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  1. As a fellow pedant I graciously accept your correction. Seriously though, we're in the middle of a title charge FFS - why would he want to go now? Money is not a good enough reason for me, he's on silly money already.
  2. It's a joke league and will be for another decade. At the moment I think these signings are PR stunts to show off their extravagant wealth. Any player that goes now is a fool. Athletes should want to compete at the highest level, not chase the shilling - or yen. If Costa goes it says more about him than us.
  3. Do we think Conte would like Andrea Belotti? 13 goals this season
  4. Imagine if pep was at Chelsea with the form that city are currently in. The press would have made sure he'd been sacked before Christmas.
  5. Style wise, Bamford is the kind of player that would have cleaned up in the 90s as a second striker. Le tissier, Sheringham, Zola, etc. But I don't see him as a 10 or a 9 and he's not quick enough to play wide. I still think eventually he could have a decent career in the prem but needs to knuckle down in the champ first to get his stock back up.
  6. For me Muller would be great in the inside right position. But Pedro and William are both in top form, perhaps due to the completion for places?
  7. Pretty strong argument there. My instinct is that Holland would be a big loss but JT would be a vital part of the coaching staff IMO. I like the idea of former players being involved with the current players because otherwise over time you lose that sense of what it means to be Chelsea.
  8. So Ake coming back to challenge for CB and LCB positions - and potentially fill in across CM and LWB.
  9. Not that Phil Neville is someone whose opinion I usually value but he said something on MOTD the other day: basically that he got to play 250+ games for United and win a load of trophies because he could play about 6 positions. Ake can play virtually anywhere across midfield and the back line, is home grown for champions league and is as proven in the premier league as young players get. If it happens now or in the summer I think he does need to be part of the squad.
  10. One of those games. Spurs played well and nothing we did came off; doesn't mean the squad is now useless. I'm sure Conte sees opportunities to strengthen but let's take a moment to savour what this team achieved, in an extremely competitive league. Proud of them.
  11. We saw what Fabregas can do when given space, but to be fair David Luiz can pick a 40 yarder too, which in part is what this new system has allowed the latter to do: be the extra man. As long as there's an understanding of his limitations, Cesc can be used to good effect this year and he would be perfect in helping unlock the teams that park the bus - as he always has been. But I think in an ideal world, Conte would love Nainggolan in alongside Kante - which would be frankly ridiculous - everyone else would be better off packing up and going home if that was the case. Chalobah is getting minutes too which could give us another option long term.
  12. West Bromwich playing well, so could be deceptively tricky. On form anyone would back us though, our only concern is suspensions racking up soon.
  13. Isco looked good the other night, would be perfect to fight Pedro for the 2nd AM spot. Need a big signing to compete with Kante and Matic - Nainggolan / Verratti? Also need cover for wing back positions - Ake to return as he can play multiple positions. Ramires would also have been good as RWB which is a shame, maybe Aina can step up when required.
  14. Thing is, you're right that a lot of the players look mediocre or that they haven't adjusted. But on paper, if Jose can galvanise them there's no reason they can't compete. Look at Leicester - a couple of star players but generally just a well oiled collective team. Look at what Conte has done for Moses. A front 4 of Mata, Pogba, Martial and Rashford is properly good if it clicks. Lots of pace and dynamism. I think Valencia is a top RB, Smalling is top 4 level, as is Bailly and Shaw. CM they are probably weakest, but Herrera is good at recycling possession and Rooney still has a work ethic and drive. Mkitaryan was one of the best players in Germany last year and if Mata can cope with the prem then I think he can too, once he adjusts.
  15. I'm not saying that it's a classic United team but I think a lot of the pieces are there for a top team on paper. This is easily top 4 quality IMO: De Gea Valencia/dunno - Smalling/Jones - Bailly/dunno - Shaw/Blind Herrera/Carrick - Rooney/Fellaini Mata/Lingard - Pogba/Mkitarian- Martial/Depay Rashford/Ibrahimovic