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  1. He barely even got 10 minutes for Gods sake. How can anyone judge him on today?

    Mata had a shocker tonight, should he be sold?

    Don't think we're judging him on tonight. He's got lots off talent no doubt and might still come good but there's also the risk that his prime is over and he's simply not compatible with our team. It's tough to weight it up but a reasonable fee would certainly be tempting

  2. No disrespect aimed at you mate. Either you sent a link wherein the interview he said "either this year or next year clearly". So there is little point in comparing notes about his being ready for first team action. Secondly when asked a question about Josh boy, what was he expected to say? naa he needs another 4 seasons or so and needs to improve on the necessary technique and vision. Nothing to see here really.

    He didn't say "either this year or next year" he said he expects him to be through this season and next season. This is Josh's year, I can see him getting a good run in the first team.

  3. Am I the only one thinks the numbers in that article dont make sense:

    Fernando Torres is already king of the shirt sales – outselling his ­Liverpool replacement Andy Carroll by 250 jerseys to one

    Luis Suarez, are 380% more popular than Carroll replicas, but are still trailing behind Chelsea’s Spanish signing by 30 to one

    if suarez tops are 380% more popular that means thre 380 to each 1 carroll jersey. Which would be higher than Torres 250 to every one carroll jersey.

    "380% more popular" - 3.8x, that's 3.8 Suarez for every Caroll shirt. The maths is still a bit off though, figures aren't completely accurate.