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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Actually I don't think there is an Abu Dhabi FC. Just my name for Citeh, to clarify 😊
  2. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    See, I'm all confused now. Are city pro or anti career threatening lunges?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry Jane. Abu Dhabi FC 😊
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    As long as we're agreed that this only includes Barcelona or Real Madrid..... Not ADFC.
  5. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Not all all. It takes two sides to have a debate and this particular debate regularly goes on and on for weeks with no agreement. It's a completely subjective argument.
  6. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Please God not this debate AGAIN!
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't mind him going to RM. I can understand any player wanting to play for them at some time in their careers. What I couldn't accept is him going to ADFC for the oil money.