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  1. Positivity corner

    It's become extremely depressing using this forum recently. Every single topic has been hijacked by negativity so can I please reserve one small area for people who want to post something positive about our great club? A word of caution.... Please don't post if you're going to criticise or ridicule the idea of positivity as you'll infect the thread.
  2. Positivity corner

    First club in history to have won the senior mens', youth and womens' FA Cup in the same season. Add to that the fact that the youth won the treble and the women the double. Not bad.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not sure why so many have written Slavisa off so easily just because he's not already at a european powerhouse. It's pure supporter snobbery. He's doing a superb job at Fulham. Why would he not do even better with better quality players?
  4. Eden Hazard

  5. Transfer Talk Topic

  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ok; 1) Like obsessively insisting that Fabregas had a great game when he stunk the place out or that Matic played badly every single week and had no positive attributes? 2) The issue was only ever wearing the Man U badge on his gilet and banging his hand on the crest when he played against his former club where the fans adored him and he supposedly loved them. Many on here thought what he did was petty and childish. I don't recall anyone calling for him to be executed.