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  1. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    If the city/liverpool game has shown me anything it's that we're badly missing a player with some genuine dribbling and bravery to take a man on. Pulisic is probably the only player in the squad capable of it (I use to think hudson odoi would be that too but he's not really). Before that hazard probably the last player we had (I'm not suggesting we need to find somebody at that level!). It's clear we are lacking that, hell tuchel has alluded to it a few times about lacking bravery and missing the opportunities to transition quickly, will somebody else step up?
  2. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    No doubt me too that being said I thought he was one of the bright spots at juve for his cameo.
  3. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Made you look a bit silly there with that pass for the goal.
  4. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Shots on target is not the metric for chances created just because our lot can't finish.. That being said wernerrr!!!
  5. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Was going to say we've created loads and should be out of sight.
  6. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    Oh well on to the next one. I'm not fussed it's early days of the season we will be fine. I'd rather have a form dip now than later in the season. Everyone wrote city off after their rough start last season.
  7. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Not really tbh, as they say the best ability is availability and if you're constantly injured you're never going to get a consistent run in the team. It's a shame as he's still young and a genuine talent but can't help but feel frustrated.
  8. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Just got back from the game. City were the better team but we made it easy for them the amount of second balls we didn't challenge them at all made it incredibly easy for them to play out whilst they double manned us every time. City looked like a team who had a day extra to prep and plan for the game as well. Bad day at the office but early days. Move and learn what we can from it.
  9. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    Mount has been rubbish should really be off and give werner a run out.
  10. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    Lukaku has been in great positions time and time again and the final pass by the three behind has been woeful.
  11. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    Is mount getting a free pass as well been just as poor as ziyech.
  12. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    He rarely ever gets his head up. He's still young so may develop his raw talent but I have to say he looks really average most of the time and never impresses me much when he does play. Though let's see now he's playing further forward.
  13. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Needed that now get a third and put game to bed
  14. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    It isn't the defence the two in front are not protecting at all and saul has been guilty of two or three terrible moments that could have easily been punished
  15. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Was about to say some very sloppy passes and generally expecting far more time on the ball than he will get. Will learn in time but he might get slung at half time if he carries on like this.
  16. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    I was never fully on board with lukaku as a signing but I'm willing to give him more than the two games he's had (the first of which he was admittedly dominant although against a poor side) before I pass any judgement. It at least seems that some fans would quite happily see him fail just to say 'told you so we should have bought Haaland' or some other unattainable flavour of the month. How about we support our players and hope that they flourish...maybe that's too much of a novel idea. I actually thought he did reasonably well today given the circumstances and hopefully as the system beds in and he gets use to the play that we reap the rewards.
  17. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    That feels like a win
  18. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Mount is really annoying me with his decision making today.
  19. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    The lack of composure by our players is playing into this though. Mount most guilty so far.
  20. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    The reality is even if we lose its not the end of the world we look the better team 11v11 and over the course of a season I think we will be the better side
  21. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Such bull...taylor has screwed us multiple times
  22. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Some better decisions in final third and we are probably 2 or 3 up Taylor is also a bloody terrible ref
  23. I think this is true too, he does seem to have more confidence in his abilities. I also agree at United he looked a physical mess but still didn't put himself about much and even earlier on when he was at Everton and in much better shape he still didn't really utilise his physical attributes in his game as much as he should have. I'd say we have Conte and his conditioning team to thank!