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  1. As an overseas member I've been looking on the ticket page on the CFC website for some years and the sight of 'sold out' is actually the most common in the days before the game. For years I've been attending minor games because the big ones are always scheduled on sundays and even those games were always sold out. Still I'd rather have that than large empty patches on a 60k or more stadium. And maybe even larger, considering the amount of tourists going to SW6 only because of its central position. And the ticket prices are among the highest in the world, only Barcelona in the Continent can match them; Manchester is cheaper and Germany is nowhere near. I think that the maximum expansion allowed at Stamford Bridge would do just fine. Too many people take the fact that this is not possible as the Gospel. I don't think we actually need to reach 60k but by knocking down MHL and Shed (together with Museum, to be rebuilt elsewhere, and those silly hotels) and rebuild them with more or less the same design and angle of the East Stand we would make a nice, compact and even stadium that would reach the 50-55k figure easily. And if in the future standing would be reintroduced (at least for the lower tiers) by using the 'safe standing' railings that are used now in Germany (what happened to the nationwide campaign in favor of it?) then we could add some extra thousands, and with no need to lower the prices: people would be happy to pay the same price to have this old habit back. Can't believe this would be more expensive than building a whole new stadium from scratch. I don't buy it. If they would eventually decide for a move I would consider no other option than Earls Court, in presence of a detailed plan for a real, iconic football ground, possibly with tierless 'vocal' areas.
  2. A few considerations: 1) the club is wrong in asking the CPO to blindly handle them their shares. Their plans are too vague: first the should pick an area they believe in and show us an executive project, with pictures, 3D models, renderings... you don't need to own the site to think about how it's gonna look. Tottenham presented a plan about the stadium to be built on the site of the Olympic stadium without having any rights to that site, and so do a lot of clubs that have plans to move away from their current ground. By doing so I guess it would would be much easier for the Club to convince the CPO. If the plans are good. 2) The main fear is to move to a soulless ground in an area that would necessarily have much less atmosphere than our current. The site we are in is part of the Soul of Chelsea FC, which is born BECAUSE of Stamford Bridge and not the other way around. The area did a lot for the club in the past, contributing to its allure (King's Road, Swinging London... something playing a major role even to this day) and it would be a shame to leave it by moving south of the river (Wandsworth, brrrrrr....) or, even worse, further west to White City, next to QPR. Personally I could live with the idea of moving to Earl's Court. 3) I'm not too sure that the expansion of the Bridge has been taken in very serious consideration. The site used to host a much larger ground back in the days, and even with a Greyhound track around the pitch! The only buildings getting in the way are the Museum by the MHL and the hotels by the Shed End. I don't think we would need to enlarge the East and West stand, it would be enough to make the MHL and Shed even with the West Stand, at the expense of the Museum (if necessary) and the hotels (unavoidable). I can't believe that the costs would be higher than building a new stadium from scratch. Building a stadium is an enormous enterprise, involving hundreds of millions of £. Or is their main aim to sell the Stamford Bridge ground, after all one of the most sought after IN THE WHOLE WORLD? And why not seriously start thinking about making Shed and MHL (at least the lower ones) 'standing only' again, by using the 'safe standing' railings that are now in use in Germany? What happened to the nationwide campaign that had been announced some time ago? That's all for now...
  3. Musical Tastes

    Maybe you would have more luck with West Ham fans. Iron Maiden's Mick Harris always plays with a claret and blue wristband and had songs like 'Up the Hammers' or something like that in the early days. Maybe the folks over there would have some more recognition. Chelsea had Suggs and Woody from Madness, half Sex Pistols, half Depeche Mode... and Combat 84 (...)! So we miss a key figure in the metal world. At least I hope Rob Halford from Judas Priest is not one of us. Somebody would suggest he's a 'rent boy' the way he dresses up. And not just for that btw...