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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I won't argue that our squad is perfect, I would make the point that as a club's level rises, so it becomes both easier to attract appropriate talent and paradoxically harder to find it. Our standards rise, so the pool we shop for players in, shrinks. No one is saying Drinkwater is Messi; but he is clearly a good player, who in better company, may become very good. I won't comment on Zappa as I don't know him. He obviously wasn't top choice - but neither was Alonso and that turned out ok. As to why no Sandro or players of that level - well, we should be flattered that clubs don't want to sell to us; why strengthen potential rivals. What we have is a strong group of 20 players, a great coach, passionate fans (?) and a committed owner. If the last few seasons show anything it's that our club 'works' and wins - and this 'got away with it' argument often made on this forum begins to wear thin. On the principle that one never knows what one actually looks like - try asking a few non-Chelsea fans you respect what they think; on the whole my mates still see us as strong contenders and threats to their clubs.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    So, how was it for you? In my view we're stronger in the 1-20 squad, but very light thereafter. I'm not going to help the media drive a wedge between club and coach by believing the 'turn us down' narrative - BBC now confirming all that stuff about Barklay having a medical was untrue, and I don't think our heart was in Llorente. I ask myself this -"Is a strong Chelsea without Llorente or Barklay unthinkable?" The answer is no; two weeks ago, many here were questioning the point of both - the media hyped them up into 'indispensibles' for the sake of a good story. Do I think we'll bomb? No. I think we'll finish top three, possibly as champions, win a cup, and strengthen at Christmas. Now switching my attention to the pitch!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I see nothing to suggest he supports us! Think he's a ringer from an 'elite' club come to torment us!
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry - not letting you throw assumptions like this around, as if truths. You have no idea if we've left it this late to save money - in fact some might argue that prices go up, not down, at this stage. Let me propose some alternatives... We identified Drinkwater as a good fit, but not essential - but Leicester don't really want to lose him... Or, they've said we'll sell but at a price we find excessive and would rather wait until xmas to strengthen then... Or, the whole thing's pure press invention, as it seems, Mahrez was... All three as credible as your suggestion - but, as you'll note, I don't go on to rant at my club. Each to his own.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Now? Really, now? Not 'then' as in 5 weeks ago?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    You are demonstrating my point exactly - for you, clearly, Conte must be 'decoded' but any negative media crap can be taken at face value.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    If you, and others, didn't believe all the toxic tripe written about us, you might have sussed that 'all is' quite likely 'better' a lot sooner - just accept for one second that we might not actually be a club in turmoil/crisis/chaos/conflict! Listen to what Conte says - not just the bits about needing players but also the bits about he/the club working together, that he's happy to even work with what we have etc and maybe believe him! It's so weird the way cfc fans here will take any negative media sh@&@ as gospel truth but refuse to believe their own coach! Not my way and never will be.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Llorente and Siggurdson were deadly together at Swansea..., no, must have been thinking of someone(s) else. He'll come on when they're desperate or Harry needs a rest. We've got the forward slots covered; imo we were never to fussed, if at all, there.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    IF we sign Zappacosta - a deal that 0% of the media have seen coming... ... can we then agree that not 100% of the links/deals they associate us with are real? E.g. Given we play one upfront and have Morata and Bats maybe, just maybe, we never wanted Llorente.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    How do you know we're even in for Llorente? Oh, that's right - the papers said so. Must be true then!
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    So why are City struggling to sign Sanchez and Evans on deadline day? And Utd supposedly about to sign someone - not to mention Spurs, Everton, Liverpool and Arsenal - all still trying to do biz. The frenzy coming today slightly undermines what you say.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm on hols in SW France - sunny day - and 1 hour ahead, so I will know about deals before you in the UK! Clever, eh? Will keep you posted. Big rumours on my campsite that the Le Havre second choice keeper may join Nantes...
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Keep drinking - rain here, sun (and signings) tomorrow!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    What none of you who are now at 11/10 hysteria levels seem to acknowledge is that everyone is at it - not just us! It's how the narking window works - every year: two waves - the early ones you get done easily; the late ones that often go to the wire! And I repeat - not just us. Spuds - avoid the early phase as a matter of principle, and Citeh chasing Evans and Sanchez, and the scousers (lucked in on Ox) and Everton desperate for a striker! Clearly we don't give a **** for anyone but us but stop pretending we are atypical - re-read para 2 people: THIS IS HOW IT WORKS FOR LOTS OF CLUBS EVERY YEAR! Ps - I am four glasses of wine in on a French canpsite - please, any other posters of a similar sanguine nature out there, tell me I am not the only sane one left - ergo mad!
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course we sounded him out - he's just lost his nerve. Every player we ever sign pops up on cfctv saying "the coach talked to me..." etc Why would this be different. I think the thing about 'which English boys will I hit the bars with?' may have given him second thoughts!
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    It may be resolved, of course - a call from Conte, a slight increase in money to reflect his dual role as CM and WB cover. I don't believe he didn't know how we plan to use him, which is surely as a versatile player.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Caballero - good cover, success Bakayako - excellent prospect, success Marata - excellent player, success Rudiger - looking good, success Christiansen return - loan worked, success Ox - if you recall Arsenal refused offers/negotiations for him until this weekend: we would have to have bid even more - so failure but with mitigating circumstances Any others - waits to be seen
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh well said. The trajectory of his anxiety is as predictable as the course of the sun across the sky... Sky say we've done a deal with Arse for Ox... anxiety low... Ox fails to sign within his timescale... anxiety high = board/club a joke and player off to Liverpool ending with a ominous 'tick tock'. If we end this close season with 2/3 more signings I do hope 'humble pie' will be served and eaten.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    To add to the 'gratitude' debate - I'm very grateful for Moses' and every othet player's contribution last season; and I'm not sure any new signings are necessarily upgrades on specific players. Some maybe - e.g. Baka on Matic, but surely most are on the basis of cover/rotation. We simply need more players to put out fully fit sides (ignoring injuries) given the extra competitions we have this year.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Ox signs - I'm pleased. Posted before: over past few years (under Jose, under Conte) always thought he's the Arsenal player I'd have - I think he has the ability/physical attributes but has been unlucky to develop during the slow decline (despite cup wins) of Wenger, dragging Arsenal down with him. Didn't Jose put in a cheeky bid for him end of season 2 (the second coming)? Don't give two shakes what he costs, what he's paid.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think we're three players under strength if we buy one versatile CM/WB. And why should it all have been finished three weeks ago. Most other PL clubs still bidding for players - usually beating us to them according to you; same in Europe - Barca just signed Mbappe for example. TBH you're claims having little to do with reality.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    James, old mate, go back to the first two words you typed - "Now rumoured" and read what follows and your subsequent posts. As you yourself said "Now rumoured" - on the basis of which another gallon of bile and vitreol is poured onto CFC. Everything you ever post when in this mood is the same - pluck any rumour from the air and use it to crucify your team. There are all kinds of ways to support a club but this aspect of your way does my head in.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    We're free to say what we want, panic all we want - I prefer not to panic as it makes me uncomfortable and has zero impact on what CFC does or does not do.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    I tell you one thing I've learned this summer - you assume that every time you read these phrases more or less anywhere, it's true. Another thing I learned years ago - buying footballers for any club at the highest level is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible - that's the market. That presumably is why we, and a number of other clubs, are still chasing some players having already signed others. You're imposing an impossibly high standard of transfer excellence and efficiency then judging us against it - not surprisingly, we fall short.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    My point is that 'supply and demand' in this instance does not dictate the price. The price is dictated by: 1. The willingness of the selling club to sell - if they don't want to, they will ask more (just as you would if someone wanted something you didn't want to sell). 2. The degree to which the buying club wants not simple 'a midfielder' but 'this midfielder' (for whatever reasons - e.g. he's the right nationality etc). Supply & Demand is not a good parallel for football transfers - think of fine art. There are lots of paintings c.£3.5 million, but if the only Abramovich wants is offered to him at £7m or put to auction and two bidders push each other to bid more recklessly, then the price will go higher. Your model assumes all players are broadly the same in a given position/age range - my model assumes clubs may sometimes just want 'Player A' - e.g. the Ox. No way do I think your post is ridiculous, but at the same time, I don't think it's quite how some football transfers (not all) work.