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  1. Not really naive, just being 'cold' about where this noise all comes from. I think you're right about Costa, because he's gone public. On Zouma - maybe a loan will do him good. Matic is less certain, I think. I wouldn't be surprised if we now play very hardball indeed - tell him we'll consider letting him go IF we get full value for him and preferably not to United, stretch it out if we can't find a suitable fourth body for that area etc. Unlike Costa, Matic seems a good pro - I think he'd knuckle down, fight for his place. Hope I am right because Kante, Bakayoko, Fabregas, Matic is a solid four, imo.
  2. Thanks - absolutely clear. Interesting that he's quoted on the BBC today saying 'top clubs are now paying top prices for good players' (not top players) - or something very similar. Perhaps they thought Morata was over-priced. But then they overpaid for Lukaku, in my view. There is always the possibility that Morata saw himself flourishing under Conte at Chelsea more than under Jose at United - which wouldn't make The Coach Previously Known As The Special One happy at all.
  3. Thanks I know others feel the opposite, but I've always thought that 'The Ox' was the one Arsenal player I'd like - I just think Conte would elevate him to another level (Jose would have done the same too, I suspect).
  4. Morata is done, great. Who do others 'favour' for WB positions? Assuming we are not buying Danilo? I'm not hugely up to speed on the options - Sandro sounded like a goer, but seems to have fizzled out (if one believes rumours, which of course, I endlessly deny doing) Views?
  5. Did Jose say they made a bid? or Was Jose asked how the Morata bid was going and responded - eg 'no news yet' I think the detail matters because Jose is not above making mischief, trading in deceptions, making fake news...
  6. The 'short squad' anxiety seems to have displaced the more specific anxieties around signing specific players, so let's pause for a moment to apply some reason: 1. It looks like the club/board/emanalo are competent and can and are signing players 2. Conte seems committed and his ideas about how to scale and structure the squad can probably be trusted 3. There's still a few weeks until we get going - longer until the window closes - new players can arrive 4. Some of the players omitted from these squad-as-it-stands lists are only leaving on the basis of press stories - e.g. Matic, Zouma and Costa 5. We may promote new youth/u21 players to fill holes - as we have for a while This is why the short squad anxiety doesn't bother me. Having said that, I definitely feel we need a Plan B at WB, especially RWB.
  7. The only people who said we matched the Utd for Lukaku were the journos - just rolled back: Everton never confirmed it. These Club A vs Club B transfer battles are IMO inventions to fill white spaces with words.
  8. I would include this concept in my definition of 'in form' really but see your point.
  9. Won't the players in best form and fitness play, unless rested and rotated because of frequency of games?
  10. Universe remains in balance. Thanks.
  11. Ultimately, losing out on Danilo isn't losing out at all if we never bid for him in the first place. I think it's the classic press 'battle' story - link one player to two clubs, and get going on the whole 'battling each other', 'change of heart' 'beaten to...' saga. Just saying - always feel the urge to provide a counterweight to your position - in the interests of a balanced universe.
  12. Agree, but arrogance is preferable to ignorance. And he could write. I used to like Glenn Moore, although his style got a bit overblown sometimes. Henry Winter's quite good too. Other than that - I don't even notice the bylines - they're all pretty rubbish and look about twelve in their profile pics!
  13. Research, intelligence, humour, a captivating writing style - all this left football journalism with the retirement of Brian Glanville.
  14. It's their job to: 1. Go to the formal club briefings 2. Attend matches and write about them 3. Try to grab crumbs from the table 4. If all else fails, make stuff up if you aggregated all the things journalists get right about football transfers it might at first look impressive - until you aggregated all the things they get wrong. They work on the principle that if you link every top player with at least five top teams, you stand a decent chance of getting a few stories right.
  15. Lurking behind the press insistence that Matic longs for Mourinho and visa-versa was the small inconvenient truth (reported with as little emphasis as possible) that Matic has an injury - so trained alone, as I have noticed over many years that our players do. I haven't seen a single word from CFC saying he's leaving. But the press say he is so...