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  1. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 1 (Chelsea 5-3 Penalties)

    Hazard has developed a reputation of being fouled brutally and playing on and as a result IMO he gets most of the calls he deserves. Morata is frequently fouled badly and because he makes a meal of it I think the damage to his rep is already done like Drogba IMO.
  2. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 1 (Chelsea 5-3 Penalties)

    So throw away the cups and focus on the League and UCL(both unlikely)? Essentially give up and accept a trophyless season then? Maybe Conte can just fire himself now...? I would hope that Conte walked into this season knowing how superior the Manchester clubs were and exactly how many European teams are better than us.. And he is a winner so a trophyless season wouldnt really be an option for him I would imagine. Overall I think Conte did the right thing which was to compete for every trophy and deal with the consequences afterwards.
  3. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 1 (Chelsea 5-3 Penalties)

    Your sarcasm is noted and I tend to agree that I dont quite buy into the whole formation/lack of attacking intent thing thats being thrown about quite a bit these days on here. I think that its more likely that more than a few key players have simply gone off form quite badly and no formation change or whatever will necessarily improve that situation. Why theyve gone off form is entirely anyones guess as I would like to say its exhaustion but then again quite a few of this lot have done this before like in Mourinho's third season in charge.. I didn't blame Mourinho then, and I can't blame Conte now.
  4. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 1 (Chelsea 5-3 Penalties)

    Something seems terribly wrong with this team. Kind of like United looked for large parts of December but they got out of their funk. I dont know if the current group of players can do that or if they are simply going to slip further and further down the table. Think its pretty clear just how easily a club can find itself in 8th position in the PL table. I worry for Antonio Conte. Surely he shot himself in the foot with selling Diego Costa (who scored again notably), but there are just too many players not showing up otherwise in the current team. Morata should be disciplined for his ridiculous red card. Somebody needs to tell this guy that flopping on the floor like a fish isn't going to win him any favours in this league. The ref was definitely card happy but Morata walked right into that second yellow.