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  1. To me, the captain has to be a leader by example. I would give it to Hazard, but I dont think he would be particularly keen on that role. Think the other options are Azpili and Luiz.
  2. All we can do now is move on. Costa leaves a winner IF he leaves but we need a striker now who can offer to us the same standard and consistency. Good luck to Conte. Ballsy call if true. Lukaku? Not convinced.
  3. Caught the repeat of the game. Saw it having heard the result hours before. Personally, I dont think we were as bad as some are saying. Arsenal were definitely sharper than us though - quicker and more aggressive. I'm not too depressed to be honest. The league title meant a whole lot more to me...
  4. Yeah.. Potential double winners with Champions League football on the menu for next year. What a failure he has been. By all means lets focus on the league position when he openly stated for quite a while that he couldnt be bothered about the league results. Pragmatic and disrespectful to the league? Perhaps. A failure? Then what would you call Pochettino, Klopp, Guardiola and Wenger?
  5. And this is going to be the difficult part. The team that we used to have were seasoned European performers with a manager that had conquered Europe. It will be interesting to see if Conte can mould this team into European performers. He will certainly require quite a bit of backing from the club because he isn't exactly a UCL winner as a coach or has convincing experience as a manager in the UCL.
  6. Like Bamford before them, I dont believe for one second that the likes of Abraham or Traore have any sort of meaningful contribution to make at a club like Chelsea at the highest level. Why should we put our faith in Bathshuayi if Conte himself has not shown any indication thus far that he believes that bathshuayi is a reasonable back up option? Is it our plan to deliberately screw both player and manager over? Also, Morata would hardly be a knee jerk given that Conte has reportedly been an admirer of him for quite a while.
  7. I reckon Conte's gonna make big changes if his recent comments are anything to go on regarding the demands on the squad and what its suited to. I honestly dont believe that RM will allow Morata to leave anymore and so I guess Lukaku may be the only available option... I am not pleased about that one bit. I would love if we can bag a quality box to box midfielder and add some pace to the LWB position and LCB positions as well.
  8. The thing is that we have looked so convincing hitting the home stretch. Even our defensive record improved these last few games with clean sheets. We had a genuine challenger as well this year in Tottenham. I really wont expect any collapse next season because the signs predicting the collapse were patently obvious during the second half of our last title winning season under Jose. I am well pleased for Conte. I was very skeptical regarding his ability early on and he has proven me wrong every time I began to question him. He is so adaptable... Its difficult thinking of a situation demanding a solution that he wouldnt think of.
  9. 2 trophies and Champions league football after his first season would hardly qualify as losing it. That would be a better performance this season than every manager in England except Antonio Conte to be perfectly honest. But he is clearly judged using a completely different yard stick, isn't he? It says a whole lot about the work he has done in his relatively short career that another season of trophies can be frowned upon IMO.
  10. Fabregas MOTM. Utterly dominant performance from him.
  11. +1
  12. Great game from us IMO. This is a proper title race and it deserved that performance from us. We were absolute class I thought. Everyone worked so hard.
  13. Worse than DD post Mourinho 07?? Constantly flirted with the idea of a return to Marseille - never materialized and look at the number of trophies he helped bring to us. I challenge you to present a great CF that doesnt have an ego problem. Eto'o, DD, Henry, RvN... The list goes on and on.
  14. The second Diego Costa goal smacks of a guy who has regained his confidence. Thank heavens.. He has received some very harsh criticism from a fair few people on here. Some of it deserved. I think the lack of height in our back line has shown this year. Teams bombard us with crosses and balls into the box and we have never looked as insecure as we have looked this second half of the season IMO. We will do well to add some height into that backline this summer. Another game that Cesc features and another game that we look full of ideas when in possession. He has had a fair few fantastic performances and has flown comfortably under the radar this season.
  15. He has got a great chance of grabbing third place AND winning a double of some sort in his first season at United. Third place would be some achievement with that awful United squad IMO, and the trophies would put him firmly ahead (performance wise) of Guardiola, Klopp, Wenger and Pochettino... Which is about right IMO.
  16. Personally, I would have gone for Hazard or Luiz. Kante has also been good though - I would rank him alongside Azpili and Teebo definitely. Fabregas has also been utterly brilliant whenever he has featured.
  17. Wow... Has he even been our best player this season though?
  18. I just hope that we start Fabregas in this game. We really do need to start games on the front foot from here on end. Having the added protection that Matic supposedly provides is great and all, but we have got to start moving the ball with greater speed and intent - and we desperately need to start pushing higher up the field and supporting our forwards. We have looked so sloppy in possession recently...
  19. Yeah definitely a piece of real quality from Kane. Ake seemed very comfortable overall and I hope that he has earned another appearance at least. I also thought that Batshuayi had a very decent first half and was quite useful in possession. Genuinely hoping that he pushes on as well to be honest.
  20. Utter determination to overcome adversity. Well pleased. Well done to Conte! The double sub really showed a touch of genius about it. For much of that match Spurs controlled us and I have to admit that I thought Matic, Pedro and even Willian were poor but three crucial goals came from those players. No complaints really. Really wish people would shut up about Costa.. can't a player suffer a dip in form anymore?
  21. A week to get back to basics. Spurs are the most complete team in the league and yes I do view us as the underdogs. But we have beaten them before this season and they have a strong history of choking at crucial moments. Let this be one of those moments..
  22. Think you need to get to terms with the difference between a first 11 and a squad. I am not going to even try to help you with that. As a first 11, if you genuinely think we have a poor team then I am not sure how to respond to that. And dont even begin to use that crap "money spent" retort. They spent the vast majority of their budget on one player... Hardly building a squad is it?
  23. Oh please. United will be tied on points for a position in the top 4 if they win their games in hand... Hardly the worst performance for a team that is CLEARLY deficient in a number of areas. Just as much that you would try to justify the crap you post about him. Can you really expect United to compete with a team that is as well put together as Chelsea(on form) and tottenham over the last couple years under pochettino? Please..
  24. Can we please please pleaaassee end this discussion that Mourinho has suddenly become a crap manager? Pretty blatantly nullified our entire team with such ease. This would have happened in that FA cup game as well had it not been for the sending off. Our title hopes still lie in our hands. Its entirely down to us if we end up throwing it away.
  25. Agree to disagree then. Other than the Hazard chance which he created all by himself I am struggling to recall another opportunity we fashioned. To not acknowledge the huge impact the sending off had on their game plan, IMO, would be very unfair to them.