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  1. Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

    Any1 watch spurs-west ham? Spurs player almost did the same thing as matc and didn't even get a yellow.
  2. Official: Juan Cuadrado Signs

    He can play in Europe for us, as he only played Europa league for them.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Must include wages and such. Would be way to crazy to imagine that we could get that much for him.
  4. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0 (AET)

    Just saw this picture of Costa on reddit Hard not to love this guy !
  5. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0

    Did anyone else remember this incident: Looks like a clear hit and should have been another red for them.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its done. Welcome Remy, can't wait to see you in blue !
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    BREAKING : Milan Channel reports that Chelsea have given #Torres permission to undergo medical tests with Milan. (via @Milanello) #CFC Sounds like he is off
  8. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    Chelsea team to play Werder Bremen: Courtois, Azpi, Zouma, Terry ©, Luis, Van Ginkel, Matic, Salah, Fabregas, Torres, Costa. Subs: Cech, Ivanovic, Ake, Hazard, Mikel, Drogba, Cahill, Chalobah, Baker, Christensen, Boga, Solanke. excited to see courtois and hopefully Drogba !
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is on our site as well, Welcome Luis
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Luis is officel:
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Where did you find that quote from Pirlo? First time I have seen it! Would be a lovely signing!
  12. Transfer Talk Topic
  13. According to this case with celtic earlier UEFA have just changed their minds. lovely
  14. Just found this and wanted to share it. A review of Frankies season in the double seson. He is just a wonderful player, all those little things he does so well. Gonna be truly missed then he is done.
  15. Galatasaray 1 Chelsea 1

    Not sure its official but 10 years ago that was a lot of talk about Morientes playing and scoring for Monaco against his real club Real, and was the reason they knocked them out. So would be the same here I guess.