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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think its just a matter of him getting an extended rest to let the muscle heal properly. I remember Frank picked up a hamstring injury I think it was 2007 and Ballack really stepped up but Frank IIRC stayed out maybe 7 weeks... I think it is the same with Kante in the sense he needs to give this group of muscles about 8 full weeks to properly heal. The problem with Kante is that he is so hugely important that nobody is going to really give him that chance. Its always a matter of judgement calls on early returns.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, we will have to see what happens this year first. Noone really expected the youngsters to fit in this well and you would have to say that if we complete this year strongly then it would be remarkable to think that we got 6 first teamers (Abraham, Mount, CHO, Tomori, James and Loftus-Cheek) straight from the academy to jump-start our rebuilding phase... 6 viable squad members equate to about 2 good transfer windows and that would be really amazing. 3 world-class players over January (if allowed to buy) and the summer window (very doable) and I'd say we could think about a title push again if the youngsters remain consistent... I think the key has to be to supplement the youth unlike what Wenger did in 2007 to 2011. You add 3 players of the class of Allisson, Van Dijk and Mane to this team and that's a pretty good first 11 with a good bench as well IMO... Title challengers maybe - assuming the youngsters remain consistent I mean.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I reckon he can be as well. But, right now, you would have to say that both Maddison and Mount have been better. That being said, yeah Loftus-Cheek can hit the very top.. Looked at him at Palace and he drifted in and out of games but he had started to find his feet last year under Sarri... Let's hope the injury hasn't changed much in terms of his game.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sancho and Maddison would be two great additions to the squad. Willian and Pedro look as though they may be gone at the end of the season and Sancho, Hudson-Odoi, Maddison, Mount, and Pulisic would be a great group to choose from to play in the advanced positions.
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Nice to hear he is close to returning. Looking forward to him returning to be honest. Offers something different. Towards the last few games under Sarri he was managing to stay involved during games and the odd moments of magic were starting to happen. Phasing in and out of games was his biggest problem before that IMO. Started off expecting him to replace Jorginho this year but Frank seems to really trust Jorginho... maybe RLC is going to have to rotate into the side a bit. Certainly the squad is looking very competitive. Great to have so much competition.
  6. Tammy Abraham

    The thing about Tammy is he seems to have a great attitude and a lot of confidence. Rio Ferdinand noted the type of goals he has been scoring as well and its not just poacher finishes. He does some really good things - plays off the last defender, can work the channels, can play with his back to goal, movement off the ball, pace.. honestly he has a whole lot to work with. His movement off the ball has been critical to how we are playing at the moment. Comparing him to Costa and Drogba, maybe his playing style is more comparable to Costa IMO. Drogba possessed greatness though so if in 10 years we are discussing Drogs and Tammy in the same sentence it would have meant that Tammy did very well over his career.
  7. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Agreed. I quite like Rudiger, Zouma and Tomori. Not a huge fan of Christensen. Zouma may be a bit rash sometimes but he looks a good player overall IMO. Physical, quick and, like you said, better with his passing than he is credited for. Jose does have a decent eye for a player and Zouma is just further evidence of that.
  8. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Great game to look at. Kind of game you want to watch again. Willian and Hudson-Odoi look very sharp. Honestly things look hugely optimistic but its important now to see what happens over the late November to mid-January period when things tend to get a bit dodgy for us in terms of result. You've got to say that we look the strongest top 4 contender out of Arsenal, United, Tottenham and Leicester and that really is shocking to say because we had that transfer ban. Last year, a big problem I had was how less athletic we looked in comparison to sides like Liverpool, City and Spurs. Now, with Zouma, Rudiger, Tomori, Kante, Kovacic, Willian, Mount, CHO, Abraham we seem to be really quick and athletic. Another problem we had was movement off the ball last season. Now, the likes of Kante and Jorginho seemingly always have options to pass to with Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Willian and especially Abraham. We just look like a much improved side. But the table at the end of the season will really tell us come May.
  9. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    I think its being ignored that Willian is in excellent form and CHO just returned from injury and is also looking very sharp. Pulisic has a lot of qualities but SFL does seem to base a lot on his training sessions as he keeps reiterating that in his press conferences and we have already seen how highly he regards Jorginho when Jorginho the player on the pitch is often far from being remarkable.. so you have got to believe that maybe Pulisic isn't putting in enough effort in training.
  10. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Like Alex. Was a great option though never really worldclass material. Christensen is like an Alex-type rotation option IMO. I would keep him. Maybe Rudiger and Tomori are the first choice options next year if Rudiger hits the ground running and Tomori continues pushing on. If 1 CB gets sold right now, I think Zouma is the least likely to "develop" further.
  11. Lille 1 Chelsea 2

    Got to catch it on BT sport 2 and have to say that Hudson- Odoi looked very sharp when he came on. He has got to be knocking on the door IMO. As for the game, scoreline was about right. Lille had that opportunity which Kepa took care of but otherwise I felt that we looked better. Certainly finished the game strongly. Mount had a great chance but mis-hit the ball. I still like Renato Sanches. The guy obviously has talent. Its a pity how things have gone for him so far. Really hope he finds his way eventually.
  12. Lille 1 Chelsea 2

    Personally, I think Kepa's a solid GK but I'm not so sure that he is better than Courtois. Courtois had 2 good seasons here and, at one point, replaced the likes of Cech. IMO, Courtois is better in terms of command, better also at shot-stopping, and he isn't terrible at receiving the ball at his feet either. Courtois definitely had/has what it takes to become the best in the world but he hasn't been able to muster consistency.
  13. Lille 1 Chelsea 2

    Is he really that good? I'm not so sure...
  14. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    It is a bit worrying how badly he has trailed off but, at the same time, Mount is doing well, Willian looks fit and sharp, and Hudson-Odoi is back. We have all seen players at the club who have struggled to get involved as much - Zhirkov, Felipe Luis, Salah, De Bruyne... Pulisic has talent for everyone to see but it doesn't look like he is cutting it in training I can only assume. Lamps seems like a really fair guy to work for and, at the moment, Pulisic isn't able to get a look in. I can't believe its a question of talent TBH.
  15. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    I would try to get in a bigger goalkeeper who is a more commanding presence like Cech had that confidence about him and even when he first came in he looked like a really good decision-maker. I'm not sure that Kepa is the long term answer there. Even with Emerson, I would still look to improve the left back position as well. And I remain slightly unconvinced by the midfield other than Kante. Abraham has been excellent this season - quick, strong, intelligent, times his runs, drops deep, can defend corners. Personally, I wouldnt do anything to unsettle him like bringing in someone else. Lamps has been doing some experiments with personnel and formations and that has been very encouraging to see because a manager has to be able to adapt to situations. Mourinho and Conte remain the benchmark in that regard. Ancelotti did it in his first season as well. Lamps is getting better at that as well as I felt the lineup for the last Liverpool game and this one was excellent as well after a shaky start to the season. First half of this game wasn't great from us. We had 4 solid chances for Tammy, , Barkley, Pedro and Alonso and we could have easily gone on to draw this game. But the response after half time was excellent I felt. Second half Brighton maybe had a 5 minute spell where they looked threatening but by and large I felt we were excellent.