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  1. Don't you get bored using the same tactic over and over throughout 20 odd thousand posts. It's been called out so many times and yet you still do it. "Attacks?" Pathetic. Seriously, grow up.
  2. Agreed. The post above yours bears evidence. It's become a completely pointless and spiral discussion. At this stage, to suggest that nobody has provided any specific allegations is myopic. There's no middle ground. It will never be resolved.
  3. Agree with almost all of this. The first goal from Pedro was, I'm sure, a pass from the left hand side as opposed to a long ball over the top. I'm sure it was Alonso.
  4. The winner is whoever has the time and patience to keep going until everyone else gets bored or has to go to work. Only going to be one winner here (and on every other thread).
  5. I took your advice and watched this last night. Please tell me that the level of bureaucracy was exaggerated for comic effect? It can't really be like that, surely?!!? The performance of the young girl from London was outstanding. She stood out for me. My missus was in tears watching this. Excellent film. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. I don't care what response comes back. I'm done. I cannot be arsed with this any more.
  7. Surely L, M, N, D, O, W then.........?
  8. I think so
  9. I do like this one. That could catch on.
  10. The song is ok but that video was just embarrassing.
  11. I don't need to explain anything. We are NOT solely a counter attacking side. You said that we were only 6th in the possession table with the intention of making some point. If we were in the bottom 6 I'd say you had a point. Leicester last season were a perfect example. They had low possession almost every week and still won most games on the counter. We are not in the same bracket. To say otherwise is a complete Droyism of the facts.
  12. 6th in the table of possession certainly doesn't support any point you are trying to make. That's a fact.
  13. On a lighter note, Arrival is an excellent film.
  14. I've just had a look at the trailer. Palm D'or winner I see. I'll be giving this a watch. Thanks. As an aside It's a good thing we aren't a gun owning society as some of these bureaucrats would cause Hungerford style massacres with the way they deal with desperate people.
  15. 1) Haha. Nice one. 2) Don't use stats then.
  16. How does 6th in the league for possession make my point "not true?" You've made my point for me. Thanks.
  17. To save me reading through hundreds of posts, and to be clear, would you agree that we currently aren't just a counter attacking side? Our possession stats don't support the theory that we are a counter attacking side. Against the majority of teams we've played this season we have prodded and poked defences with possession and often finally broken them down by inviting them out so as to leave gaps behind. That's my recollection. Having said that we are the best in the league at counter attacking when the opportunity appears.
  18. City away was the result of the season but that comes a close second. Fair play to Cahill for cleaning up his own mess. Kante man of the match by a country mile again. Luiz excellent too. Got to feel for Bats. That was a massive pie in the face.
  19. Everybody looks relatively average when they're anywhere Kante, including our players. What a player.
  20. No. He was pushed. Didn't even need to do it as Thibaut had the ball.
  21. I'd take Costa off now.
  22. Stupidity from Cahil.
  23. Got those too. I'm just waiting on "Turning circle of a tanker" for a full house but I'm confident of getting that by about 6:30pm in the match thread.
  24. Who else stamped on his chest? Tell me that. Edit: This entire discussion reinforces my suspicion that you don't actually watch chelsea games. You simply go to other forums and choose an opinion you like.
  25. http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/west-london-news/Stamford-bridge-expansion-nostalgic-look-12724322 "The clock is ticking down on Chelsea's home for over a century"