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  1. I would like to see Chalobah in the prem definitely. Probably one of the only ways we can afford to play Fabregas too, at least against good teams. Ivanovic and Matic will start though.
  2. The squad for Bremen has been announced so: Lots of midfielders and only 3 strikers. Think we're only playing 1 up top this season mostly, unless Hazard plays there. Desperately need a top left back and the defence looks so light without Zouma. I think Aina is good enough to play RB but either way Ivanovic definitely can't be relied on anymore so another RB required and Ivanovic back up CB? Hector, RLC, Moses and Cuadrado are all candidates for loan/sell but our squad couldn't take it. Goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois Asmir Begovic Jamal Blackman Defenders Branislav Ivanovic John Terry Cesar Azpilicueta Gary Cahill Michael Hector Ola Aina Midfielders N'Golo Kante Nemanja Matic Cesc Fabregas Oscar Eden Hazard Willian Nathaniel Chalobah Pedro Ruben Loftus-Cheek Juan Cuadrado Victor Moses Strikers Diego Costa Michy Batshuayi Bertrand Traore
  3. We've signed Batshuayi and Kante. It looks like we're keeping Cuadrado and maybe Moses to add bodies to the squad. I imagine we're waiting for Pogba to go to United before the domino effect kicks in and transfers go crazy. Lukaku would be a very good signing, we could sign Koulibaly and maybe even a left back. Seriously guys let's chill. If it hits Sept 1St and we've no more signings then fine go mental.
  4. We should have bought Aguero in 2011. That would have solved everything. As it is, complete strikers are hard to come across and if they score goals I dont care how they go in. The goal lukaku scored against us last season was fairly decent example of technique no?
  5. Costa, lukaku, Batshuayi, Hazard, Traore as striking options is obscene! Lukaku is second only to Aguero for prem goals the last few years, he's early twenties, a tank and nightmare to play against, and he loves Chelsea. No brainer for me.
  6. Courtois Begovic Aina - Zouma - Terry - Azpilicueta Ivanovic - Cahill - Miazga - Da Silva Willian - Kante - Fabregas - Hazard Cuadrado - Matic - Mikel - Pedro Costa - Batshuayi Traore - Loftus-Cheek Plus Chalobah & Moses. I'm assuming Oscar is off. For me, it's massively obvious where we need to improve. We need: A new first choice full back, either right or left depending on where you want to play Dave. Another big striker to play alongside Costa. 2 strikers if we're replacing Costa. In an ideal world: A top centre back so we don't need Miazga in the squad. Fabregas suddenly gets Essien's engine. A goalscoring wide player like Mahrez.
  7. Increasingly of the opinion that our midfield two could be Kante and Chalobah. Perfectly complementary.
  8. Jt might only have this year left. cahill is ok for the squad but not first choice. zouma is first choice when fit. ivanovic hasn't got long left at this level. so we bring Christensen back next summer to replace Terry. Koulibaly to replace ivanovic is a huge step up at CB.cahill as an rotation option makes sense.
  9. I think we need a wide forward like Willian but who will actually score goals. A cb or christensen would be nice.
  10. We definitely need to invest in good players as a general rule, but the right drilling, motivation and competition for places can do wonders for average players. And we do have some world class players too, with no European cups to distract us. Italy and Portugal in the euros, Leicester last season have shown recently that a team with the right attitude can win if the application and execution is there too. conte is as good a manager you'll find to instill that. my concern is still goals though, apart from Costa who is scoring 20? Are we confident the others can secure 10+ a season? Hazard, Pedro, Batshuayi maybe.
  11. The only question I have is goals. Who is going to score more than 10 goals this season? Costa, Hazard, Pedro, Batshuayi and Remy are pretty much the only ones I'd back to be capable of it. Maybe Traore.
  12. Our academy is now so good. When Jose was first here, he didn't have many kids to choose from. I'm not saying they can all make it,but we could properly integrate 5 young players this season. If by Christmas they haven't done anything, loan em out fine. Aina, Christensen, Chalobah, Loftus-Cheek, Traore are all worthy of the squad.
  13. Yeah I Def prefer Oscar cm. The squad is starting to take shape but I think Costa will have gone and Cuadrado by Sept 1St so we would need replacements. Morata or Lukaku seems likely and maybe Candreva or Mahrez. Plus a proper centre back too.
  14. I like him but maybe for his work rate and crossing than anything else. I think he needs a loan but ultimately he won't make it here as he isn't good enough in any one position to break through.
  15. I have a suggestion, but it's worth discussing to iron out the kinks. The contextual and banner advertising isn't generating enough revenue to pay for the site costs. Also, advertising is the biggest detrimental factor in user experience nowadays. It slows the page down, irritates most people and can upset the formatting of the page, particularly on mobile. What if there was one page for offers on the site which you could fill with the Adsense banners? If cookie based, it would become your own personalised offers page filled with remarketing or things you'd missed. You could remove the banners from the other pages, making user experience better and page loading times quicker. If needed, you could have lots of purely internal text links advertising this offers page to keep loading times down and readability up across the site. Make the page "no index, no follow" so it doesn't affect your SEO. worth a shot particularly seeing as we're getting donations at the moment and the ads don't even pay for the site. Incidentally I would pledge £5 for a year if 287 others would. Maybe there's a just giving page or crowdfunding page we could set up? As for sponsorship, we need to be able to sell the site as Chelsea's number 1 fan site in some respects, either through visits or quality of content. Fwiw this forum is the best Chelsea one for content so shouldn't be a hard sell. Also, the bigger corporates often have affiliate marketing budget to burn, so there must be a company out there that would chuck £2k at us? Pete what do the unique visitors etc look like?