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  1. Well, I do find it a bit odd that Sarri is expected to “motivate” and “re-focus” these guys every half time. I mean, these are basic concepts we are talking about. Take Emerson at Anfield for example. What is he supposed to say to him? “Hey Emerson, don’t switch off and if someone runs at you, try to tackle him ok?” Or, “if Salah cuts inside, you tackle him before he gets the shot off ok?” A lot of winning sides, the coach doesn’t exactly have to give a pep talk every game. The work is done during training sessions 90% of the time. Take Steve Kerr for instance who you would barely see giving the players any sort of pep talk during a timeout. Competitive edge and adrenaline kicks in during games. The coach basically has an in-game job to just manage that energy. There are a lot of things right now happening at the club that you have got to look at the training sessions. I’m sure, for example, that exactly what we are seeing now with CHO is what Sarri must have been seeing all of this season and was hesitant to give him a run. You listen to how some coaches like JM used to talk about the intensity of training sessions. I am sure that players like Terry, Lampard, Essien, Ballack, Azpili, Cech, Ashley Cole, Kante.. these guys must have been highly competitive in training. You look at Liverpool, City, even Tottenham right now, their intensity is in a different class to us during games. Now you can blame Sarri for that if you want, but I for one think it’s more of an issue with the players themselves. Sarri should have to train them and organize them, but it should be their job to be motivated, concentrate most of all and implement what’s being taught IMO. People are expecting intensity, consistency and competitive edge from this group of players and are quick to blame Sarri but these problems have haunted this side for a long time.
  2. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    We looked really up for it in the first half. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Not because second half was great but because you just couldn’t be 110% certain that they were out of it. Turned out to be really fun. I think the Europa League the supporters just need to accept it for what it is - a route into the UCL. Don’t go looking for great quality. As for Barkley, I’m one of his more vocal supporters on here. But he’s had a full season. He hasn’t really grown into the role, kovacic has been a let down from the start... Loftus Cheek is auditioning currently, but even him I would probably want as nothing more than a squad player next year. Thank god we didn’t sub Hazard though. At 4-1 I honestly called for him to be subbed after that guy tackled him and burst his sock but I reckon we would have lost the tie if Sarri subbed him at HT.
  3. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Messi is doing his best work recently when dropping deep. I’m looking forward to see how he copes dropping into that high tempo midfield Liverpool have got. They’re very physical as well and they resort to fouling a whole lot. Suarez is in horrendous form too in Europe.
  4. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Liverpool to win their 6th UCL crown then. We all know that Tottenham are gonna choke and, well, if it’s Liverpool-Barca I reckon Liverpool are going to destroy that Barca defense. Barca were made to look exceptional by that poor, lethargic United side.
  5. It’s funny because Ole clearly set out to kiss as much arse as possible. Nauseatingly as well. I disliked him from day 1. Flattering the fans, flattering the players, flattering the board, bringing SAF in for validation. No doubt Jose made as many enemies at United as Conte did at Chelsea, but its better to stick to your principles like Jose did rather than just throw yourself at everyone and everything in order to get a job IMO.
  6. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Like Droy said, maybe we get the window to work in. But if you’re right and we probably don’t, then in any case the manager won’t be an issue as I see Arsenal, Man Utd and even Spurs strengthening this summer.
  7. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Yeah definitely at one point. But in fairness to Sarri, he seemed to weather the storm and he has definitely remained dignified so far in the face of some really tough circumstances. I would be the first guy to call for his head if we were tumbling down the table but the reality is that we are right there within 3 points of where we want to be. And in a few weeks, the league position may not matter as we could win the EL and still end up in the UCL.
  8. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Deschamps is someone I think the club can look at in the future. Definitely a good shout IMO. As for your original question, I think Sarri has done some good things and some bad things this season. He has grown on me while in the role. I started off very unconvinced by him. At one point he seemed genuinely lost but he remained calm from what I could tell, and he’s certainly got the team in a reasonable position right now. Regarding his skill as a motivator - we seem to be doing as well as I think we can this year. As a man manager, Hazard has spoken highly of him. I noticed Loftus-Cheek called him an honest man as well in his last interview before Liverpool. He has been straightforward when he has had to be. No signs of maliciousness so far. With respect to the youth, he has definitely played CHO this year, and Christensen and Loftus-Cheek are beginning to feature as much as one should reasonably expect them to. His matchday tactics go as far as they can go. Tactics are great but even JM will tell you a point comes when the coach can only do so much. In terms of is he the right guy to rebuild the squad? He has certainly put together very decent sides before. But this isn’t up to what I want anyway (I want Jose back and he is available). The club has selected Sarri because THEY want a change in philosophy. To fire him now would be completely ridiculous given that he has had 1 real transfer window and the team isn’t in a particularly poor state. Personally, I would love to see the club return to absolute ruthlessness as had been the case under Jose. I would love to see consistent, talented, winning football week in week out like we used to. I never had a problem with that. I would love to see a manager as passionate and witty as Jose back in the seat. But what I want isn’t necessarily what the club wants right now. What I can say is that the club made a decision last summer and things aren’t falling apart. It threatened to at one point, but the team pulled itself together. That in itself shows that the players are clearly still with the manager and that’s a positive that has to go down in support of Sarri. The coming transfer window is going to be as crucial as anything Sarri can or cannot do. Nobody can seriously make the point that the club needs a new manager right now MORE than it needs a proper striker, a proper right forward, a proper LCM, a couple fullbacks and a CB of real caliber to challenge what we have got. That’s 6 players we need. That’s a full blown rebuild. We can change the manager but absolutely nothing will change the fact that we definitely need a rebuild. I don’t think anyone has so far made the point that if Sarri is still having problems next year to continue to stick by him. But we haven’t even got to that point yet, have we? You guys are calling for his head without giving him a real crack of the whip.
  9. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Still haven’t said which of those great managers you’d like to replace him....?
  10. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Which makes you wonder if it makes any sense playing them (RLC and CHO) as the both of them don’t seem like players who will accept bench roles next season. RLC, for me, has shown improvement in the sense that he is at least more involved now during the game. Whether that means something as simple as being in a better position defensively - it is still improvement. I would keep him around next year, but I would look to get someone better in. The same goes for Odoi but he seems a lot further behind in his development. He needs a loan to a PL club and he needs to get the idiots who are advising him out of his head. He could one day become a useful player, but he’s closer to Maitland-Niles right now than he is to someone like Raheem Sterling who was tearing things up at his age.
  11. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    What’s your point to be exact? Did we dominate by counterattacking in 16-17 or did we dominate by “running and pressing”. Because a lot of people will remember us basically walking the league but by counterattacking - not the rubbish you are claiming about us running really hard. It’s 2 completely different approaches to the game between being a side that sits in a low block and absorbs before sprinting forward and a team that plays a higher pressing game and spends the game pressing and running. If you are trying to make the stupid point that we have got the players to play the latter then you’re quite lost. Athletically the latter approach is a lot more demanding and a player simply cannot play that quicker game without being gifted with at worst reasonably good technical ability - which basically sees your point go right out the window about Liverpool’s players being supposedly inferior to ours.
  12. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    I don’t think it’s his fault...Just because he doesn’t play all the time doesn’t mean that he should stop eating all the time...
  13. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    It could be motivation. It could also be that maybe they are just overall a more physically gifted and intense group of players. They certainly seem like a more athletic bunch to me. Willian, Rudiger and Kante definitely are pretty gifted in terms of athleticism but Jorginho, Christensen, RLC, Azpili, Luiz, Hazard, and even CHO aren’t exactly lightening quick players.
  14. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Kepa or Allisson? Alex-Arnold or Azpili? Robertson or Emerson? VdV or Luiz? Jorginho or Fabinho? Henderson or Loftus-Cheek? Hazard or Salah? Willian or Mane? CHO or Firminho?
  15. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    What’s funny is that he genuinely believes what he posted. He doesn’t even recognize why teams like Liverpool and City are where they are. The basics of what they are doing and what we are not doing.