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  1. I'd be gutted if Eden left but with any player, in my view if they don't want to be here then we should get top dollar and sign the best replacements we can.
  2. I would love to see Chalobah really make it next season.
  3. Maybe he stands in the right place.
  4. Palace are getting some form. And Spurs just won't go away. All we can do is maintain distance. It's all about results now. Concentration, focus, determination and a will not to chuck it away. If Antonio is right and we need 21 points and we beat CP, it's a massive psychological jump from that to 18, I think. It just seems more real. I know we cannot win all our games but we must win the home ones.
  5. Winning at Spam and Stoke at this stage of the season requires fight, character, organisation, spirit and grit; traits that I think are the fundamentals of what makes football beautiful. I consider our 0-0 CL draw at Barcelona in 2009 a great example of that. Sadly the ignorant media think these attributes make the team negative and defensive. But without them you don't have a team. What Kantè contributes in midfield is as artistic as anything Eden does, in my view.
  6. Yes exactly. He was fantastic for us as a player, but his teams are dirty, as he was as a player for United, if not really for us. Anyway, we beat them :D
  7. Hughes is a dick. He talks of Diego's dark arts yet he manages one of the most thuggish teams in the league. And speaking of which, the penalty was VERY soft. Dive?
  8. The shots stats today would show that we are dominating, but need to put more chances away. That said we hit the woodwork twice and their goalie made a couple of great saves.
  9. Result of the season!! YES!!!!
  10. Red card ha!
  11. OMG hold on please please this could be the result of the season
  12. Come on you effing chokers!! :(
  13. Couldn't agree more. I've always rated him and would love us to get him.
  14. I think, my fellow Blues, this calls for one thing: 1-1.
  15. Pedro at RWB?