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  1. Didier Drogba

    "QUOTE(David Newbitt @ May 24 2008, 16:43) he didn't do that when we beat Liverpool at Stanford Bridge! his two goals were the most valuable goals in CFC's history! Frank Lampard: Bolton." Tweeds10, just to point out that was NOT my quote (it was Port's). My post pointed out that "most valuable" goals in Chelsea's history can be pretty subjective. Certainly they were important, but so was Clive Walker's at Bolton, Peter Osgood's at OT, Frank Lampard's pair at Bolton, etc, etc.
  2. Didier Drogba

    he didn't do that when we beat Liverpool at Stanford Bridge! his two goals were the most valuable goals in CFC's history! he is always on top of this page..you should look into his eyes when you bitch him! shame on you! Port, you are almost supporting my post. I did remark that he had only shown up on rare occasions, the Liverpool game was one of them. "Most valuable goals in CFC's history" is a subjective opinion. I repeat he has played most of the season as if he'd rather be somewhere else, and quite frankly the slap at Vidic was the final straw for me. Vidic's reaction was interesting in that he just stood there. Had the roles been reversed Drogba would have been on the ground writhing around clutching his face. Shame on me? I think after 42+ years of support I have earned the right to an opinion.
  3. Didier Drogba

    I for one will not be sorry to see Drogba go. He has played as if he had already left for much of the season, only playing when he felt like it. His total contribution to this season has been minimal, notably a couple of recent games and 20 minutes against Arsenal. I am tired of his petulance, childishness, bullying except when a defender gives him the slightest touch and he crashes down, and his sad acting.
  4. New Kits

    If the yellow goes with the blue shorts I'm for it. Yellow as our second colour goes all the way back to the late sixties when our change strip was yellow shirts/royal blue shorts. I actually think it might be an improvement on the bland black that we wear at times, and a little more colourful than the white.
  5. Michael Essien

    I had mentioned before that while Drogba's goals have been vital, for sheer consistency its tough to look past Essien. And on top of that he has played so few games in his favored midfield position, due to the needs of the team. Although he's built like a tank, he's not really tall - funny scene at Pompey on Saturday, Essien standing next to Kanu for a corner - Kanu had to be a foot taller! The real loser to me in this Drogba/Essien debate is Carvalho. Any other time he might be a runaway leader for Player of the Year, he has been immense, especially in JT's absence.
  6. Michael Essien

    While no-one can doubt the huge contributions made by Drogba this season, I can't believe there can be any other winner of our player of the year than Michael Essien, even at this early stage. Last year there were concerns that he would not justify the huge transfer fee, and although he had a decent season, those concerns appeared valid. I would put it to you that his play this season has made him a BARGAIN. He has been the absolute best and most consistent player this season, despite being asked to play several different roles - midfield, holding midfield (Makelele role), full back, and more recently, centre back. He's even starting to look confortable at centre back despite his lack of height! Check the man of the match awards for the season, there are barely any that he does not appear in the top three for the particular game. Even yesterday, against poor opposition, he remained at a high level, elegantly cruising around the back four, starting attacks. I believe the only two challengers he has this season are Drogba and Riccy Carvalho (JT has missed too much time).
  7. Salomon Kalou

    One more chance!!! Give this kid a break. In the limited action he has had I think he has done well. Certainly he should have gotten himself a goal on Wednesday, but he has great skill and I believe the more playing time he gets the better he will be, he's only 20/21. Personally I would be giving him more of the time that has been going to SWP. I have been willing SWP to come good, but after the last couple of games I have serious doubts that Stamford Bridge is the place for him. I may be being unkind, but I finally came to the conclusion this week that SWP looked so good at Man City because he was surrounded by mediocrity. Just my opinion.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Hopefully, by his recent performances, which were highlighted by an absolutely superb display today, Cole can get some of those detractors off his back. Although some fans just simply don't like the guy, his performance today was world class. That is a term that is used too loosely on many occasions, but today, against probably the most in-form player in the premiership, Cole stamped himself as one of the best left backs around. We all know his attacking skills, but today his defending was superb. Don't get me wrong, I am a Wayne Bridge fan, but today Ashley Cole's display was man of the match.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    So now its Kalou's turn to be dissected in detail, despite us being only seven games into the Premiership season. How about we give the guy some time before we start making comparisons with Kezman? He's a young talent who is probably seen more as one for the future than the present.
  10. Didier Drogba

    Shevchenko and Drogba is a mouthwatering prospect. However, I have this feeling that Kalou is going to be the one.
  11. Chelsea Finances Thread

    A significant part of the 40+ years I have been supporting the blues, has been spent watching teams with more money(a LOT more)than us (Liverpool/Man Utd/Arsenal)buying players that we could never afford, and dominating as a consequence. Now we have the money, and have gate crashed the party and all of a sudden its a problem? The fact is, there is not a SINGLE team in the game that would have done it any differently had another Ambramovich come along. This is simply the same direction the G14 clubs chose, but now a non G14 club is rocking the boat. Does it take the shine off? Not for me, not for a minute. More to the point, ask me if I would rather be watching Sheva next season or Crouch?
  12. Didier Drogba

    While I make no effort to defend Drogba's actions, anyone paying any attention to the Insider is asking for trouble. He is right up there in the top group of Chelsea haters. Don't believe me? Start reading his articles regularly. He despises Mourinho and Chelsea, and even when he covers a game that doesn't involve Chelsea he ALWAYS manages to find a few lines to blast Chelsea. Personally, I would ban him from the Bridge (where are you when we need you Ken Bates) he is completely unable to write an objective article.
  13. Michael Essien

    I've been following Chelsea for a long (long) time and happen to be a big Michael Essien fan. However, I'm also of the opinion that the apology is a little late and more likely generated by the publicity over the incident. Fact is, it was a horrendous tackle and had it happened to a Chelsea player everyone would be up in arms. Remember the reaction to the tackle on Robben at Blackburn last year?
  14. New Kits

    Call me humourless, but I find nothing funny..............
  15. Ashley Cole

    Good article in www.soccernet.com regarding Buck's comments after the penalties were handed down. In particular his comment on Arsenal's decision not to talk to Cole, but make it into a public spectacle are valid - particularly as I think it offered them yet another excuse to attack Chelsea. Portion of Premier League Statement on verdict (www.soccernet.com) "'We consider that the time has come when these two respected Premier League clubs should put this matter to rest and face each other next season in the spirit which is expected of them by the football public. To impose compensation would only keep the wound open and achieve nothing towards this end. " To this end Buck replied "Anything is possible but it is going to be very difficult. They are another club in the league and we have to deal with them, but when you look at the proceedings as a whole you have to say they had a particular agenda here". What's even worse is that the two real principles in this (the agents) cannot be touched. Let me say that I don't hold CFC blameless - it was pretty stupid to get manipulated like that. But I am sick of the "lets make an example of Chelsea" rule that seems to be out there. I'm pleased to see that Buck says we will almost certainly appeal - the FA would love this to go way quietly now, but I hope Buck and CFC drag them along on their pathetic a***s. Needless to say, my already unhealthy dislike of everything gooner, just went up a notch.