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  1. Beyond anything else, Conte is crafting a team. With square pegs in square holes, everyone is contributing towards something greater than the sum of their parts. Much like the Italy side in the summer, ours features a lot of names that you wouldn't place in a Europe first XI. Moses, cahill, alonso etc. But as part of the collective they create a perfect dynamic. Tactically it's very clever too. Release Pedro and hazard from their defensive responsibilities. Solidify the middle lines with 4 workers. Have defenders that are all comfortable in possession and defending out wide if needed. Plus, if you skew the team slightly and drop alonso to left back, it would rotate to a perfect 4-4-2 /4-2-4. Neat. Courtois; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Alonso; Moses, Kante, matic, Hazard; Pedro, Costa. What is most exhilarating is the ebb and flow of possession as we spring into the counter. The way Hazard shifted the ball before striking his goal was beautiful and deadly. Great stuff!
  2. Luiz was boree, the manager has several options, it's a rubbish league - made sense for all concerned that he left.
  3. If kids go on loan for experience with the intention that they'll improve and then challenge for a squad place then that's great, but I don't like us buying players 18+ then putting them on loan. the loan army would be fine in the eyes of many if it actually produced first team players for Chelsea but on the whole it hasn't. Id rather we only loaned our kids, which I know the bulk are, and then simply bought for the first team.
  4. Michael I can see your point of view. If I'm honest I'm disappointed in how we conduct our transfer business in general but perhaps that's because I follow us closely and don't follow other clubs so much, maybe they're as a bad as us? I'm certainly not happy with our loan army either but I understand why we need it...back to Luiz anyway: When he was playing at PSG I was sad he wasn't with us any more, and felt we'd lost a big part of our identity. He has his baggage but overall I think his strengths outweigh his weaknesses. He is an undeniable leader. We saw at PSG against us how he can ignite a team to find that winning motivation, but equally he can't sustain it over a season, and for that reason I think he'll always be just a big game player. But that has its massive upside. Plus, Systems can account for weaknesses and Conte is smart enough to find a way to do this. Would very much like our centre backs next season to be Zouma, Luiz and Christensen though. straw poll: who will be a better signing for us, Luiz or Alonso?
  5. Haha I have no idea what you're on about as I'm not a rugger fan but we seem to have signed our loose head prop anyway....#30.
  6. Indeed I am, in fact I can even see an argument for no one to have a dedicated number and simply be given a shirt for match day. I.e. You have to fight for that #6 shirt in training and you've earned it. That way you wouldn't have such ridiculous circumstances as no actual #9 on our books and a centre back NOT taking the vacant #6!! Alonso taking 3 is satisfying though.
  7. The flippant answer here would be: because he's s***.
  8. Its not realistic to expect to have cover for the likes of Hazard or Kante, purely because they're head and shoulders above most players in world football in their positions. Mikel, Pedro and Moses aren't world beaters, but crucially they are good enough to mix it up so Hazard et al don't need to play 90 every week if required. loftus cheek might not be good enough to push Costa, but he and Chalobah should be pushing Matic. Cesc can push Oscar. Batshuayi looks a top player and future legend. If we were playing European games too I'd agree that we need more quality, but we can win the league with our current squad imo.
  9. We have a good chance of winning the league now. Top 3 at least: Courtois Begovic Azpilicueta - Zouma - Luiz - Alonso Ivanovic - Cahill - Terry - Aina Oscar - Kante - Matic Fabregas - Mikel - Loftus Cheek Willian Costa Hazard Pedro - Batshuayi - Moses
  10. He's another warm body with prem experience and has improved massively in the past 12 months by all accounts. A lot of money at £20m+ but the market is mental anyway.
  11. Current 'next' captain assessment after JT leaves next summer, in no order: David Luiz - will he be first choice? bit mental but absolute leader Gary Cahill - not that good Branislav Ivanovic - finished Cesc Fabregas - can't get in the team John Obi Mikel - can't get in the team Eden Hazard - captains Belgium but will be at Madrid this time next year. Cesar Azpilicueta - solid So Luiz or Azpilicueta for me.
  12. I would like to see Chalobah in the prem definitely. Probably one of the only ways we can afford to play Fabregas too, at least against good teams. Ivanovic and Matic will start though.
  13. The squad for Bremen has been announced so: Lots of midfielders and only 3 strikers. Think we're only playing 1 up top this season mostly, unless Hazard plays there. Desperately need a top left back and the defence looks so light without Zouma. I think Aina is good enough to play RB but either way Ivanovic definitely can't be relied on anymore so another RB required and Ivanovic back up CB? Hector, RLC, Moses and Cuadrado are all candidates for loan/sell but our squad couldn't take it. Goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois Asmir Begovic Jamal Blackman Defenders Branislav Ivanovic John Terry Cesar Azpilicueta Gary Cahill Michael Hector Ola Aina Midfielders N'Golo Kante Nemanja Matic Cesc Fabregas Oscar Eden Hazard Willian Nathaniel Chalobah Pedro Ruben Loftus-Cheek Juan Cuadrado Victor Moses Strikers Diego Costa Michy Batshuayi Bertrand Traore
  14. We've signed Batshuayi and Kante. It looks like we're keeping Cuadrado and maybe Moses to add bodies to the squad. I imagine we're waiting for Pogba to go to United before the domino effect kicks in and transfers go crazy. Lukaku would be a very good signing, we could sign Koulibaly and maybe even a left back. Seriously guys let's chill. If it hits Sept 1St and we've no more signings then fine go mental.
  15. We should have bought Aguero in 2011. That would have solved everything. As it is, complete strikers are hard to come across and if they score goals I dont care how they go in. The goal lukaku scored against us last season was fairly decent example of technique no?