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  1. I think the standard, performance wise, I am using to compare our performances against would be that Everton game at home when I felt that we were sublime. I feel like I haven't seen enough of those performances this season. I am not talking about the scoreline to be perfectly honest.. I am talking about the speed at which we moved the ball and the way we created chance after chance. I haven't seen enough of that this year. I have seen a lot of games where we were good (certainly much better than the opposition) but not great. Certainly deserving of our place at the top through sheer consistency though. I am definitely not disputing that.
  2. Fair enough about the physicality of Stoke's approach. Personally, I prefer to focus on what we did and the reality is that we are not exactly putting in tremendous performances. I am trying to remember the last time we looked like a team that could easily deserve a 3 or 4 nil scoreline. We are certainly consistent though in terms of results.
  3. In many ways it is still concerning that we are edging games rather than putting in huge performances the way a team playing every 5 days on average should be doing.
  4. Cesc Fabregas to start please!
  5. That was pretty much the same Jose that we have seen in the last couple years. Thought his game plan was one dimensional and the minute they got the red you just knew they couldnt get back into the game. Even when they had 11 players we still managed to get in behind them to create 3 chances and anybody who thinks that United were ever going to have a genuine chance of winning that game in 90 minutes even with 11 players on the field needs to stop kidding themselves.
  6. I would honestly go all out for this game. Obviously I would like to see the likes of Michy Ake and Loftus Cheek get some game time but I reckon we are on for a very hard fought game here and I really think the double is a possibility this season.
  7. Oh most definitely. One of his weaker performances but thats to be expected as he was never the strongest player or the best when in tight spaces. But that still doesnt change the fact that he should be ahead of Matic in the pecking order.
  8. Another potential banana skin avoided and another test passed. In terms of consistency this season we have really done well. Also, has Fabregas finally sealed his place in our starting midfield lineup? I sure hope so.
  9. He has improved with age though I would say. He has always been very gifted but he has matured a bit in terms of his ability to deal with the team concept. I remember him at Juve and Inter and it was no surprise that he struggled at Barca IMO. I lost track of him at AC milan a bit but I caught a few of his games over at PSG and he certainly seemed to be more involved in the team's overall play IMO. To me that is why he is better.. A striker who is involved is less likely to go missing as often as he did in the past. He was always a consistent goal scorer though.
  10. A good performance I thought. Threatened them quite a bit and we really should have wrapped this game up earlier. MOTM for me was Kante - but close second was Fabregas.
  11. Have to think that these prolonged breaks are disrupting our rhythm a bit. Also worth noting that this may not be the best time to play swansea.. Maybe I am a bit pessimistic but I actually think this may be another banana skin. Obviously hoping I am horrendously wrong.
  12. Well said and very true. I see Hugh Jars has made reference to "the stats" regarding United's goal to game ratio compared to ours.. Stats are very misleading. Under Jose we were a team that took the initiative and pressed teams and attempted to get a lead. There were times almost week in week out when we absolutely hammered teams and only won maybe 2-0 or even 1-0. United are looking more and more like how we used to look on a weekly basis and the difference you get in the level of praise from the media for them is quite alarming. All of a sudden Jose plays attacking football! On the flip side, Conte's current team is often NOT a side that aims to press or hammer teams, but he is a much more affable sort of guy and because of that he winds up getting a whole lot of praise. People will also blame Jose for last year when our players seemed to decide not to perform. I can't and wont hold that against Jose... For me that is all on the players. A lot of praise for Conte's chelsea but I'm not so sure how this team compares to any of Mourinho's title winning teams or even Ancelotti's to be honest.
  13. I also watched that match and they tore Watford apart many times during that game. Ended up with 2 but could have easily had 5. Mourinho is quite simply pointing out the obvious - that Conte's current chelsea side is actually more defensive than his sides ever were and our current side gets a lot more praise than we ever did at any point under his command. Did he say anything thats untrue? Can you genuinely argue that we are showing any more attacking impetus than his highly criticized sides ever did? If your concern is why he had to mention us, isn't that obvious? We are the league leaders aren't we? Clearly he wants to be where we are. There is nothing odious about him in the least.
  14. Thought that Courtois pretty much won us a point for this one. We were really poor and hardly created anything clear cut. Burnley on the other hand had clear cut chances. Everyone will play a role over the course of the season and I think that Courtois really is doing his bit over the last few games. Credit where its due as I have not been generous in praising him since booting out one of my favourites in Petr Cech. The team needs to improve to see out the title..
  15. Courtois has done his bit in this team to keep us at the top. Credit to him.. I have often expressed reservations about him but he stands a great chance of capturing the third league title of his young career. And if we should go on to win the league, he can certainly feel that he did his part as he pulled off some crucial saves on Saturday alone against Arsenal.