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  1. And I can't imagine that his relationship with Mourinho would have been great either as he was dire in the 2015-16 season and was one of the players who seemed especially bad that season. The only reason I can see him leaving is that there is a personal problem with the player and the club because I agree that I dont see any other reason why he would leave. And it seems as though the club wants to get rid of him rather quickly to be honest.
  2. Why can't we target a couple squad fillers now to make up the numbers... I mean, other than Sandro, are we really linked with anyone who would signficantly improve us? Why keep spending in this current transfer window for these highly overrated and expensive players available? We could use about 3 or 4 proven PL players IMO to make up some numbers in the squad. Probably 2 CMs and 1 or 2 forwards.. No reason that these can't be players from clubs like West Ham, Southampton etc. because let's face it they aren't going to get many games ahead of Kante, Fabregas and Bakayoko. And does anyone know what exactly happened to Matic and the club? I am not a huge fan of Matic, but surely he would have been a decent option to have for squad rotation purposes?!
  3. Great game to watch to be honest. I can see where Antonio Conte wants to take us and I just feel that the athleticism of Bakayoko in midfield and Luiz(playing from the start) would have done us wonders in this game. I also feel that we greatly missed having Pedro out there up front.
  4. Yes, definitely confused as to why people "promoted" Musonda when you consider what he has done thus far.
  5. Been a while since we have had a striker with his skillset and I can't help but feel that he will at the very least make us a lot more attractive in terms of going forward. I am very pleased to have him here and, though he doesnt possess the confidence of Romelu Lukaku, I can't help but grin that we got Morata instead as I think that Morata is by far the better player.
  6. Good to know that Conte is as concerned as he should be about the squad size. We have lost so many players over the last 12 months or so that even with the few signings we have made it is becoming increasingly difficult to expect a sustained push from this small squad in the 4 competitions we will be featuring in next season.
  7. I dont get your point. Is he wrong or not then? Because it seems pretty accurate to me.
  8. About right about everything here except the bit in bold. Sure, there are a few youth options but that in no way nullifies your point. An already thin squad which Conte didn't think could compete at the start of LAST season has gone on to lose Ivanovic, Oscar, Mikel, Terry, Ake, Begovic, Chalobah and sent Ruben Loftus Cheek out on loan.. Meanwhile we are also set to lose Matic and Costa as well! And who have we brought in? Kante, Luiz, Michy, Caballero, Alonso and Rudiger and we may or may not conclude deals for a couple others as well by the look of things. We are in serious danger next season IMO.
  9. The decision to piss Costa off looks dumber by the minute. Conte really needs to find a way to patch things up and get our PROVEN premier league scorer back in line. Any other profession, discarding one of your best employees on a whim and costing the company close to a hundred million to find a replacement while compromising your chances of success would raise quite a few eye brows from the higher ups and could potentially become a make or break move in your future. I'm no Lukaku fan and I wasnt necessarily keen to sign him for us but losing Costa without a striker of pedigree in the bag is not the brightest move.
  10. Sums it up really for most. As for myself, personally, I have been stuck at "I dont want us to sign him because he is overpriced" for a very long time.
  11. Not worth the hassle? 20 goals and more in each of 3 league title winning seasons in his career... You sure about that? Costa has his ups and downs like a lot of strikers - certainly no more than Lukaku,
  12. Can we just patch things up with Costa and save ourselves a hundred million pounds please? All the hate directed towards Costa, maybe its time that we accept perhaps Conte was wrong in how he approached things slightly as well.
  13. Squad management is a real problem this summer. We have identified a bunch of questionable players and seem to be negotiating Paul Pogba-like fees for them and are in the process of continuing the shipping out process that started some time now. This is a very worrying window based on the rumours I have read regarding player recruitment and sales.
  14. Agree to disagree then. We didn't feel the departures, IMO, because we didn't have as many games as we will this season.
  15. ??? We have lost Oscar, Ivanovic, Mikel, Jt and Begovic without so far announcing any deals all in a squad going to play a significant number of games more next season. And I am not even counting Costa who is apparently surplus to our requirements as well. Seems to me that we are setting ourselves up for a fall.