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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Didn't say that Conte wasn't involved.. I'm just saying that he isn't solely to blame. Too many things have occurred since his departure for me to come to that sort of a conclusion. Besides, if the manager wanted Lukaku, and he ended up with Morata instead.... how do you explain that? As I said, let's see if the club backs SFL before we go about giving the board another free pass. The squad is crying out for reinforcements. They've identified Nick Pope supposedly but he's the only player statistically worse than Kepa. And they brought in Kepa themselves! Plus we need a left back after recently purchasing both Alonso and Emerson. Then there's CF and Cavani might be available at reasonable cost (in today's market). So many opportunities are around but the club might choose to trick the fans into thinking they are looking for "value".... This after they purchased Kepa, Lukaku, Emerson, Alonso, Drinkwater, Bakayoko and others in recent windows and this after posting a huge loss AND doing enough to suffer a transfer ban. A lot of people would be looking at tendering their resignations after such performances in the real world. All I'm saying is, let's see what they do moving forward. There are some options available to reinforce the squad now and galvanize us heading towards the business end of the season. Sure its difficult, but that's their jobs with all due respect to them. You've just got to look at the Lakers to see how big a difference a change in board management can make in 1 or 2 windows. They've gone from a non-playoff team for years to leading the Western Conference in the NBA. I refuse to believe its that difficult either. We've got a decent manager, a decent squad of players to build on, we're already sitting in a Champions League spot, and the competition looks awful. It is a matter of getting 5 or 6 quality additions to this squad over a 2-window period IMO. This is where the board comes in. This is where they are supposed to earn that money they get paid. There is no point in harping on about Conte all the time and the damage he may/may not have done.. The guy brought home 2 huge trophies in 2 seasons and looks good money to make Inter a competitor again for years.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    After racking up 2 major trophies in 2 seasons? Unfair on Antonio IMO. Before blaming Conte for everything, now that he is long gone (and doing very well once again I might add), I would first like to see us make some progress under the board members who remained. There are plenty deficiencies in the current squad (GK, CB, LB, AM, RW, CF#2).. Let's see the likes of Marina patch some of these glaring holes before she escapes blame.
  3. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Hopefully United dont fire OGS now... He really is the only thing keeping in the top 4.
  4. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    I suspect that drop off in intensity has very little to do with Lampard. That has been a key issue for us for a while now IMO - stamina. I remember having a discussion with you a year ago about it. That intensity, you can coach it during training but its very hard to maintain over 90 mins week in week out.
  5. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Last year, people looked similarly hopeless and out of sorts. I'm not saying a recovery is likely as we didn't recover under Conte once we hit the skids and neither did we recover under Mourinho couple seasons before that. But it is still possible. I would be a lot more worried if United or Tottenham looked better but they look horrible as well.
  6. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Last year we had a tough spell too around this time and lost 6-0 at City. Sarri and the club got their ducks in a row and we went on to finish top 4 AND win a trophy. There is no reason why we can't do the same this season as well. Disappointed as everyone tonight. But we are still in control of our own faith this season.
  7. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Not good enough from everyone involved. The club has to take a long hard look at itself.
  8. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    The covering midfielder was caught scrambling on his ass on a breakaway following a corner. Only one player to blame for that situation.
  9. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    My thoughts exactly. The one midfielder who was actually getting the ball into the attacking areas is off.
  10. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Starting to get really scared for SFL... This team doesn't look positive at all.
  11. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Deserved. They looked very settled. Kante with another hand in head moment.
  12. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Either Arsenal have adjusted really well or we don't know how to play against 10 men. Because Arsenal look good and we look incredibly clueless right now IMO.
  13. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    2 blatant handballs already this half.
  14. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Again, disagree with this idea that Kante was supposedly no worse than the rest of the team. Sure, Mount had a tough first half but otherwise we dominated them in terms of possession and we did create a few chances. The issues with Kante stem from before the Newcastle game. He has been sticking out like a sore thumb for a long while now. And we have looked better without him.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    From a career point of view for him, Chelsea would be the better move for him. Who gets dropped/rotated at Liverpool for him? If he goes there, I hope he's happy watching games from the bench because he is going there as a squad player.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Cavani comes, Giroud goes and Bats features less I would be all for this move. Mainly because he wont be around long enough to hinder Tammy and could be a useful option in rotation. But we're also short in the attacking positions as well...
  17. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    When Barkley came on he got the ball and moved it very quickly and the play improved even more. In Kante's present form, and even Mount who has his inconsistencies, Kovacic and Barkley should be involved a lot more IMO. It is not even about if Barkley is "good enough".. Its about if the current first choice players are living up to their reputations. And they aren't. Under Mourinho, there was a time when we had untouchables and he would play them regardless of their individual performances solely because collectively the group functioned and they kept consistently picking up points. That's not the case with any of this group, and hasn't been the case for years. We haven't had a consistent season since Conte's first.
  18. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    The player himself stated that Sarri allowed him much more attacking involvement. The coach also confirmed this. Maybe your interpretation of his role under Conte (and at Leicester) was in the attacking third but that would be off the mark by some distance. The fact is that you are basing your opinion of his efficacy on 2 moments he had in the first half. Mount was rightly criticized in the first half, but after the break he and Willian were heavily involved in everything we were doing positive. In contrast, Kante got the ball and the play broke down time and time again. Are you saying that Sarri didn't change his role with us.....?
  19. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Its been almost 2 years of Kante "box to box"... he has had bright spells, but its been for the most part average otherwise. He hasn't put together the numbers to support any consideration of him in that role - and he has had ample opportunity to do so. He's 28 going on 29 soon - he's not going to get any better either. He is physically and technically gifted enough to do a job in just about any role I would imagine but he shouldn't be a starter in his present state.
  20. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Drogba was an excellent player when he came to us - not arguing with that. But Drogba earned his reputation as the best from 2006 to 2010 - those were his prime years. When comparing Tammy now, Tammy evidently has a lot to work with. But Drogba came here and could afford to compete with the likes of Crespo, Shevchenko, Pizarro, Anelka and Torres and thrive because he was already at a certain level. Tammy, right now, is still learning his trade - still learning the tests of a season at the highest level as the main guy with expectations on his shoulders. Tammy could probably take on the challenge from now, but there is still a huge risk that he is not ready for that. Let the kid be the main guy leading the line for a club juggling the league with the UCL knockouts and FA cup advanced stages for a year before we start expecting him to be the next Didier Drogba.
  21. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Serious question - what were your expectations of us heading into this season? It seems you are basing everything on that.
  22. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Are we talking about DD from his prime or DD when he first came over here? Because either way we are comparing Tammy to a guy who was much more seasoned and experienced playing under the best manager at the time with world-class players supplying him to his strengths. I take your point but Tammy is basically learning his trade at the moment. He is at a really delicate place right now and competition could really hurt his development IMO. The club has to be patient with all these boys. At the very least, next year we are looking at 6 really useful squad players if they drop off - acquired for free.
  23. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Still not as terrible as some are saying we were. The game today was a smash and grab by Newcastle 110%. During the game they had nothing going on all game whereas we got into some really good positions only to **** it all up through sheer lack of quality.
  24. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    He doesn't have a time machine to jump back in time when the competition was better and manage Chelsea then.
  25. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    You mean besides staying in front of the competition in a top 4 place after losing Hazard, dealing with a transfer ban, and filtering in the youth teamers....? What about important victories away to Spurs and Arsenal as well? Nope. Nothing there apparently.