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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Agree with you on this. Unlike many others and those chanting at the game, I didn't think CHO was the answer in this game. I suspect he'd have come on, made a couple of direct runs, then been nullified. I actually think we'd have done better sticking Giroud up alongside Higuain and then getting angled balls from deeper into the box in the last 20 minutes. I offer no expert reasons why, it just felt to me that it was that sort of game (you almost do feel it, don't you - after watching thousands of games). The CHO chanting is, I know, symbolic of the crowd's appetite for change, youth, homegrown talent etc - but I think we're setting up expectations that CHO can't currently fulfil. So, for me, this substitution was pragmatic - Azpi's injured, get him covered. It's the two earlier ones (Barkley for Kovacic, Willian for Pedro) that I think he could and perhaps should have thrown the dice on.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I want results. And I agree, the referee didn't give us a fair deal last night. An early second-half foul by Matic was (by the rule book) a booking, his second, so a red. I get annoyed when referees over-ride the rule book and do that 'last warning' thing. You could see the ref pointing to various places on the pitch where Matic had previously made fouls - but basically he failed to enforce a clearly stated rule, which favoured Utd as they stayed with 11 on the pitch. It may have made no difference, but 'them's the rules'.
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I sort-of feel the same. And the second half almost convinces me he should go now. For me, there’s no shame in losing 2-0 to Utd in a cup tie if you gave it everything - but second half, I think Sarri failed to do so. He simply had no new problems to set Utd. Over the years, within their differing overall approaches, all our successful coaches have used the same approach to going behind in must-win matches... Change nothing but remotivate players, change system with the 11 on the pitch, risk a more attacking formation, throw everything at it in the last 15 mins. It doesn’t always work - but any flexible, ambitious, ‘winning’ coach does anything/everything to turn it around. If you win pretty, great - if you win lucky, great - if you win ugly with two big blokes up front, knocking down high balls, also great. We don’t need a coach who only believes in pretty. No club does.
  4. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I don’t think he will do that. So I think he will go. I’m not sure he needs to dump the creative role - he could flip his midfield triangle - sit Kante alongside one other player and push Jorginho further forward. There are other options too. I worry that he simply lacks imagination/improvisatory skills and hides this behind the illusion of ‘philosophy’. If we will let Zola struggle on alone or parachute in a replacement, I have no clue.
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Good point. The truth is, Guardiola has shifted his philosophy and within his overall approach he does improvise to solve the (few) problems he faces. Sarri, so far, has not done so.
  6. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    This was such a disappointing night. We started brightly and, for once, our ‘Sarri’ game moved us forward. Jorginho actually got further up the pitch and put in a couple of sweet passes. However, this phase exposed one of our big problems - we really struggle to score. And there really are no goals in our midfield at all. Plus, Azpi is not an attacking threat and Alonso is out of form. United then broke and scored. And then again. For me this exposes three further, interlinked problems: because we now play possession football we face packed defences, when we push forward and are susceptible to counter attacks, our defence is struggling. But my real disappointment was the second half. At 2-0 down in a knockout competition, Sarri had nothing to lose. He also had the chance to show his tactical mettle and set Utd some new problems - I remember Gullitt’s shift at 2-0 down to Liverpool, early Jose’s bold changes. But Sarri did nothing. I think this exposes yet another problem - Sarri seems to have no improvisational ability at all. We could have tried lots of things second half - flooded midfield, risked a back three, stuck Giroud next to Higuain etc - but nothing! So, this morning I wake up feeling very low and disappointed. I’ve been patient with Sarri but now I’m concerned: even if we improve with this approach, I believe that the best coaches, including Pep, are flexible within an overall philosophy - and this is supremely necessary to cope with ever-shifting problems during games. Sarri clearly has a defined philosophy but I’m increasingly doubtful that Sarri he has flexibility ‘in the moment’ so to speak. As the cliche goes - no plan B. Now the question is, does Roman currently have a Plan B?
  7. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    If not true, a wasted click. The story ends by saying there's no verification and no source, but it's the sort of thing they players might be saying. Still, someone's click bait worked.
  8. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Based on recent performances, I think Sarri probably should adapt his approach: do what it takes to make the players comfortable in the short-term, try to scrape 4th place, then (if he stays) focus on embedding his methods during a full preseason. Personally I don’t believe we have the wrong players. I think what we really lack is a leader or leaders on the pitch. Big hearts who will not tolerate less than 100%, who lift players when things go wrong, who generate team spirit. I see no one really fitted to do this in our squad. Luis and Azpi come closest but aren’t really in the JT or Drogba class. A true leader in his prime would galvanise us - older players, youths like CHO and any new arrivals. Where this leader is, I really don’t know. They are as rare in their own way as Messis and Hazards.
  9. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Agreed. Bob done good and I accept his thinking about my original post. I’m not sure we’ll see the top-level change he wants, unless Roman has a buyer who’s richer than City’s.
  10. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    If (when) Sarri goes, I think we only really have two choices: A big beast - Zidane for example - with the trophy record to attract quality and buy credibility with our squad. A club legend - Frank for example - who has won it all and could also deal on equal terms with top players. The added benefit of Frank is that the crowd might give him a bit more time if it went a bit up and down early on. My head says big beast, my heart says Frank (JT less so). Could they work together?
  11. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Brexit is depressing. Winning a trophy and chasing the title is exciting. We haven't even left yet and Chelsea is a club in decline.
  12. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    The first two make sense. Zola not so. Lovely man. Lousy Manager. Zidane would bring in big players. Frank would be the 'unleash the youth' route.
  13. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Agree with this. I guess the options are - change the model, change the rich Russian owner for an even richer Middle Eastern owner. For Chelsea, I think the latter will be easier than the former. The habit of patience does not seem to be one that our club (and arguably, many of our supporters) can acquire.
  14. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    I think the 'unified vision' is (and I am being serious): To be a club which thrives on insecurity, constant turnover of coaches to refresh approach and keep our club in the spotlight. So far, you would (judging us side by side with most other Premier clubs) say that it's worked domestically, less well in Europe. It's also a valid vision. We won't be Barca - continuity/the Barca way etc. We will be closer to Real - constant turmoil, but also regular trophies. The two problems I see emerging now are: 1. It requires continuous investment in money to buy the best (coaches and players) and now this seems to be slowing down it's hard to maintain the trophies 2. It inhibits the continuity needed to bring through young, home-grown players.
  15. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    She doesn’t pick the players, she negotiates the deals and contracts.