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  1. Media / Press

    The father was a goalkeeping coach by occupation, based overseas so who's to say he wasn't acting as a scout? I like how the article states "he had no previous experience". What previous experience do you need to be a scout other than coaching in football in a country where we could do with someone "keeping an eye on things?" This whole episode is particularly galling after reading about ADFC and QFC last week.
  2. Media / Press

    https://dailym.ai/2DlNAxM Because this is the real issue this week relating to foul play...... Seriously, why don't we just give up as a football club and do something else instead?
  3. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Fair enough. Maybe I was fixated on the position after the ball whizzed past the post.
  4. Media / Press

    Ref Watch on SSN just covered the Liverpool game but no mention whatsoever of the fact that Gomez should have received two yellow cards for two identical cynical fouls.
  5. Media / Press

    Fixed that for you.
  6. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Missed??!!!???? Predictably!!!????!!!!!??!!! But for the keeper, that's the goal of the decade.
  7. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Have a look at that incident again. I'm almost certain Morata would have been offside if he'd squared it.
  8. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    If anything, that game might make up the club's mind on Morata. January is around the corner. Small mercies eh?
  9. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Barkley... 20 seconds on the clock and he passes sideways.... 🙈
  10. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Expecting 6 mins injury time
  11. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Was just about to say that. Certainly knows where the goal is.
  12. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    I've no idea where he/she lives so can't say.
  13. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    He/she is just looking for attention like every match day thread.
  14. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Carragher is an embarrassment. Even after seeing the foul in ultra slow motion, he still says no foul.
  15. Plus, Joe Gomez has twice held back Mitrovic from breaking away. The first time he did it both commentators, including McMananaman, admitted that he should have had a yellow. Always a yellow. The second time he did it, and was finally given a yellow, there was silence from the commentary box on how he was still on the pitch.
  16. Well well..... Dippers get the benefit of an identical offside call to the one we were denied recently but both pundits exclaim "he's onside". Willian from the same position was "definitely offside". The older I get, the less I understand the rules of this game.
  17. Media / Press

    United win inspite of him, not because of him.
  18. Media / Press

    It's all relative. Having access to a great squad and all the money in the world and playing god awful negative football at the same time could be considered by many to be flopping, big time.
  19. I'll take any opportunity I can to 100% agree with you. 👍😊
  20. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    My hatred of Citeh is way, way more intense than any feeling I have for United. I've never historically had an issue with United and I think its been mentioned on here before by someone else that they, as a club, appeared to relish the challenge from us whereas other fans cited the money constantly. I know I hide it extremely well but Citeh's arrogance in recent years disgusts me. I begrudge them every single point due to their systematic fraudulent flouting of the rules. Take away their cheating and where would their 3 PL titles have gone? For that reason I'd donate my left one for a massive United win.