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  1. Conte, stay or go?

    I care if he stays or not. I'd rather he went. Just to be clear - if he's staying then clearly this is not 'an absolute shambles' - just the club's usual unwillingness to deny every press/social media rumour of his departure, which would require a press team of about 100 people working full-time. Even if he's going, the only real criteria on which we might call it 'an absolute shambles' is our own impatience for action - mine included. In reality, given Sarri being in contract, Conte being in contract, contracts being complex and protracted legal documents to end and to create anew, backroom staff needing to be agree, people with families requiring holidays, owners being involved as well as board teams... it may just simply take this long to do. I'm currently selling a property and buying another - it takes as long as it takes - which is much longer than I want it to! But that doesn't make the process a shambles, just a complex process. As fans rather than football industry professionals its too easy to just decide things should be done quicker than they are.
  2. Conte, stay or go?

    Interesting discussion about 'decline'. I'd say it was pretty inevitable once the TV money exploded and other clubs acquired billionaire finance - most notably City. As others have said, we upset a two-team status quo: Man Utd and Arsenal. We then muscled ahead of both. Subsequently, the whole league became much more competitive. I don't think any team will dominate the PL as it stands - not even Manchester City (although this is as much a prayer as a logical belief). The time of 6-8 teams competing for 4 CL places is upon us and likely to be with us for some time. Do we want to do anything about it as a Club? From what I see, our aim is to be as competitive as possible while remaining as close to self-financing as possible. We have to accept this is how it is at present. or crowd-fund a club buyout and blow the overdraft on Galacticos! Am I pessimistic? No, I continue to believe - because in a more competitive league we are less likely to build total domination but more than capable of totting up trophies regularly and getting in the CL regularly too. What can you do: live with it or switch clubs, I guess. The latter isn't an option for me.
  3. Conte, stay or go?

    Conte: the new Emanalo.