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  1. Gael Kakuta

    Signed a new contract, Official: http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2248991,00.html
  2. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Hold on, of course the financial stability has changed. Beforehand Roman could recall those debts, which we would have to repay. Which he may well have done if he sold the club. To say that getting rid of a debt that may have to be paid at any time isn't financially stabilizing is plain foolish.
  3. Gael Kakuta

    Overbo's bonus pension of course. Different treatment for Chelsea as usual, disappointed and sorry if this has been answered but what about Di Santo? Will he be able to come back in January or will that require "registering" him?
  4. Ashley Cole

    One of our best signings under Roman, really happy with this.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I hate the way the NOTW are trying to make it seem Chelsea are at fault, despite all the quotes saying the Arabs started attacking the players :S
  6. About The Match Day Forums

    Just for clarification, if someone finds a particularly good stream is it ok to post it in the Stream Information thread? Or is this disallowed due to legal reasons?
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Spuds just beat the Scousers 2-1. Good job Harry.
  8. Didier Drogba

    You're crazy, go watch any post-group stage match in the Champions League involving Drogba and then come back and apologize to everyone.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Agreed, seeing the voters would be very helpful. Especially in match threads to see who voted for the player that came on 30 seconds before the end.
  10. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Ji-Sung scores. Would like to see United in the final just for sheer revenge ;)
  11. Didier Drogba

    What'd he say?
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Arsenal winning 4-3 against the Scouse. Arshavin has scored 4, looks like we missed a real gem there. Edit: 4-4 Benayoun equalizes :(
  13. Salomon Kalou

    Think it's true, whenever he joined his contract was until 2009 and I haven't heard any mention of him signing a new contract.
  14. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    All English semi finals would be absolutely hilarious if the draws work out and they all win.
  15. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Arsenal win :(
  16. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Totti scores and takes it to sudden death.
  17. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Roma get their first penalty, RVP to take next one for Arsenal.
  18. Salomon Kalou

    We'd be making a huge mistake by selling him to Arsenal, with our luck he'd go there and turn into a young Henry the next day.
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Is there any highlights about? Would be incredibly grateful if anyone could direct me to any :D
  20. Didier Drogba

    In the league he's scored 11 goals in 16 appearances most of which have been on the left wing... What more do you want him to do? I think if we had got him in the summer we'd been sitting at the top of the league with at least a 3 point buffer zone. [/offtopic] I can't see Drogba going to City, I'd take 16+m for him in the summer and then bring in Robinho as a replacement.
  21. New Kits

    I think they'll keep our current kit for at least another season, they usually change every 2 seasons. The designs you made are quite nice though, I quite like the second one down on the left.
  22. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Roman is a blue now, I can't see him selling the club unless it was a dire situation.
  23. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Jose to knock out United, Raneri back to the bridge.
  24. Didier Drogba

    Drogba giving 100% was a joy to watch. If he was to do this every match he's practically guaranteed the unconditional love of every single Chelsea fan in the next several million centuries.
  25. Salomon Kalou

    I really like Kalou but I think he'll never amount to more than a decent player. If we're bringing in someone in January maybe we should sell him for that price.