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  1. Not only is it plausible, I suspect it's exactly what's going on. Many will be too busy booing the board to care though.....
  2. Utter rambling rubbish. You're not the sharpest tool in the box are you.
  3. Enough of the strawman arguments and misquotes. I answered everyone of the questions you posed. I suggest you reread your earlier post then mine. I asked you no questions apart from if you remembered how JT held the club hostage over City in 2009. Remember I said " petty insults and meltish threats " not insults or threatening. How else would you describe - Now to Bran. Who knows why he was offered a contract when he was. As Guss said today every contract is done on an individual basis. Was it because he was 31 and JT 35? Was it because he's on lower wages and performance bonus? Was it because The negotiations started before a new policy was implemented from above about costs due to the clubs future loss of earnings and the need to rebuild the squad and Bran's was the last contract to go through under the ' old rules ' ? etc etc etc Who knows. You and I certainly don't so why are you trying to apply unknowns as legitimate points of comparison? No two players contracts and contract dealings are the same. Anyway It really isn't the point no matter how you much you want it to be. The point and my only point all along was that JT isn't happy with how it's working out and is using the fan base to apply pressure by deliberately causing uncertainty about his future in public. Again. Many fans are lapping up the tabloid stoked sentiment and going for the board's jugular despite repeated statements that the contract door is still open. The board haven't - in this case - done anything wrong apart from altering the timetable to give them a better chance of making a better decision when more of the variables are known. Despite JT being JT he doesn't get carte blanche and that's probably a good thing
  4. Petty insults and meltish threats aside you seem to have bypassed the details of events as we know them and gone straight into knuckle dragging mode. Where's your evidence that the club don't want him? All that's happened is that negotiations that have traditionally happened for JT and his party at this time of year have been delayed by the club until a new manager has come in. Which explains the club statement of confusion of JT's stance and JTs comments of " at the moment it's a no " Seems understandable on various levels. He wants to know now, the club not knowing who's coming in and what they might want have said wait. NOT no, WAIT. JT unhappy with that approach is trying to apply pressure to the club via the blindly loyal fans asserting that he might go. Many are falling for it... What do I know what JT wants and when? Well he wants a new contract and he wants to know now. Really quite obvious.... JT and his team have history of holding the club and fans to ransom to get his way contractually or have you forgotten 2009 and his flirtations with City already? I'll always hold JT in the highest regard for his on field achievements and commitment to the team and youth, but he has enough ' grey ' history to warrant my suspicion of his actions and motives. By all means pay for a ticket to the next game and boo the board. You have every right, just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.
  5. No, I think he didn't get what he wanted when he wanted it and Is trying to force the clubs hand. As for The irony in your sarcasm is extraordinary. They are of course whiter than white...
  6. My Bold. What exactly are you feeling angry and disappointed about? That JT hasn't got the contract he wanted at the first time of asking or that you've been used as a negotiating tool to ensure he does get what he wants? I know which I'd pick. He'll be here next season, dry your eyes.
  7. Which is exactly what JT's camp wants. You and many others are lapping it up I'm afraid and getting played like a fiddle.
  8. As James Prescott touched on the Club have briefed the Telegraph. This stinks of someone in Terry's camp trying to be clever. In the middle are the fans and Terry's camp are playing the emotional ones like a fiddle. The last paragraph in which Terry is quoted to be focused on results, not contract talks whilst his agent is apparently in the middle of those very talks is very telling. No innocent parties here.
  9. Lot's of emotion getting vented based on unsubstantiated version(s) of events and the timelines. I wonder what deal JT - and his agent - were pushing for? What proposal actually got rejected? Did the club offer terms and JT want more or did the club flat out refuse to consider anything? I'll be amazed if anyone here actually throwing a wobbly knew. I imagine there are other avenues available and they will be explored, only now the club will feel cornered as JT has gone public. Not the best of ideas from him and his camp, but there's history there. I hope both the Club and JT can sort out the differences and do the right thing. Until then the papers will have a field day, fans will be angry and Guss's job just got that little bit harder.
  10. RA continues to put the club first. For that I'm thankful. Our most successful manager should always be given the credit he deserves. The club needs and requires a steady hand and a return to the pre JM transfer policy and rebuild. Stadium to be built and CL to aim for next season. Let's get cracking.
  11. His success is not in question. It's longevity, stability, off field and on - always clashes with players - and what it does to the clubs he leaves. He leaves because he feels he has too or is asked to. That shouldn't be the case if you look at his results now should it. I really hesitate at using the word toxic because as you say it's sporn from the tabloids, but I can't think of a better way of describing what happens around him in order to achieve the results he does. That's the bust.
  12. Well you've mentioned some of the booms. Cast your mind back to how he leaves these clubs and / or the length of his tenures. Black clouds, negativity, run ins with boards, players, oppo managers etc etc. Of course the media buy into it, it sells copy. Yet the fact remains it happens , has happened and is happening. It's what he does and part of a proven strategy for SHORT TERM GAIN. It can't work long term so something needs to change. Hopefully that could be JM rather than who we have as manager.
  13. Yet he's quite clearly shown he's not the man for the ' long term ' job, so no he's not the best man for what the club needs. He's peerless at generating short term gain, but at every point inducing long term disharmony in the process. The players and their performance you mention and I don't disagree with you, are purely a side effect of his style. He lays waste and burns bridges, which is fine if you can splash out on new players all the time. We can't nor should we. We have our league title as he achieved what it says on the JM tin. However there is always a price to pay. He might well be lifting trophies at RM or PSG. Why? Because he would of had another chance to start his short term cycle of boom and bust. I'll support him if he stays - I like a lot about him and I'm very thankful for the success on his watch, but he needs to change if our club structure is to flourish.
  14. Has shown his limitations in coaching and man management. Peerless in chasing a title win at any cost, to both club and players. He's not the long term appointment the club needs and craves. Time to say goodbye unfortunately.