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  1. Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

    Any1 watch spurs-west ham? Spurs player almost did the same thing as matc and didn't even get a yellow.
  2. Official: Juan Cuadrado Signs

    He can play in Europe for us, as he only played Europa league for them.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Must include wages and such. Would be way to crazy to imagine that we could get that much for him.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its done. Welcome Remy, can't wait to see you in blue !
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    BREAKING : Milan Channel reports that Chelsea have given #Torres permission to undergo medical tests with Milan. (via @Milanello) #CFC Sounds like he is off
  6. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    Chelsea team to play Werder Bremen: Courtois, Azpi, Zouma, Terry ©, Luis, Van Ginkel, Matic, Salah, Fabregas, Torres, Costa. Subs: Cech, Ivanovic, Ake, Hazard, Mikel, Drogba, Cahill, Chalobah, Baker, Christensen, Boga, Solanke. excited to see courtois and hopefully Drogba !
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is on our site as well, Welcome Luis
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Luis is officel:
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Where did you find that quote from Pirlo? First time I have seen it! Would be a lovely signing!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic
  11. According to this case with celtic earlier UEFA have just changed their minds. lovely
  12. Non Chelsea: European League Football

    And we didn't even need a result like they do now. But guess thats why they are the expert in failing
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think its because it will be his first game for us this time around and its against Man utd, so it would be fair to assume that he will start on the bench in this one, even though I would like to see him boss their weak midfield
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    The way I see it, Eto'o is the perfect choice after Rooney wasn't able to move away from United. For me there is no striker left in the market that is worth going after. The only reasonable striker there is out there is martinez but he would be expensive and he has ``only´´had one season at porto so he would be a gamble. Also he age (26 I think) would mean he might hold Lukaku out of the line-up for some years which many on here, have expressed their hopes that he will be the main man. Etoo is free, one of the best strikers in this generation, have played for jose before and succeeded. even though he is ``rather´´ old he could still do the job. Even in Russia he still manage a goal ratio of a goal every other match which is not bad at all, especially considered that I might not have been assed to play as hard as he could. He is still an excellence finisher, and have that killer instinct that Torres unfortunately lost a long time ago As others have said the is not really a risk and if he doesn't pan out as we hope we will not have lost a great deal of money. I for one will be excited to see this man take his last adventure in England and hope he will bring fear to the defenders like the last rather old Africa striker we had.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    chelseafc Mourinho says Juan Mata is very important for him and Chelsea and stories are nonsense, he goes nowhere. #CFC 26/08/13 23.37