

    Unlike the Trophy Dodgers from N17
  14. The bloke you were debating with. Michael is the main admin here.
  15. Media / Press

    Yeah MBS won't know what hit him with such a useful and successful gesture.
  16. Media / Press

    Point to it and ask the British Government for an explanation. MBS ordered a hit personally on a Saudi National on foreign soil using diplomatic immunity as a way of deploying them and getting them back safely. His arrogance was even more shocking. How many of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals? SA's human rights record doesn't entirely align with the PL rainbow laces campaign or their promotion of womens' sport. What was RA's crime?
  17. Media / Press

    None of this will have gone unnoticed by the Abramovich camp.
  18. Which team do you truly dislike?

    Dippers and N17 Trophy Dodgers. That was easy. Next question.
  19. Media / Press

    'Stoned on the morning, you're getting stoned in the morning" 🎵🎶
  20. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Touted as a future star. Career over.
  21. Chelsea Women

    For a UEFA Champions League match, the quality of football was appalling.
  22. Chelsea Women

    That often happens from penalties in games I've seen 🙄
  23. Khobar's Legacy

    He scored the same goal in the same goal.
  24. Very surprising. Mainly hamstring and muscle injuries.
  25. Were those through injury or does that include where he wasn't picked in the starting 11 and sat on the bench?