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  1. He's the one who kicks the ball at two players and then disappears to the ground.
  2. The clear advantage Lukaku has is that he IS proven in the premier league and for a lesser team than Chelsea.
  3. Reading a different article where Everton are getting their replacement for Lukaku in. Don't forget we probably won't be announcing marquee signings until 1 July. If we haven't announced anyone of note by 2 July then you have my permission to freak out.
  4. Watch him come back to haunt us.
  5. I have COMPLETELY misread the post I was quoting. Apologies.
  6. At the price being quoted I'd very much doubt he's agreeing to come here as a back up.
  7. Probably. From a marketing perspective Yokohama aren't that well known in the West. If it was Pirelli we wouldn't need "tyres". That's the whole purpose of using Chelsea FC.
  8. Personally I think CR is just trying to put pressure on the Spanish prosecutors to go easy on him. He isn't in a strong position as he is too expensive and too old to have any viable options. The precedent has already been set by the Barca players. He's getting a suspended sentence.
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelseas-new-201718-nike-kits-10640008 These would appear to be the ones. I'm very much liking all three. Good job Nike.
  10. The Mail are a disgrace. Not sure if anyone has seen the disgusting articles they've written about the man and his family who owned the company who installed (not manufactured) the cladding for that tower block. Libellous.
  11. Bearing in mind we are switching suppliers, that's exactly how it would happen.
  12. Yes I believe so.
  13. So Ronaldo wants to leave spain altogether thanks to the tax witch hunt. Probably Manure or Bayern. Can't see him looking at Chity. Apparently he's quite good.
  14. For those not feeling particularly positive about the club.....
  15. Pretty much when I started going. Having experienced the bad old days, everything in comparison is surely a massive bonus including last season. 😊
  16. Seriously James how many times do people need to point out how the transfer window works and how your constant over reaction is just ridiculous? You invite ridicule sometimes, deservedly.
  17. From a greedy perspective I'd like him as a third striker because, as I've said, he's a brilliant Plan B. If we're playing against a massed defence with ten minutes left looking for a winner, who better when we're hitting crosses into the box. I'd love him on the bench.
  18. Getting "Champions 17" on back of mine but each to his own.
  19. I would love Llorente as our back up striker. Nobody better when you're forced to go to plan B. A real throwback.
  20. It's the first and only time I've used it but 20000 posts? Judge for yourself how many you could have done without.
  21. It's not about him being personal (although he is, constantly, in a snidey way) it's about the fact that he doesn't come on here to have chat and banter with fellow Chelsea fans. He comes on here to have a contrary view on most things purely for the sake of it and to score internet points. I have him on ignore because I find myself being drawn into less nonsense. I'm certain that some have me on ignore and I'm fine with that.
  22. You'll find you've got loads more spare time for other things.
  23. Just block him. He's a child. Ad hominem. Bingo. ✔️
  24. Just seen this quoted by a certain person; "I know facts exist to support opinions mostly here, and repetition ad infinitum is counted as proof" Priceless. 20 odd thousand posts which, if repetition was redacted, would leave about 17. 👍