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  1. Eden Hazard

    Maybe the club now can move on from all this stupid speculation for the last couple years. I’m quite happy that he’s gone. Good player, but it’s all been about him over the past few years and, I’m sorry, but he just hasn’t delivered often enough and I know that his supporters will list all the reasons why but I just can’t believe that someone who seemingly knew that he was leaving for the best part of a year could have genuinely been fully focused. So yeah. Good luck to him on his future and that’s a nice letter but the club has to move on now and no time to mourn.
  2. I’ve got no reason to defend Sarri anymore now that it looks dead certain he is leaving, but this is just plainly nonsense. When Pep first came to Barca he absolutely walked all over the biggest names in their dressing room. He shifted Deco and Ronaldinho out the door, Eto’o only survived because he humbled himself, Ibrahimovic got completely sidelined and Pep has been that ruthless all the way through his career. Look at Yaya Toure and Aguero also wasn’t his favourite in his first season either. Don’t forget how he got rid of Joe Hart either! Conte CLEARLY pissed off quite a few people at Chelsea last year and Jose has a track record of pissing people off as well - including his players (Casillas, Pepe, Marcelo, Ramos, he got rid of Cech and Lampard and Cole as well, and he wasn’t the nicest guy at Inter in his first season when he restructured the team either). You can make a lot of excuses for these things but the fact is Drinkwater CHOSE to remain at Chelsea and Sarri clearly said that he DID talk to him. Cahill was just being purely unprofessional as well, and Morata - are we seriously at the stage where we are trying to defend someone as weak and pathetic as Alvaro Morata too? Managers simply have to have strong personalities. And there are quite a few players at this club who are way too big for their boots. Anyway, Sarri is likely off now so on to the next one I guess.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even 88m is a good deal. We have got no bargaining chips. The player himself has made it public he wants to go, the club has nothing to offer to change his mind, his contract is run down... 88m if true is a great deal. Real Madrid could have very easily low balled us IMO.
  4. Trying to think of the last time a coach left us on a high. Benitez perhaps? I wouldn’t say it’s surprising given the circumstances but it’s an odd feeling IMO. But Hiddink and Benitez were caretakers. This is a guy who put in a year of hard work and could have been about to succeed big time. Maybe he caught wind that the club was going to not appeal the ban and force him to put up with the current squad another year? It really is tough getting cherry picked tbh. No wonder Arsenal fans are such bitter, hateful characters.
  5. Right. The press are making it all up. I can’t say I buy into that theory to be honest. But your ability to look at things that way certainly is admirable.
  6. The fans behaving badly obviously wouldnt have helped Sarri to stay, but its also a case of Sarri wanting to go as well. As much as I would like him to stay, I think we also have to be fair and recognize that this is also likely a case of Sarri ending his "project" on his own will as well. I am pretty sure that Jose said that Real Madrid came knocking for him during his first spell but he chose to stay. Obviously Pochettino is in high demand as well but chose to stay at Spurs thus far. There are quite a few managers who aren't swayed by external interest but Sarri, disappointingly, looks as though he has been swayed. Some of that will be due to the club being run like a circus and the fans being fickle, but Sarri has to accept his responsibility in choosing to leave as well.
  7. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Best part of this is a Chelsea Liverpool match up in the Super Cup!
  8. Bit odd Juve would go for Sarri rather than someone tried and tested at the highest level (UCL success) like Mourinho IMO. That being said, I reckon if Sarri has asked the club to leave all we can reasonably do is get some compensation as soon as possible and move on to the next in line. This is the first time Chelsea under RA is about to have its manager cherry picked by a “better” club. Shows how far the club has fallen at the moment. I would like to believe that Sarri believes that bs he told the press about how he loves the PL and wants to continue his project but realistically I mean he would have been about to turn down a UCL contender to stay at a club where the matchgoing fans abuse him and the club itself would have sacked him eventually anyway - all this with a transfer ban looming. I think there’s a lot to this story to be honest.
  9. Would be completely Chelsea to watch a situation we could build on and instead get rid of the manager and start the process all over again I’m afraid.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can only comment on what I have seen of him myself and Zaha looks ready to step up IMO. He is strong, quick and a very gifted player technically. I read that he was second only to Hazard in terms of dribbles completed in the PL. Speculation the club may be after Coutinho instead and that’s also a very reasonable alternative.
  11. Andreas Christensen

    Frank Lampard gets thrown around to support arguments a lot around here IMO. I’d challenge any Chelsea fan to list a streak of games where Lampard ever was woefully poor. Lampard earned his way into the Chelsea team, and then earned any leeway extended to him through consistency at a world class level for years and years. Lampard translated talent into performances and then he translated hardwork and dedication into consistency. Christensen will do well to emulate Lampard. I said it before, but Christensen should come in this summer a week or two early and work on his fitness and physique before everyone else if he wants to have any real chance of getting into the side next season from the early stages of the league. Christensen grew as the season went on in terms of importance - like Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi. That’s the proper way to coach and manage younger players IMO. What you’re suggesting is, well, contrary to the values of competitive sport.
  12. Andreas Christensen

    I thoroughly disagree with this line of thinking. Christensen is at a point in his career where he knows what’s required in the Prem, he should also know that he made a string of mistakes last year under Conte and maybe featured ahead of Luiz undeservedly, and he should also know he’s currently not at the level of either Rudiger or Luiz physically or even in terms of his ability to playmake. This isn’t the case of a coach victimizing a player (Conte vs Luiz) - this is a player who needs to step his game up. He stepped up in the Europa league final. I gave him a lot of grief these last 2 years but he’s earned some praise for that game - and in a final at that! We need to see that Christensen next season. Not the kid who featured under Conte regularly in key games and was found wanting.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I suspect one of the top priorities of Sarri (should he stay) will be to get the ball moving a lot quicker into the front three next season and, let’s face it, Hazard isn’t the best at moving himself into space or advancing the play quickly once he’s got possession because, quite frankly, he’s so bloody talented he knows he can create his own room and his own opportunities. I’d love to see the club get a direct player like Zaha and an experienced option like Mata on a free as well this summer - as long as we can sign players I mean. I believe that Kante is going to be even better next year in his current role, and Jorginho should improve as well but we’ve still got to get a third quality midfielder in there as well as a couple full backs.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    We will see about that. Very good player but the team philosophy will always be more effective. For starters, think we will become a much more direct team. Which, theoretically, should make us a lot more effective at breaking teams down.
  15. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    What a second half. Very pleased with everyone. Bit of a bittersweet moment, though, as I suspect this is goodbye to both Sarri and Hazard.