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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes I also heard Oscar too. Really it is all speculation but I guess this is as good a place as any for it! You're right, there's a lot of unknowns, and I don't follow Juve particularly closely. Whoever comes in obviously needs to take a look at our squad depth but what I find interesting - maybe a discussion for another thread - is how we won the league last year with a first XI and no depth. This year, Leicester are doing the same. Why is that?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Personally I think we already have an agreement with our manager but we're better at keeping it quiet than Citeh are (or maybe Pep, or Bayern). IF it's Conte or Allegri, would be interesting their views on selling Ramires because he has been coveted by Juve in recent seasons. 
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    This joke of an article suggests that IF Conte comes then they understand his shopping list includes: Lavezzi probably going to China. Pogba and Verratti in midfield would be monstrous but how likely? Giminez was already supposedly on our shopping list if we couldn't get stones but obviously we will need a CB at some point.
  4. Where do we finish?

    Haha I don't bet, it was more an expression - as in: I'd opt for 8th if I had to guess. I know we've been crap all season but I'd rather be an optimist. And I know we've been over it loads of times but if we'd been told last May that we'd be lucky to finish 8th this year, who honestly would have not been surprised (apart from Blue Rod)?
  5. Next Chelsea Manager

    Interesting if we do go for a manager that favours 3 at the back. More and more prem teams are lining up with 2 strikers and, in some way, 3-5-2 was developed to counter that.  I'm just not sure that 3 at the back really suits Prem football but I don't have any expertise to back that up, just a hunch.  I love striking partnerships though, and would like us to return to 2 up front. If only we had a 25 year old Gudjohnsen.  One thing they showed on MOTD was how spurs' FBs are getting forward and they're allowed to do so by Dier playing DM but stepping back as the 3rd CB when the fullbacks bomb on. Mikel could do something similar for us (and did in 2010 IIRC). 
  6. Where do we finish?

    We definitely won't finish above Leicester, Spurs, City, Arsenal, or United.  So realistically 6th is our best outcome but we will suffer from having more than one focus. If I was betting I'd say 8th.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Allegri joins then hopefully he can cherry pick some Juve players - Pogba? Maybe even bring Cuadrado back??  
  8. Next Chelsea Manager

    Strong chatter today that Allegri has agreed a 4 year deal with us.  Chels and Italians do seem to go well together!
  9. True Chelsea Legends

    Out of curiosity, what are your criteria? I started following Chels in the 90s, so my early heroes were Gianfranco and Wise. My view is that Zola helped tip the scales towards our growing influence in the late 90s and was a huge part of us playing with such utter style, plus he was absolutely respected across the board by fans of all clubs. Wise was just Chels through & through and captained our 97 FA cup winning side - the first major trophy I saw us win. 
  10. Next Chelsea Manager

    Fair point Hugh, and a stadium alone isn't proof. But my belief is that this is a cession to his own vanity.
  11. True Chelsea Legends

    Zola ... and Dennis Wise!
  12. Next Chelsea Manager

    I think he'd join United if they finish top 4 - him vs. Pep would be too much for him to resist. I think PSG would ship Blanc out in a flash for Mourinho but agreed it's not really his style. If Zidane looks out of his depth by the end of the season then I could see him going back to Madrid. Inter might want him back to start challenging Juventus again. And again the Portuguese national job could be available - ha, actually there's a thought, what about the England job? :)
  13. Next Chelsea Manager

    I think, given the situation this season, I can understand why he was sacked. But Bob the idea that he would be unemployed at the start of next season (not out of choice) is ludicrous.
  14. Positivity corner

    Hazard scored!
  15. Next Chelsea Manager

    It's difficult because we don't know whose version of events is correct.  If Terry is correct, then the club have backtracked.  If the club is correct, then Terry is trying to leverage the fans' reaction to get another contract and back them into a corner. From the club's perspective, it's sensible to leave Terry's contract to the summer to keep its options open. But I believe that the club already has their man and, if so, then the new man will have an opinion already on whether or not to keep JT. My view is that we have someone and they're a bit iffy on JT / the club want to clear the decks of any "player power".