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  1. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    Giroud needs to come off for gods sake. He can’t trap a ball
  2. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    Giroud is so so poor . Take him off!
  3. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    the three amigos (haz, pedro, willi) are actually fairly underrated. They always win us games when called upon.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    “We know there’s a lot of interest in him,” Koeman said. “He’s a good player and ultimately if a big team want to spend a lot of money, you can’t really win. I had the same story in Southampton but that big bid was not on the table and here now there is no big bid on the table. I have two plans, one is with Lukaku and one is without Lukaku. I prepare myself for both yes and no and now we need to wait two more weeks.”
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    "He is still an Everton player but finally the board makes those kind of decisions," Koeman said. "Of course, I would like to keep all my best players but I know football. I know business. Let's wait.
  6. "One of us" finally got his dream job. I wish him no luck ,especially after his behavior last season.
  7. Antonio Conte

    You know, maybe this probably not what fans want to hear, especially in our situation, but in reality, as much as club crest is important , footballer's main priority has always been representing their country. Nobody wants to fly into crunching tackles and get an injury few months before the tournament. Especially when we got nothing to play for anymore. Whats left is dead rubber really. P.S. Just playing devil's advocate here.
  8. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Felipe Luis was too good today. Played like a best LB in the world.
  9. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    KDB is an excellent attacking player. He has fantastic end product. Mourinho should have really tried to nurture KDB and Lukaku instead of benching/selling them off.
  10. Positivity corner

    What is it? 7 points till 5th place? doable.
  11. Kurt Zouma

    Yet another proof that this is season from hell. Its almost like Chelsea FC cursed. Hope Kurt can make it. Really unfair on a kid.
  12. He was retiring in the end of season. They knew it was his last.
  13. I dont believe this Pelligrini story. Obviously made up while our situation is "hot". He is a Man City manager and if he wins the league there is not way they replace him in summer.
  14. Hoping "one of us" goes to Man Utd to show his fan boys where his loyalty really lies. Hint: Himself.
  15. Thats true but hopefully we can have our pick before them.