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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Looks like we're after Joao Mario from sporting. I dont know anything about him. Any Portuguese experts here?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    There's talk we're negotiating with Napoli for Koulibaly - 24 yr old quick, powerful central defender who can pass. If we can't get him supposedly want manolas. Lukaku and Costa would absolutely tear most defences apart. Imagine being a centre back... Who would you rather pick up?
  3. Non Chelsea: European League Football

    Well, I think it's lunacy to say that Liverpool are currently better than Sevilla. They were destroyed last night.
  4. Non Chelsea: European League Football

    Not that I want to get embroiled in a La Ligavs EPL debate, but there is far more money in the EPL (sponsorship, tv distribution, gate receipts etc.)and we certainly do spend it - that's why Liverpool's squad cost £180m to assemble whereas Sevilla's cost £40m.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I doagree that Pogba is unlikely but I think we need players on that level if we're to be top dog. Our ambition should be to sign players like that. Look at when we signed Hazard - hugely coveted but WE got him. If big players like that are available we have to be in the mix.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Zouma would be first choice CB in my view when fit - and JT is nailed on for the other CB place. But when Jose originally came in we had JT and Gallas but he bought Carvalho anyway. So if we had to sign a defender I'd rather we signed a top quality RB.That way our options would be: NEW RB, Ivanovic, Terry, Zouma, Cahill, Azpilicueta, Ake/Baba. Which is really strong.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fabregas is going to be a key player next season but I don't think Conte will have him as part of a 2 because he doesn't have the legs. I think we're about to see a switch back to 4-3-3 or a diamond. Either way, Fabregas will probably be given a Pirlo role at the base of a trio. I'd then be looking to sign box to box midfielders who can do it all to complement him - Lampard and Essien types. But we have very few decent CMs anymore so I'd prioritise that first - I mean, look at this: Fabregas Matic - Willian/Oscar Whereas if we had something more like this, I'd be much happier: Fabregas Pogba - Nainggolan Then you could mix it up for the front 3 as you like: Hazard Costa - Higuain Or: Willian - Costa - Hazard
  8. Official: Thibaut Courtois Signs New 5 Year Contract

    It's not often you can say that a goalkeeper won you the league, but then again I can't remember the last team to winthe league with a really bad goalkeeper.
  9. I imagine he knew he would be sacked IF we failed to achieve anything, so he would definitely have been expecting it. The actual formal sacking may well have occurred in the tunnel which is why it's a story / rumour.
  10. Official: Thibaut Courtois Signs New 5 Year Contract

    With Cech it's a bit like Waitrose bread but you've only got 2 days left on the best-before-date. Sheznee*on the other hand is like Tesco Value bread with 10 days left. Courtois is more like a home-made banana loaf. OK, maybe have possibly lost it with this metaphor. *Won't even bother trying to spell it right.
  11. Official: Thibaut Courtois Signs New 5 Year Contract

    If we lose Courtois, we'll get a proper replacement in. Begovic is not considered #1 material but he is probably the best #2 in the league.
  12. The FA

    "What sort of bunce is it?"
  13. Official: Thibaut Courtois Signs New 5 Year Contract

    Good luck! To be fair, I only get to a few games each season and aside from the Spurs one this year there's nogame I feel like I've missed out on. If I lived a bit closer I'd get a season ticket and do it properly.
  14. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Borthwick-Jackson and Jesse Lingard have got plenty of games - the latter ousted the best player from the Eredivisie last season.
  15. Official: Thibaut Courtois Signs New 5 Year Contract

    No, my life is over now and we should all just accept it.