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  1. Based on matchday income Arsenal and Man Utd should be miles ahead of anyone else, as it happens we've won as many major domestic and European trophies as both of them combined during the 10 years you've been having conversations about it. Based on capacity we should be finishing one place above Sheffield Wednesday, and in three years time West Ham will have just pipped Newcastle to 3rd in the league. Based on the reality of TV money increasing at a rate of knots, as well as sponsorship and prize money etc, we'll cope better than most in an era when matchday revenue's shrinking as a proportion of earnings for all PL clubs.
  2. Always depressing to read views like this. For the majority of matchgoing fans, the day we move from the Fulham Road is the day a big part of the club dies. We don't need an extra £200m, certainly not at that cost anyway.
  3. Yep, I imagine the red top hacks will be feeling like a 5 year old on xmas eve tonight.
  4. Thanks
  5. Think you're getting confused with this imposter -
  6. Can someone change my name from Caspar to John Terry Ate My Hamster please? Cheers in advance.
  7. He'll write what suits his, and his employers' agenda at any given time. Like all hacks he's perfectly capable of poorly written, selective journalism.
  8. Yes but you fail to take into account the cultural differences between Uruguay and here - sticking up a middle finger roughly translates to "hi mate" in uruguayan.
  9. So what if he did, everyone's entitled to make their own decision.
  10. After years of not quite getting round to it I finally did the SB stadium tour yesterday. Probably the most striking thing was seeing the home team dressing room (in which each locker has the player's name and number engraved) now has a permanent locker for Big Josh. In contrast Daniel Sturridge's had the number 23 written on in biro where the brass number plaque should be. I appreciate it's far from sound logic but I interpret that as a pretty positive sign that JMcE won't be loaned out this season, and will be almost exclusively involved with the 1st team this year rather than the reserves.
  11. I know it's not necessarily a popular opinion but I can't help but feel that Torres minus Drogba = good season for Torres next year, whereas Torres plus Drogba = bad season for both. I'm struggling to get excited over Gourlay's comments if I'm honest.
  12. I can't stand Arsenal and/or Nike but even I have to say they've got it spot on with their kits the last few years and this year is no different. Sleek, elegant and simple, even the training gear at the bottom looks like it was designed more for people to wear to the ground on a matchday - Adidas, please take note and stop pissing around with body armour, dark patches on the back, electric green etc etc.
  13. It's a bunch of cliched, unoriginal mutterings from a journo who pretends to know a lot about Roman, a man I doubt he's ever met or spoken to. Next.
  14. Couldn't help but laugh at Kevin Philips belittling Torres last night. This the bloke who managed a whopping 0 goals at international level, well done Kev.
  15. The away one is just an old Le Coq Sportif kit (89/90?) with the new logo and Adidas put on it. Very poor attempt at a wind up.