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  1. Told you so
  2. I suspect the timing of conte's new contract announcement isn't a coincidence. It had been mooted that he wanted sufficient backing in the market? Is him signing a result of us concluding some key deals? The optimist in me thinks we'll get confirmations of signings by the end of the weekend.
  3. Didn't he go to palace and then get injured and was out for the rest of the season?
  4. Apparently you're the only one who thinks that going by the last few pages. :p
  5. I do wonder how some of you get out of bed in the morning... Could we go the rest of the transfer window without signing another player, possibly. However obsessing and 'panicking' over the possibility is pointless. What's the worst that could happen, we get relegated? Unlikely. We don't win the league? A distinct possibility given that we've won it 3 times in the last ten years. We don't win anything? Again a'd think half of you haven't lived through the lean years and I know that isn't the case. The season and games are going to be stressful enough to watch, I don't get why you'd want to compound that during the off-season. I remember when transfer windows use to be it's simply a cesspit for stress, depression and fans arguing with each other. We don't know how active or inactive the club are being but I can only hope they are attempting to strengthen and not weaken the side, so I'm just going to sit back and await the signings/non-signings. Just my 2p.
  6. He's been rubbish.
  7. Sigh one of those days
  8. OMG Costa f off how did you miss that
  9. He's gone off the boil massively since all the rumours in Jan. Just doesn't look on it.
  10. jesus great save, our defending has been so poor. Cahill is atrocious.
  11. why the hell didn't diego head that, he's been so poor of late.
  12. We've been much the better team, sloppy defending and luck for palace are the main reasons we're not winning. Could be one of those days. Frustrating! Hazard has been incredible, Matic/Cahill have been really poor.
  13. Blatant fking handball there
  14. Matic/Willian have been really poor.