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  1. They'll be up for it. When we won the title in 2015 the win there was massive...same again here. We've got a reasonable chance I'd say. Hopefully no injuries but Carroll on the end of crosses and getting knock downs is a worry.
  2. They weren't standing in the right places.
  3. We really must improve our perfomances, even if we do win.
  4. Totally agree.
  5. Nah. 1-1. Too stupid and complacent.
  6. Useless bastards. More dropped points. Can't believe we are gonna throw this away.
  7. No room for complacency. Swansea are playing well and are very dangerous.
  8. Sorry mate it's fact. Jose has been disgusting about CR (and many other managers) and what he's done is hypocritical. The wgole thing about CR has been odd. He's been sacked, he's thankfully not died!
  9. Why? It's true. I'm not taking away from his achievements here. I just don't think he's a nice man.
  10. Jose wearing a CR on his kit. What a hypocrite - he's been vile about Claudio in the past.
  11. Well the little sh.itbag will be laughing on the other side of his stupid face on Saturday.
  12. Just our luck that they're improving but we must destroy them. We aren't at our usual level and we need a really good performance to settle everyone again.
  13. Ha yes especially when we play Arsenal!
  14. It goes to show that there are more important things in life than winning - kindness, integrity and honesty spring to mind. As I've said before, Conte (and Claudio and Sir Zola) are gracious in defeat and victory. Not everyone formerly associated with Chelsea are like that.
  15. Diego was due a goal - great news. :D