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  1. I love it! City are spending another £33m I see on a goalie! Deadline day is my favourite, the tension is great. This summer will be fascinating for sure.
  2. Okay, confession corner... It's just me being defensive having grown up watching the worst CFC teams in history. It's pre-match nerves and I apologise to everyone for that. It's just sort of venting. Would you believe that in real life I'm the opposite, especially as I work in fitness. But for me, I can't get upset about it as it IS only football and we've won the league. But next season I'll rein it in. Like everyone else I find football and Chelsea to be a source of great, great joy, and I'll be seeing it all through that prism now.
  3. Listen you's just a game of football. I know it's a bit disappointing but we won the title and it's going to be a very exciting summer.
  4. Why? I was right.
  5. Well we choked. I hate being right.
  6. Really?
  7. I warned it would be one of "those" performances and I was right. But no it was met with derision and complacency
  8. And that's that. I told you!
  9. There you go
  10. I hope your complacency doesn't bite you on the bum Martin...
  11. FFS Seafoot xD xD Alright already, 1-1 but Arsenal to win on penalties.
  12. I can't. I just think Arsenal will win. But as I said it's still been brilliant - we're the best team in the country. I just think in a one off they'll do it and they have the Indian sign (can I say that?! xD ) in the FA Cup.
  13. I can only see one winner. They will get a quick, early goal or two and that'll be that. I sense one of "those" performances. Hate Arsenal and their fans so much. Still it's still been an amazing season :D #champions
  14. Funnily enough it wasn't you but if the shoe fits...😉
  15. Their defensive problems may mean they'll go all out and their attacking players can kill us. I'm really really not confident in this one. At all. I can only see one winner I'm afraid, either 1-0, 2-0 to them or 1-1 and they win on penalties. I just can't see beyond that. I don't know why but this match has spooked me big-time.