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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's because the vast majority(can't remember the percentage but over 40) wanted Mbappe. But after Conte leaving that doesn't give the press their anti Chelsea story ie Real Madrid fans don't want Hazard. In fact Hazard only polled 1% more than Neymar, who they said the fans clearly didn't want. Real will probably prefer to wait for Hazard to run down contract and get him for free.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Perhaps we just don't want to spend that sort of money. Or we haven't got it bearing in mind Pogba's wages and the wages we currently pay?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    There is a lack of quality players available, to get into our 11 you are talking about one of the top players in the world. No point spending 20 to 30 Mil on a squad player(Cuadrado) If we just want squad players might as well use the youngsters. Let Liverpool buy up all the average players that are not good enough for us.
  4. New Stadium Plans

    I think £500 million is wildly optimistic looking at what other stadia have cost. I would think double that. That is why we have always been up for a move................ IMO
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I know it's only one game but did you see Stones the other night for the u21's? It was one of the most inept defensive performances I gave seen. Let's face it defending is Everton's acchilies heel..
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wish I was that overweight!
  7. New Stadium Plans

    Sounds like it was totally dreamt up nonsense and speculation
  8. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 0

    Not sure about Ivan up against Sanchez. Might be better Dave and Luis?
  9. QPR 0 Chelsea 1

    Clear as day. Posters on drugs!
  10. Chelsea 2 Stoke City 1

    We have by far the hardest run in with Man U Liverpool at home Arsenal away And QPR who will make it their biggest game of the season) even Sunderland if they need points to stay up. I would settle for one more than everyone else. Not sure my heart can take it though!
  11. Chelsea 2 Stoke City 1

    Most important game is ours, win that and it doesn't matter what the others do.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with not wanting Shurrle to go but lets face it if we sign Costa and Cuardrado he wont be aloud anywhere near the starting 11. He doesn't make the bench half the time at the moment. Jose has made his mind up about him and as we know that is that.
  13. Swansea City 0 Chelsea 5

    He's sh*t bring back Torres!
  14. Newcastle 2 Chelsea 1

    Can't see why we can't swap OSCAR and Fabregas positions and play Mike or Ramires. In fact I would do that normally as teams hit us on the break and Fabregas cannot get back.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic