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  1. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Building from the back hasn't been that bad this season IMO. Tomori suffered a dip in form a bit but that's expected from the youngster. Overall, I think Jorginho has to come back as he is an easy out ball for the centre backs and we haven't looked any better without him. In fact, we have (expectedly IMO) looked worse. Azpili at LB also isn't working out. If Reece James stays at RB, then Emerson has to return and Azpili has to go to the bench.
  2. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Lamps spoke about that post-match today so it seems as though it will be worked on. Its a young side and it is clearly a process with them at the moment. Honestly the 3-1 flattered Everton IMO. Everton are regularly tough for us to beat at Goodison and then they fired the manager just a couple days before we played them so we should have expected a difficult game. We were always going to have a wobble but its actually individual errors that beat us today by the usual culprits.
  3. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Top athletes almost all have poor 6 month post-recovery spells after Achilles injuries. Its actually shown medically by studies. Its too easy to write him off at the moment. Let's see what he brings to the table next year. I dont think it will escape Frank that CHO is doing poorly at the moment. With the transfer ban lifted, maybe its time to shift him out on loan and bring in someone more ready to make an impact.
  4. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Christensen is just poor. I don't understand how he constantly gets games. He is sub-par in the air, average in terms of pace, average on the ball... time for an upgrade.
  5. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    Gritty performance. Well deserved 3 points. And with United beating Tottenham it means that we are just a bit safer in the top 4.
  6. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    Even without the transfer ban being overturned, I reckon the second half of the season should be something to look forward to this year. Rudiger comes back soon, eventually Loftus-Cheek as well, and Kante should finish the season strongly after having so much rest. And I don't think expectations at the club are huge this year either. I think a lot of people are just happy to see how this young core develops. Its better if the ban isn't over-turned as it gives Frank a full year free of external pressure and enough leeway to use these youngsters and give to them valuable experience without having to be questioned.
  7. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    James had a decent game overall but that was bad defending from him.
  8. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    Poor performance overall. can't blame Frank though I would have started Kante. We have to move on from this rut. Its beginning to sink in a bit now.
  9. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Easy to criticize Bats, but the minute we moved away from a possession game Bats was always going to struggle. This team's built to be on the front foot and IMO we've got to stick to that. Maybe Lamps is drawing on his experience with Ancelotti conceding midfield possession during games - I dont know.
  10. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Good god. Thank heavens for that point.
  11. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Really hanging on now.
  12. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Awful from bats. Trying to box the defender out, loses possession and valencia almost buries us.
  13. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Bats has been awful.
  14. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Jeez. Forgot about Tammy first half.
  15. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Have to take Reece James off and put on Pedro IMO. We need to get out of our half.