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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    And even more bizarre considering that Arsenal are supposedly struggling financially atm.
  2. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    In my defence it is difficult grasping what your opinion of Frank is behind all the nonsense you posted after we lost the FA cup final "identifying" all of his tactical "failures" (even though Frank was pretty clear post match that it was definitely NOT his intended tactical setup for most of the game).
  3. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    That would depend on how effective the previous management teams were at getting them to perform. If you think that Frank should be fired before he has the opportunity to make any real changes to a playing squad that has been consistently substandard for 3 seasons now then that's your opinion. Thankfully the club doesn't seem to share that view.
  4. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    I have heard JM, Antonio Conte, Sarri and now Lampard all level the same accusations against these guys. Basically its an inability to carry out instructions. If your boss gives you instructions to complete tasks in the workplace and you basically do it well 50% of the time, I think its fair to say this would go down on your performance evaluation and likely would lead to you being replaced. Lampard will have to get new recruits in - simple. And, by the sound of things, seems like he is already in the process of doing so.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    If it was a battle between Rudiger and Zouma - give me Zouma any day of the week. Rudiger is far too clumsy. And, quite frankly, poor at reading the game.
  6. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    I think we have got to try our luck. The guys have had a week off. Its the UCL. Imagine if Liverpool had given up on the Barca tie a couple seasons ago.
  7. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    I dont know. Bayern will be lacking sharpness. Early goal and who knows...
  8. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    Well even the best coaches have periods where players fall to injuries quickly. In fact, before the lockdown Mourinho was dealing with that as well. I get that these guys aren't the most experienced. But which doctor alive is experienced in dealing with pandemics such as these and seasons punctuated by 4 month stoppages and hectic follow up schedules? Plus, would the club really allow our medical staff to fall as far behind as you are suggesting? Not IMO. If they were that sub-standard I reckon changes will be made this summer.
  9. VAR and Chelsea

    25-75 call on that pen IMO. Not even 50-50 as far as I am concerned. Fact is, if that was against SAF, JM or Wenger you would never hear the end of it. Even Arteta had a good moan at the refs earlier this month IIRC. Klopp definitely speaks up as well.
  10. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    Hamstring injuries are predominantly fatigue injuries. I think SFL did what any manager would do - go with the advice of the medical staff in terms of the players' readiness to feature. We are talking about players playing 2 to 3 times a week after almost 4 months off. There are bound to be issues. Couple that to the fact that we really were in a terrible fight for top 4 and you can understand why some of them featured so much and why we lost Willian, Gilmour, Kante, Azpili, Pulisic and Loftus-Cheek in the end. In terms of set piece prep, well we already look better with Caballero in goal. Frank has more or less said its a personnel issue because in his day with DD, JT, Cech, Ivanovic, Ballack et al it was pretty much covered though I do recall us having problems under Scolari. I am not absolving Frank - just saying its important to give the man some time to implement his own methods. We are talking about scrutinizing a manager who walked in after a transfer ban, had no reinforcements brought in during January AND had to resume the season after 4 months due to a pandemic.
  11. VAR and Chelsea

    The thing is, they claimed they checked the keepers handball and the Mail published a picture online with the ball still inside the box but I actually rewinded the match on my TV at the time and its so obvious that the ball left the box completely and the GK was holding it. It is not even close. I love SFL, but if I were in charge I would have completely slaughtered the ref post-match. Obviously it isn't great to criticize the ref all the time but yesterday the guy fully deserved to have his integrity called into question. And then Lamps goes and says it was a pen as well.... seriously??? I like a manager who owns up to his own responsibility and SFL definitely does that but there are times when you quite rightly need to speak up and we can blame VAR all we want but there were calls yesterday that should have been made using the referee's own eyes. I have never supported conspiracy theories against Chelsea but something was terribly wrong yesterday. It was Ovrebo-esque!
  12. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    I'm still pretty pissed off at the refereeing in this game and what is worse is the Daily Mail are basically saying the VAR made the correct call. Any idiot can see that the entire ball left the penalty area... that's as clear a foul as you would see. And Frank Lampard didn't even mention it. He didn't even complain about the Pedro foul and he made a joke about the Kovacic sending off too! I mean I love the guy but to be a winner you have to be nasty sometimes. This team could really use a lot more nastiness about them. Cynical fouls, criticism of the refs post match.. cynical fouls alone can win you points. Nobody can deny that Jorginho should have fouled Robertson and that Rudiger should have fouled Bellerin. Could have both been totally different outcomes. Xhaka basically rolls around and gets Kova booked twice and it secures the trophy for them! Arteta has clearly learnt from Pep and the generally Barca way. Most Chelsea fans can remember Del Horno "tackling" Messi and Sanchez getting JT sent off at the Camp Nou all those years ago or even Busquets playacting to get Motta (?) sent off. SFL has to be a nastier guy IMO. The team can definitely benefit from that mentality. City in particular are not averse to fouling to break up the opponents attack.
  13. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Why buy players if you could just hire a "good" coach then? In terms of the tactics - we were sucker punched. Any idiot can con a ref to win a penalty (Anthony taylor at least) and any idiot can run through our side at the moment. Certainly we could have sat deeper, but why? Referee and usual suspects aside, Arsenal were never in this one. Definitely didn't "out-think" anyone.
  14. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    United got 10 penalties, Mane and Salah certainly know how to "work the system"... 1 call that went in our favour doesn't even out anything when there are so many bad ones.
  15. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Its easier to slate players who are repeat offenders you mean. Christensen was rightly dropped for a long spell. Rudiger was dropped as well until we switched back to a 3. Kepa was correctly dropped (Willy was good today). Jorginho was out of the team until Kante and Gilmour BOTH got injured. I mean, its not like I am picking on these guys. They are repeat offenders. A manager doesnt have to walk in and make poor players good players to be a good manager. In fact, which manager does that? Certainly Klopp and Guardiola simply buy better players - as do all managers.