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  1. RA continues to put the club first. For that I'm thankful. Our most successful manager should always be given the credit he deserves. The club needs and requires a steady hand and a return to the pre JM transfer policy and rebuild. Stadium to be built and CL to aim for next season. Let's get cracking.
  2. His success is not in question. It's longevity, stability, off field and on - always clashes with players - and what it does to the clubs he leaves. He leaves because he feels he has too or is asked to. That shouldn't be the case if you look at his results now should it. I really hesitate at using the word toxic because as you say it's sporn from the tabloids, but I can't think of a better way of describing what happens around him in order to achieve the results he does. That's the bust.
  3. Well you've mentioned some of the booms. Cast your mind back to how he leaves these clubs and / or the length of his tenures. Black clouds, negativity, run ins with boards, players, oppo managers etc etc. Of course the media buy into it, it sells copy. Yet the fact remains it happens , has happened and is happening. It's what he does and part of a proven strategy for SHORT TERM GAIN. It can't work long term so something needs to change. Hopefully that could be JM rather than who we have as manager.
  4. Yet he's quite clearly shown he's not the man for the ' long term ' job, so no he's not the best man for what the club needs. He's peerless at generating short term gain, but at every point inducing long term disharmony in the process. The players and their performance you mention and I don't disagree with you, are purely a side effect of his style. He lays waste and burns bridges, which is fine if you can splash out on new players all the time. We can't nor should we. We have our league title as he achieved what it says on the JM tin. However there is always a price to pay. He might well be lifting trophies at RM or PSG. Why? Because he would of had another chance to start his short term cycle of boom and bust. I'll support him if he stays - I like a lot about him and I'm very thankful for the success on his watch, but he needs to change if our club structure is to flourish.
  5. Has shown his limitations in coaching and man management. Peerless in chasing a title win at any cost, to both club and players. He's not the long term appointment the club needs and craves. Time to say goodbye unfortunately.
  6. Transfer dealings are part of the reason we are where we are. What is far more worrying is JM's inability to coach his players back into some sort of form. That is having a much bigger impact on our season than anything that happened or didn't happen in the window. I'm confident the world will not end this season but ONLY because JM / CFC will throw money at the problem in January.
  7. Media / Press

    So Dan Levene pipes up at the end of this podcast ( ) that he's been " lead to beleive the decsison to sack JM has been made and will happen after the Stoke game regardless " Neatly falls into line with the 2 week break giving the club time to do what they need to do. Also of note is the unanimous opinion of those taking part in the podcast that JM would end up at UTD if that was the case due to the lack of a clause stopping him from managing in the Prem this time round. Cue apparent Utd fan dissent stories and ex UTD player quotes about LVG not quite cutting the mustard. Utd briefing against LVG to make way for JM? Surely not.... Edited to add: IF what South West London's esteemed CFC Jurno ( I'm not a fan of his views or writing ) is to be believed tonight will be the last time we see JM on the sidelines for Chelsea.
  8. Better at coaching a squad through dire performances or better at throwing money at the situation?
  9. What is most concerning is the totally departure from reality in Jose's post match analysis last night from what we actually saw. Who does he think is really trying to fool? Stinks of trying to buy time if you ask me...
  10. Absolute and unmitigated rubbish, utter drivel. There was no trouble until his ego got in the way, then events spiralled and individuals self interest took over, on every side.
  11. Right then Jose, you didn't get all the toys you wanted. Let's see you actually manage / coach what we have - I include our youth in that - rather than throw money at a problem. If he's here for the long term he's going to have to do it at some point. This season is crucial in that respect and how Jose does will be very telling.
  12. So are we all agreed the money is there to strengthen as you see fit? New Stadium, FFP etc etc I suspect we will buy / develop young talent via the loan army and may, just may shell out for a player that can make an instant impact should that rarity come about. Otherwise I imagine the club would like to see the manager actually manage the resources he has at his disposal rather than just throw money at the problem.
  13. I'd disagree about the frenzy being totally media driven. Most CFC fans can tune out the usual anti CFC bollocks found everywhere. This time though it seems JM has really screwed up and taken a swipe at someone most fans have a lot of time for and has been loyal throughout recent turbulent times.
  14. I too wondered at the plausibility of the ' Jose - beginning of the end ' stories and the recent contract signing, but then thought, well if things aren't going the way I want with transfers I'd happily sign a new contract to make it very expensive to get rid of me or you give me what I want.