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  1. Out of interest: Hazard - Lukaku - Sanchez or Hazard - Costa - Pedro?
  2. Well, if we could keep Costa and sign, say, Morata it would be really smart for the Champions League next year. We need a second striker that Conte trusts.
  3. Conte clearly doesn't fancy Batshuayi so we need another striker to cover Costa, provide versatility in strategy and cover for Europe. Would be happy with either Lukaku or Morata. Get both if Costa goes. But then what about someone like Belotti or Aubameyang? Think Conte would want more mobility in midfield vs Matic and Fabregas - can Chalobah step up? I imagine one of the former will go and we'll swap for a younger model. Thing is, Fabregas is the ultimate defence lock-picker so how could we lose him? Nainggolan would be perfect but he doesn't want to move to England. We're covered for central defence IMO - Ake and Christensen should come in to push our current back 3. Zouma is a question mark so probably a loan. Wing backs - what about Oxlade Chamberlain to challenge Moses? I think he's wasted in CM personally and would be great on the wing. Hazard, Pedro, Willian ... - Musonda?
  4. It's a Travel Tavern.
  5. He's running down his contract and I reckon Arsenal would accept £30-40m for a player with 1 year left. Which is decent in this day and age for a player of his quality - arguably better output than Hazard for an inferior team!
  6. Also, notorious transfer bellwether Craig Burley asserts that "Moussa Dembele (Celtic, not Spurs) is pretty much nailed on to join Chelsea this summer" according to insiders. Make of that what you will.
  7. If there's even a sniff that we can get Alexis Sanchez we should break the bank to do so. Him and Hazard off of Costa would be ridiculous
  8. Was it though? I remember being quite underwhelmed by the fee we got for him, considering we bought Carvalho for not far off it and SWP was around the same or more. Maybe it's heart over head but I would have kept him for years, even with the injuries.
  9. I don't know why he left exactly, but if he had stayed his whole career I believe we would have won more leagues than we did and possibly even the Champions League sooner.
  10. Enjoyable game to watch, but not as Chelsea fan. I would say that, on balance, Burnley deserve credit more than we deserve criticism. Certainly Conte shouldn't be criticised IMO - he threw the kitchen sink at it, if a little late. Matic will get a lot of stick - rightly so - for his laboured attempts to win the ball back which resulted in their goal. But then again you can't legislate for such quality from Brady. Lessons learned hopefully and renewed focus that every game is a battle here on in. Would rather be 8 points clear than 8 points back.
  11. First few times I watched it I thought it was a fair challenge. Not saying it's a definite foul now but it is a grey area. The reason I'm swaying: If that's Gabriel on Costa on the half way line and it then led to a goal, we'd be shouting for it all day long. Alonso wins the ball fairly and, in the process of jumping, collides with Bellerin. It would be harsh to deny a goal, but on the flip side if that happens on the halfway line the ref blows for a freekick 9 times out of 10 IMO.
  12. We've all seen great goals but that Hazard goal is genuinely one of the best individual goals I've ever seen. Wow.
  13. Fabregas is proving why he needs to play each game
  14. As a fellow pedant I graciously accept your correction. Seriously though, we're in the middle of a title charge FFS - why would he want to go now? Money is not a good enough reason for me, he's on silly money already.
  15. It's a joke league and will be for another decade. At the moment I think these signings are PR stunts to show off their extravagant wealth. Any player that goes now is a fool. Athletes should want to compete at the highest level, not chase the shilling - or yen. If Costa goes it says more about him than us.