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  1. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    I wondered that too - just quoting what it says. Here’s the link: If I’ve misunderstood context or a fine point, apologies to all.
  2. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    “If English teams were to win both tournaments, the Premier League's fourth-placed team would not qualify for the Champions League and instead would drop into the Europa League group stages.” From the BBC website in a long article about the various permutations.
  3. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    We are marginally better at playing out from the keeper on goal kicks: less static than when our CBs used to split under Conte and Courtois would panic. Other than that, I don’t think much is improved.
  4. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    We went on the pitch knowing Burnley would be physical, waste time and only threaten at set pieces. So, we let a spare man go round the far post at set pieces and they score - not once, but twice. We lose Kante and replace him with Jovacic - from that moment you know both he and Jorginho will hold back from the box. We bring on Giroud and never put in a decent cross. Add their time wasting and a compliant ref - hey presto! I have not been anti Sarri orJorginho, but poor coaching cost those goals I fear; and he had no real surprises to stretch them second half. Very annoyed tbh.
  5. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    I’d like to see RLC start but think we’ll see whoever had fewest mins against Slava, then changes. For me, attitude of crowd is key - heading to game early hoping for 90-mins loud, positive, standing-up support - but rather dreading the usual whining in my part of MHL. Tip us to win though.
  6. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Like your team, don’t quite share your ‘gut feel’ - I have a feeling we might scrape fourth. I just hope we (the crowd) put aside our gripes about Sarri, Sarriball, Jorginho, possession football, not enough minutes for CH-O etc - I genuinely believe a loud, positive crowd can push us to 3 crucial points tomorrow.
  7. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    Is there a boycott? I ask because the moaners who sit near me at home games weren’t at Brighton. The atmosphere was pleasant and we played well. Still a few who moaned everytime Jorghino got the ball but they were made to look idiots as he generally used it well. Someone even tried to get a Sarri chant going.
  8. Chelsea 3 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    Are we 'ordinary punters'? I thought our persistent presence here was probably evidence of some sort of condition or addiction. I think 'ordinary' would have better things to do its time.
  9. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Our club is a case study in how objective facts can be assigned to hugely contrasting narratives in pursuit of an unshakeable belief. E.g the 'valiant win' versus the lucky escape. I just stick with the age-old truth - a win is a win - and indeed (as they like to say when things are going your way) knowing how to win when you're playing badly is a good thing. Well, we played toothlessly in the first half, and with more spark after they went ahead - and we won. Yes, the equaliser is a bad call - but, if Azpi doesn't head it in, the linesman can't make the bad call... we don't equalise... probably don't go on to win. I wouldn't use 'valiant' but I would say a 'dug out' win. As for the selection - I don't know how tired those not selected were on return from international break. I suspect that CHO was probably a mix of euphoria and mental exhaustion - I had no problem with him being benched, ditto Hazard, ditto Giroud - as one of the Sky pundits said - they're all there on the bench if it goes wrong, and when it did go wrong the substitutions worked and we turned it round and won. As for letting a mob of 3,000 Chelsea fans pick our team - having been part of that mob for 50 years, no thank you. The one indisputable fact I have learned about Chelsea is that our fans (myself included) are consistently simplistic, unrealistic and ill-informed about the technical aspects of football. I genuinely trust Sarri to do it better than I would - than any of us would. Humility? Reality? I'm sure others will let me know.
  10. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    This happens in business all the time. I've worked in design agencies where it happened and I've seen it several times in client organisations too. The only difference in football is that it's played out in the media.
  11. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I agree, however, I don't think we will enter the ban without a window first. The precedent argues against FIFA being able to make it stick. We must have some recourse to appeal (e.g CAS - before any ban comes into force) and I think it will be successful - so I anticipate one window before the ban if the ban ever happens.
  12. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Don't buy that at all. The atmosphere at big home games, when it matters, can be excellent. So we can make noise when we choose to. The reality, in my opinion, is that many of us (myself included on occasion) don't treat many of the games as big games. We all stand up for Spurs... City... Barca... what's stopping us standing up for Wolves... Everton...?
  13. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Agree - see my post just after yours. Blame the Board, blame Sarri, blame the squad, blame Roman... but I'm in no doubt, the home crowd's performance has lost us points this season.
  14. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I am genuinely much more worried about the fanbase near me in the MHL than about the Board, or Sarri, or players - there's an awful lot said about fans being the heart of a club, well if that's true we need to reinject some heart in home games. I find this ' moan, wait to be impressed - if not, moan more...' approach really intolerable. In my experience - the more up and loud the crowd, the more up and successful the team.
  15. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I agree. But then, somewhat controversially, I think that a section of our fanbase (specifically about 10 people who sit near me at home games) is a far greater problem them Sarri, or the squad. This season - exactly same performances - would have been 'interesting' if not consistently joyful for me without them. With them, it's been much worse than it needed to be. I would sack them before I sacked Sarri.