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  1. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    True, but if he keeps this up he soon will be. Goals win matches and, until Kovacic starts making meaningful contributions, I can’t see why Barkley should be behind him in the pecking order. Barkley may not be quite as refined as Kovacic technically, but Barkley does actually carry a significant attacking threat. Sarris post match interview was bang on the money. He definitely has a lot to think about. There is no shortage of options on his plate right now.
  2. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Their approach second half threw us off quite a bit. A fair result. It wouldn’t have felt deserved if they had won this game and good to see even someone like Paul Scholes pointing that out as well. I am seriously not sure what Sarri is seeing in Kovacic. A good player technically and disciplined defensively as well, but seriously he doesn’t impact the game whatsoever. Barkley is ahead of him now, IMO, and I really think Fabregas has to get back into the mix.
  3. Andreas Christensen

    The real question here is: did you watch any Chelsea games last season? Quite ludicrous to claim that Christensen was “brilliant” last season. Solid, yes (during the first half of the season at least). A better than expected first season for a guy who was supposed to be competing with Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger and Azpili - perhaps. But brilliant? Please don’t make yourself look silly. Also, can you point out who he would be replacing from Varane, Ramos, Pique, Umtiti, Kompany, Otamendi, Stones, Laporte or any other top team for that matter? Especially last season when RM won the UCL, France won the World Cup, Barca won the league and City walked the Prem. Has to be one of the most bizarre suggestions ever posted on this forum.
  4. Andreas Christensen

    I think the problem with Christensen was that the irrational manager we previously had dropped the far better player and excluded him from the squad in order to play him regularly - even as he constantly churned out 6/10 performances, he was never dropped. Then, he comes back this season and, instead of improving, he is still churning out 6/10 performances.
  5. Eden Hazard

    Honestly, Droy, I don’t think anyone particularly went in for Conte last summer. But if it is Conte, I reckon that would leave us in a stronger bargaining position with Hazard. Simple reason is that Hazard doesn’t seem hugely fond of either coach.. but if I moved, I’d atleast want to move to the guy who successfully motivated me to produce consistently over an entire season and win an individual award in the process.
  6. Eden Hazard

    Who are they going to hire? Perez stayed friends with Mou. Also, how is it that people forget that Mourinho actually was very successful at Madrid? That was Pep Guardiolas best ever Barcelona team Mourinho beat. Even ignoring all of that, Madrid will re-hire Jose for the same reason that United will think twice about seriously firing him - who is better around? Hazard should want to work with Jose again as well. Still the guy who coached him when he had his best ever season and won a PL title (this season may very well trump that season though).
  7. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    A good performance again. If this is the rate Hazard is going to continue to score under Sarri, then he would have to be an idiot to leave the club next year. Seriously, for the first time in his career, Hazard looks like a real leader by example. I think the inclusion of Barkley helped the team quite a lot because it definitely added an extra bit of attacking impetus to our play and that’s needed in these type of games. Look, teams like Southampton aren’t going to really challenge us in terms of our play and most games we just need a guy that can chip in with a bit of attacking threat himself. Doesn’t have to be Zidane like in his technique IMO. Honestly, sometimes it’s just a matter of passing the ball forward quicker without the extra 2-3 touches. Also very pleased for Morata. Can’t help but root for the guy because he does try so much. Really hope he pushes on after the international break. Missed a sitter again but in fairness to him he did do most of the work that made the chance a sitter.
  8. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    Morata missed maybe 3 first half chances against Vidi all of which were pretty clear cut. Still, it seems clear to me that Sarris Chelsea are gonna struggle to get goals. Overall contribution to play isn’t that big a deal for us IMO. As long as Giroud doesn’t start scoring then the search has to go on I’m afraid. Id kill for a 15 goal striker right about now - nevermind a 20 or 30 goal striker.
  9. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    I don’t think anyone should care a whole lot about the performance levels in this match. We won - that’s the important thing. The big game is on Sunday for me. Maybe Morata scores a brace and we have suddenly got a striker back in form.
  10. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I think that you need to stop being so emotional about this whole thing. You think the midfield is perfect. That’s great. I don’t. You think that we handled them quite well in that second half. Again, I don’t. The facts are there for anyone who wants to rewatch the second half on TV as they post the stats during the game regularly. The second half we were in our own half for long periods, the stats showed DURING THE MATCH that they had 60% odd possession, they had more attempts on goal, and then by the 88th minute the stats posted showed they had more passes than us as well. Is that so mind boggling for you to comprehend? Now, you can say maybe we wanted to drop deeper in that second half and catch them on the counter which is fine - except that’s not really keeping in line with Sarri’s style, is it? There is also the fairly obvious reactionary move he made to bring on Barkley which, again, suggests that Sarri wanted us to take a bit more initiative. I am not quite understanding the confusion either about us having the better first half as I thought that was pretty obvious. There are some clear problems in Kovacic’s game and if there weren’t any I would be shocked as this was a guy who didn’t exactly impress a whole lot at RM either. I can understand why Sarri picks him though, as the concept behind his inclusion is theoretically sound - he is defensively disciplined and he is technically gifted. But he hasn’t been exactly setting the world alight in the attacking third, has he? And then if he isn’t great going forward, and Kante isn't great going forward, and Jorginho isn’t great going forward then....??? Your confusion is confusing to me.
  11. He seems like a really straight forward guy. People like that are usually great leaders to work for. SAF for instance seemed like a really straight forward coach to play for as well. There are a lot of coaches out there who seem to get ahead of themselves quite a bit but Sarri seems so low key, so clear in his ideas that he’s able to translate it to the players and implement it so quickly. Its yet to be seen if Sarri is going to be successful but he is certainly doing great work thus far.
  12. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Yeah. The stats I saw during the game said the second half they had 65% of possession and had racked up 581 passes compared to our 521 passes during the game.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I’m pretty sure the stats that they showed on Tv said they did as well in that second half. Not that it wasn’t plainly obvious while watching the second half of course.
  14. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Was it really?? We conceded most of the second half to Liverpool and could have conceded 3 goals before Sturridge struck. Liverpool outpassed us as well. Second half they played how they wanted to. I am not saying that Fabregas should have started but he at the very least should have featured IMO.
  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Neither from me. Maybe it’s the neat but pointless dribbles people like to see...? I am assuming anyway. If you’re iniesta and at the end of the dribble you create loads of space and then get the ball advanced well ok I’ll gladly commend you. If all you’re doing is using up time on the ball instead of getting rid of it quickly enough then, sorry, it’s about time you lose your starting spot IMO. Certainly we have a player who can destroy a team leaving as many holes as Liverpool did - and that guy never made it onto the pitch today.
  16. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Azpili looks genuinely lost at RB IMO. Maybe it’s all those years playing LB then RCB but he struggled at RB before in his career. A big concern of switching to a back 4 from a 5 was how Alonso, Luiz and Azpili would cope and you would have to say that Alonso and Luiz have adapted well but Azpili really is at sea at the moment.
  17. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I think that we weren’t as good as midweek definitely. Midfield lost its way in the second half and we completely conceded all possession after starting very brightly. Hazard should have buried the game but missed. I think the midfield lacks impetus a bit. Jorginho and Kante are great players but we do need a bit more in terms of creativity. We badly missed Fabregas at least coming on as a sub IMO. I expected Azpili to suck at RB because he has never been a great RB, but he is so bad right now that he is droppable. That needs to be addressed IMO.
  18. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Fair enough. IMO they outfoxed a tactically poor Pep Guardiola, scraped past Roma and got beaten by Real Madrid pretty comprehensively and a lot of pundits seem to be basing everything on that. They were quite poor in the league with a guy that bagged over 30 odd goals. None of their current signings have been impactful either - Fabinho's on the bench, Keita doesnt seem to be in form, and Shaqiri isn't setting the world alight either. They're a good side - I'm not saying no, but I wouldn't say they look like a great side and I'm not so sure if on days when Sarri's methods come off that they are a side that necessarily will be able to beat another side that plays that sort of game.
  19. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Liverpool can press all they want. If we continue to keep the ball as we did for much of the game on Wednesday they are going to be living on scraps. And they are nowhere near as good or as deadly as people make them out to be IMO. Last season they had a guy bag ? 40 plus goals and this year he’s been largely quiet. Beating a team that plays like Sarris when it comes off is no easy thing to do. Against deeper teams we struggle, but Klopp doesn’t want to sit deep, does he? At least not intentionally.
  20. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    This post hits the nail directly on the head for me. Especially the bolded bit.
  21. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    My point is Nobly, and has been from the start, that YOU need to see more of these youngsters. The coaches are already seeing them... regardless of whatever point you think Jody Morris was making. I give up tbh. If you need to see more of Hudson-Odoi or those kids to realize that they aren’t seriously better options RIGHT NOW then fair play to you. Frank Lampard spoke of how well the loan system works in his prematch conference vs United and I totally agree. It really does help to separate the De Bruynes and Lukakus and Salahs and Sturridges from the countless others we send on loans (Kakutas, Mceachrans, Manciennes, Sinclairs, Di Santos, and the Musondas of the years gone by) and they can’t secure regular starting spots or contribute significantly in terms of performances. Maybe you’re right and Hudson Odoi will be the next Rashford at least (a serious squad option at a top club). I genuinely applaud your optimism.
  22. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    I agree. But Liverpool at Anfield wasn’t one of the weaker sides and, ultimately, it would have done the youngsters more harm than good to get knocked out. Certainly Liverpool played one of their strongest sides. How are things working out for that Solanke fella who left us because he was better off at another club....
  23. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Firstly, Hudson Odoi hasnt featured AT ALL since pre-season IIRC and Barkley on the other hand is a guy with years of starting experience in the Premier League and has actually done a decent job (blinkers from some aside) this season when selected. If you want hard evidence that one is better than the other then I would think the numbers would give you that....? One has managed to make his way into the starting 11 for a top club this season and one hasn't. Unless you really believe there is some genuine bias against youth at this club. Secondly, who is Bakayoko again? Because RLC isn't competing against him right now, is he? He's competing against Fabregas, Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic and Barkley. I dont particulary care what happened under Conte last season because he actually did show blatantly a few times that he held personal grudges against players. Thirdly, you seem rather dismissive of some very bright older talents taht we have. In fact, I'm a little bit offended that you should talk about ACTUAL Chelsea players in that tone.
  24. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    But you are the one posting this nonsensical view. And you seem to genuinely believe this as well. Each and every player listed has a perfectly valid reason behind their exclusion. But no.. let’s freely regurgitate the point Jody makes and complain that players who are blatantly inferior in some way aren’t given an opportunity to show what the coaches seem to usually know already. You seem to think that this competition should be used solely to introduce the youth teamers. Introduce them to what? Hudson odoi and Ampadu are indeed talents. Ruben Loftus-Cheek cheek as well. Nobody is denying that, but that shouldn’t automatically guarantee them a place on the bench or the starting 11 in cup games. Not when other superior players are also short of game time (Emerson, Barkley, Moses, Fabregas, Cahill). And if we get knocked out at Anfield tonight, when else are they going to feature by the way?
  25. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Didn’t Antonio last year favour Christensen ahead of better options like Luiz and Rudiger ? How did that work out for him? Crucial errors against a very beatable Barcelona team IIRC.. Why is it suddenly necessary for players to play in the first 11 for us to know that they aren’t good enough? I am guessing that Sarri is seeing in training what most people didn’t see most of last season when Christensen did feature - that he should rightfully be behind the better players. And that goes for the other potential first teamers as well I would imagine. Ampadu is good but who should he replace? Who should Hudson Odoi replace? I sincerely doubt that Sarri has to start these players to know that they aren’t even on the same level as the rest of the squad.