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  1. Chelsea 2 West Brom 0

    Finally this boring international break is over!! Come on Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Musical Tastes

    Hilarious parody!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9efdzkX0j4
  3. Quick Jokes

    Karim Benzema - He's last name is very similar to bad words on hebrew... Ben zona = son of slut....
  4. Quick Jokes

    Yossi Benayoun has opend cosmetics shop in Israel. It's not a joke, true story!
  5. Musical Tastes

    2011 Mega Mix - All the hits in one video!
  6. Quick Jokes

    Jewish parody to sexy and I know it XD
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

  8. Salomon Kalou

    Did not played since West Brom game, totaly lose he's place even as a sub. Should be sold this january he's not perform like Mourinho expect him to perform when he singed Kalou.
  9. Injury News

    Drogba is out from the squad on sunday. :/ And seriously what her name? I'm afraid that Pique sending spy's to Stamford bridge or somehing...
  10. Injury News

    BTW, We have a female physician on the bench how's looking just like shakira! you know who I'm tallking about?
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Which three teams most likley to relegate this season?
  12. Injury News

    The big question Peter Cech will be fit to play against man u?
  13. Injury News

    When Alex comming back? and does Drogba will be feat to the Wigan game?
  14. Didier Drogba

    Becuse he's sir f****** alex!!!