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  1. Of course we would. Who'd have thought that Ronaldo's penalty would have been saved? Not me, for one. Who's to say that Drogba's wouldn't have been? Not me and not you.
  2. I spent £2.2k plus three days' without pay. I'm over it. Drogba didn't cost us the game at all. We had chances to win it in the 90, then more chances in the extra 30. It makes me laugh, reading all the anti-Drogba cr@p on here, then those same people cheering like mad, as they did against Cluj.
  3. I'm sure Carly would rather you spent the night with Esther, too. Oh, and Joe Cole is no oil painting, Ken. Perhaps he knew when to stick.
  4. If you're going to pick holes (and I agree with you, by the way) then you could at least make sure you've used "you're not texting...." (is 'to text' really a verb?) instead of "your not texting....". It would add weight to your argument if you used proper English. Capitals and punctuation would also help your cause.
  5. I hope you mean conDEMN, and not conDONE! Drogba should get what Carragher got, which was a 3 match ban, wasn't it? Nice of the PFA chief Gordon Taylor to come out and say so, though. I don't recall him expressing the same sentiment in the Carragher case, though. Is my memory selective? Scaping, hear hear.
  6. I've been umming and aahing about this for a while and was almost ready to vote "Not sure" but last night's performance swayed it for me. I vote an emphatic "No". Don't get me wrong, it's good business sense, as it was (even more so) to sell Robben but who could we buy to fill the guy's boots?
  7. Wasn't Terry, among others, cited as being 'drunk and disrespectful' or something like that, soon after 9/11? Perhaps this could be the reason?
  8. With you on this, though. Definitely up for it, was Didi. James. where were you watching from?
  9. I haven't seen it but most of my Chelsea-hating friends say it was harsh, especially compared to Joe Cole's effort on Ronaldo. Also, I haven't noticed any "Stamp out diving" campaign after Saha's 9.9 in the box.
  10. John Obi Mikel's appeal against his red card at Old Trafford has failed and his three match ban is upheld. He will miss the games against Hull City, Fulham and Bolton Wanderers. Read about it on TOCFCW, here.
  11. Are we Barca in disguise?
  12. Need a contribution?
  13. James, calm down. It's affecting your writing. Fans's indeed! Apparently they are all encouraged to wear their oldest colours, too, to remind Chelsea that history didn't begin in 2004. We need a big banner. Chelsea FC, Pride of London. One name, one ground, 101 years.
  14. That handball was outside the box, but it was still a free kick not given in a good position. I thought the ref was good for the main part but lost count of the number of times that Drogba was pushed in the back either just before or even during a jump for the ball. And that 'foul' on SWP; it looked a nailed on free kick to me but the ref just waved it away. Admittedly my East Upper seat didn't afford me the best view of it but I've only just spent £300 on some new bins and if they are that bad I want my money back!
  15. Oh, I don't know. A seven point deduction for the Mancs for irregularities would be welcomed in some quarters. 8-)