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  1. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    I think Frank's style of coaching, like Zidane's, is one of being an organiser, man-manager and motivator while letting the individual talents of the players shine through and carry the team to victories. It works well when you have a team of highly talented and seasoned individuals who are used to winning and know what it takes to do so, as we did from 2006 onwards. Less useful perhaps in a freshly cobbled together young team lacking a distinct playstyle (other than an over-reliance on FBs providing width). Our team needs tactical and coaching direction and unfortunately it increasingly seems like Frank is unable to provide it. On the other hand it has to be said he is excellent at guiding and developing young players. Mount, Tammy, James, Kova and Pulisic have all noticeably improved under his tutelage. However that isn't enough to save Frank I fear. I think its only a matter of time now. If it sadly comes to pass and the club and Frank do part ways, at least we can take comfort in the fact that there are more candidates now for the job than there were when Sarri ran away so finding a suitable replacement shouldn't be too difficult.
  2. Everton 1 Chelsea 0

    Seems Jorginho is behind Kovacic in the midfield selection and has been almost the entire season.
  3. Chelsea 3 Leeds United 1

    A certain Anthony Jonathan Barry, who we pinched from Wigan this summer, knew.
  4. Chelsea 3 Leeds United 1

    Giroud starts
  5. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    Lets just say I'm starting to review ticket prices for the official HYPE train. Still not 100% convinced at the moment as we are yet to beat a truly good team convincingly but things have been progressing swimmingly since the early season Kepa-fueled blunders. This squad, if managed correctly, can be wildly successful (probably not this season but) in the coming years. Next season we will likely strengthen further with Gallagher, Rice and Ampadu and we will have our core sorted out for the next 10 years. Made in Chelsea and managed by our greatest player. Or alternatively it could all blow up in our face. This is Chelsea after all. Just think back to how many lost seasons we had with the 2004-2012 squad, how many near misses. The managerial upheavals, disastrous transfer windows and constant regressing after progress. Anything's possible with this beautiful club
  6. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Kovacic has been exceptional this season, building on his largely excellent form from last season. Great to see him flourish under Frank's guidance and not being stifled under SARRIball
  7. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Agree 100%. I backed Kepa right to the end but he was so aggressively bad at times it was ridiculous. Costing us goals non-stop every single time he played. Mendy deserves much of the credit as does the defense, who seem to be improving massively under the coaching of Anthony Barry and Frank. It was also nice to see the players applauding Oli on social media. Our team spirit seems to be at an all time high. I'm so excited by what Frank is building here right now. The potential of this team long term is insane.
  8. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Top class performance. Even Emerson had a good game. Rudiger long range passing was class. Perfect night all round
  9. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Jorginho was selected for the press conference so he will most likely start tomorrow. Expect we'll see a midfield of Jorgi/Kova/Kai or Jorgi/Mount/Kai
  10. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Werner playing most of the game probably means he starts on the bench vs Spurs which is just as well because he could use a rest
  11. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    We did have high quality chances though? Werner could have easily had a brace
  12. Official: Chelsea Sign Edouard Mendy

    According to the gossip mill Lollichon was opposed to Kepa's signing and wanted Areola instead but was overruled. This is of course all 100% rumour and hearsay
  13. Chelsea 4 Sheffield United 1

    I know its already been said but it bears repeating that Mount, Tammy and James have noticeably improved from last season. Credit to the coaching staff and management and to the players themselves of course. I feel for Tomori who must feel like the forgotten man at times. Hopefully he'll get some chances to prove himself, either here or on loan.