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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I've met Tom (the originator behind CYG) a couple of times and his motives were spot on. Two things came to mind though. Sadly, at his age, I reckon Tom's early introduction to apathy and beauracracy may have put him off. This requires perseverence and contacts if any of it is to succeed. Secondly (and this is only a guess) his aims for the group perhaps didn't match some of the others. Look, we've tried (and so far failed) to get cheaper tickets for 16-21yo supporters, as well as an area in the ground for everyone to meet and build up that sense of camaraderie and belonging that I'm forever banging on about. That doesn't mean we've given up but we're on to plans B, C & D now. No good people our age driving this - it has to come from the youth. The younger element at some of the aways is great to see and hopefully that will grow for next season. What we need is some of you younger ones to move away from just talking about it on forums and get yourselves organised. You're not going to get too much help from the Club. Know what you want to get out of it, meet in the same place every time, get a name for it, spread the word any way you can and it's gonna take off. Doesn't help that the tickets are so expensive but these are the (current) constraints we're working to. Here's an opportunity for someone to be the modern day (well behaved) Hicky or Eccles. Lead from the front and it might well work.
  2. Michael Essien

    You just have to get on with it. It's no good having all this wealth and resource and then bleating about our lack of depth (quantity, I feel) after a missed opportunity in the transfer window. I do feel that selling SWP a few days before deadline day was a huge ricket as he could play as one of the offensive midfielders on the right of a 3, as he displayed so well last winter while everyone else was in Africa or injured. When he returned out wide, he basically reverted to type. Don't get me wrong, I don't think selling SWP was the wrong thing to do at all, as long as he was replaced/improved upon. He wasn't. We could also have got 20 mil for him! Step up Mikel, laddie. Step up Big Phil, do we actually need a holding player, or can we play with two holders, pressing or screening higher up the park? Can we play a sort of 2-2-2-2-2 effectively, like we did at times in the first half v Spurs. Essien almost up with the striker(s). Get on with it and adapt, that's what I say. Some teams have 10-11 injuries at a time. Essien is a big loss. Top player, but there are no excuses. We've had bigger problems in the last two seasons.
  3. Didier Drogba

    Don't agree. Course we've moved on, even if some don't want to. Since Jose left, we've played well for 30 mins against Man U until two, perhaps three bad decisions took the stuffing out of us, played poorly against Fulham at home, swatted Hill City away as you'd expect and did a Jose-style job at Bolton by scoring a goal and then keeping a clean sheet. We were fantastic in Valencia, given the circumstances, with DD and JT leading from the front (and back, ahem). How is that shambolic football? You could be right about the rest, though time will obviously tell.
  4. Didier Drogba

    This doesn't make sense. The timing's all wrong. If he would have said some of this around Man U or Hull, neither game he played in, you could even still describe it as knee jerk. He went on to say he was commited to the club before Fulham and he looked pretty revved up to me. Interesting hand gesture after his red card though ("that's it, no more") before he trudged off. He was close to being unplayable against Valencia though. It would have been so easy to go through the motions. I have heard it from someone who was in the dressing room before that game that they had NEVER seen Drogba so fired up beforehand. So it just doesn't add up. Maybe he's had time to reflect, who knows. Of course he might leave in the Summer, and indeed follow Jose somewhere. That's just a guess, but it's possible. But this smacks of internatonal week bullsh*t until Drogba faces the cameras in England and gives us a clue one way or the other. Will be interesting to see the fans' reaction and his performances in the next few weeks.
  5. Didier Drogba

    You were watching a completely different game to me then fella. His backchat cost him and us dearly in the end but I thought his application and effort for the team first class. Now Malouda?
  6. Didier Drogba

    This is media speculation gone mad, but I'll respond anyway. 1. If Madrid continue this Robben, Ballack, Drogba (and probably Carvalho) stuff, our management team should do something useful and report them to UEFA (again, the good it would do though). 2. For once, just once, I would like a club to make a stand against players with long contracts who suddenly want to leave. We have the remaining players in the list above, plus JT, Malouda and Essien for sure, who are all on longish contracts. Most teams have no choice but to sell, but if there ever was a club in the world who had the muscle to keep them, then it is Chelsea. I know this is a naive view and commercially disasterous if they rot in the stands (if it got that bad), but wouldn't it be great to make that point? The fans would really know who wanted to play or not, regardless of the guff they usually come out with. 3. Re contracts, if we're talking about Drogba being "off" because Jose's gone, then what is the point of posters whining about lack of action on Lamps' deal? It's surely a case of the tail wagging the dog nowadays but either contracts count for something or they don't. The Club have made this bed. They need to lie in it now. I'd like to think they've thought of this.
  7. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    I've read dozens of footy books. Most of them are terrible. Two exceptions are:- Left foot in the grave by Garry Nelson Full Time by Tony Cascarino Both these books are more than just about football. It's not all glamour, especially on the way down. A fantastic read in both cases.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Probably, cheers Tim. We'll know by the end of May where we can take the Shed part of the campaign next year (ST details will be finalised). If, as hoped, we can expand it, then I think we should remind everyone of our own history, don't you? Regulations galore to get through, but I now know heights, widths and materials allowed, and more importantly who to talk to to get this through. Maybe not 100ft wide, but wide enough to have the great slogan you posted up at the Shed End for every home game. Anyone who wanted to join in "Club Shed" next season could maybe contribute if they wanted to. I'm onto it. Sorry, let's get back on topic now.
  9. Ashley Cole

    Who's to say that Bridgey won't play anyway and Ash would be nowhere to be seen? As for player of the year, I very much doubt if the total gooner vote will cause a tremor. Even if they did vote in their thousands, my guess is the club would knock out Bridgey's total, just like they did at Wembley (I.e. cheat), otherwise we would all be walking up Jim Baxter Way in a fortnight's time. If they chuck fruit and veg, hey ho. I know you're not a fan of celery chucking but the majority view is that it's a harmless bit of fun. We can't have it both ways, unless they include pomegranates! BTW, Tim's post above has given me an idea for a 100ft banner for the Shed campaign next year.
  10. Michael Essien

    The reason is that these journos are NOT football experts. All they are are fans like you or I. It's just that some of them supposedly have a better grasp of the English language and as such have jobs which allow them to comment on the matches they get paid to watch. They are no more of footballing experts than my missus, none of them. They have more experience of watching games certainly, but the vast majority just offer opinions and wouldn't know tactics if they swallowed them. One or two are obviously repected for their balanced views and comment, but experts? Nah.
  11. Didier Drogba

    Ballack, with either foot.
  12. Ashley Cole

    No brick throwing from me Scolo. See my earlier post. Emphatically yes.
  13. Ashley Cole

    Nov 26 2006, when he did the same to the Mancs player of the year on his own patch. Old riverdance hardly had a kick in the second half, just like the rest of his outclassed mates that day. They introduced the ball to the man of the match Carrick at the end as he hardly touched it in the second 45 mins to warrant the award. Shows how much the England coach knows about the game. Ashley Cole - superb that day.
  14. Ashley Cole

    If I were Ashley Cole I would be wondering why it took so long for anybody to stick up for me at Chelsea, given the backing he got yesterday. Why did it take the visit of the Ar*e for people here to wake up? Fair enough, if you're not a fan of his, your entitled to your views and not get behind him, like many have already stated. However, most of the people sitting near me (and all around the ground I suspect) were cheering his every kick when up to now, he's had a lukewarm response so far to say the least. Are we indifferent to him because of his mercenary stance and/or his hopeless first few games? Or do we get behind him now as he has proved that he is a mercenary who can actually play a bit, just like most of his team mates? Blinkered, some fans. Yes, he's an ar*e (pardon the pun) and an ill-advised one at that, but if you think that most of our players are any different when it comes to money, then I think you're wrong. Most of them are just more intelligent or cuter about their business affairs and what they say in public. He'll do for me, as he's now a CFC player giving 100% on the pitch. Judas? Too strong a word for me and not in the Sol Campbell or Jukebox Durie class. He's little different to Gallas in many respects and I won't be booing him when he eventually turns up. Actually I shall, but only 'coz he's a Gooner.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Sorry, this is a very long post . . . I was delighted when Drogba signed from Marseille. A great big striker with pace, power, goals of all types and surely a physique perfect for the premiership. Just what we needed. Personally, all I want from any Chelsea player is a commited performance to make me proud. Just love the numerous "backs to the wall" visits to the grim North in recent times. John Bumstead, who appears in the "who deserved a medal" thread elswhere, epitomised this spirit. 11 Johnny Bs would (still) do for me. Which brings me to Drogba. Didier makes me proud to have him as our player. as he's a massive part of our team's togetherness, but he didn't help himself or us, up to the Man City watershed. What are we discussing in this thread? Whether he's a better goalscorer or a better team player since the banjo jibe and if so, why? Drogba would give Johnny B a run for his money in the team player stakes. He is perfect for us. Cast your minds back to great Chelsea goalscorers like Dixon and JFH and tell me who gets through more work for the team? Drogba is at a different level in that respect. He did miss a few great chances though. Why is he scoring more/better goals now? Must be a combination of many things, including 4-4-2, proper rest and pre season, now fully acclimatised to the premiership etc. He'll never be a Terry Henry, but then again, Henry will never be a Drogba in terms of contribution. So, the cow's ar*e jibe, although harsh, had some merit last year, but not now. You can't just steam into people because of their view at the time IMO. His goals return was moderate for what we'd seen him do at Marseille. However, you should still cheer the feller for his outstanding workrate. And I did. As for his contribution to the cause, like I say I've always appreciated hard workers in the team. Didier has been tops since the word go in this respect and I don't agree with others to say he was lazy early doors. They're watching a different game to me. If anything, he has got better and, as an old centre half/left back, I know which one out of Sheva and Drogba I'd rather face. BUT . . . . . I sit firmly in the camp that thought DD's antics had a massively negative effect on the team and club in general. Look, he was by no means alone and nowadays most of his team mates go down more than he does. It's just that he was the worst though IMO, and therefore hogged the media limelight. I simply refuse to accept that a player of his physique and style needs/needed to go down at all. Drawing a foul is one thing, play acting is another. Arguing with the ref is a waste of time too. Forget the media frenzy which whipped everyone up after the Fulham and Man City handballs. These things happen and if the refs weren't so poor we wouldn't have needed to talk about it. Falling down like a dying swan is another thing altogether. It's personally something I don't want to see from the team I follow. I wish the other culprits, Robben, Cole and Duff at the time would cut it out too. What do I do as a fan? Well, I did (and still do) encourage all of the players. Hell, I even encouraged Jokanovic - It's not his fault Ranieri kept picking him. A centre forward like Drogba is almost priceless in today's football - he's unplayable at times. So why dilute your effectivelness by winding up the officials, opposition and its fans? So, you get a season and a half of falling down at the merest hint of a challenge. Do you boo? No, not for me. Do you instead shout "get up Drogba (Robben/Cole/Duff), you tart", and groan once more as your star striker falls in a heap? Ironically, Didier got the bird for a painful poke in the eye but if you cry wolf . . . Well, yes. I did. Now does that make me a booer, jeerer, encourager (big fan of Drogba), true fan or not a true fan, whatever that means? I.e. you're not a true fan if you boo/jeer - what crap. It's not as black or white as that. There would have been be hundreds, if not thousands like me that day, just many fans fed up. Was it the "jeers" that day that made him see the light? Doubt it - more like a b*llocking from JT, but we'll probably never know. There were boos (from the MH & West stand) when the man of the match award was announced. Whatever it was, and whatever the fallout from the game, nobody can argue that he's not been a changed player ever since THAT DAY. If he gradually changed, that would have been different, but we played Bolton away then West Ham at home without a fall in sight - with great performances as well. No doubt for me Man City was the watershed. The next few games to the end of the season were magnificent for Didier, as has been this season. HE alone takes the credit for this. How it came about is irrelevant to me. I'm just glad he stays on his feet and milks the applause of the crowd after another magnificent performance, goals or no goals. Play that banjo Didier, all the way to Athens, son.
  16. Didier Drogba

    > What he did last night wasn't pretty, but it was effective. He has changed the way he plays not but last night I've a slight feeling Jose told him to wind them up as many ways as possible, and it worked. I've no doubt you're right Toby. It's just that DD has been magnificent ever since Citeh without diving, and the fear is that he could be returning to old ways. We'll soon see. I bet he gets the bird at 3 point lane either way. It's also true that we played Barca at their own game last night, and added a bit of passion and energy that they didn't have. Watch any La Liga game and tell me that Premier League players are the more accomplished divers. Not a chance. We were both as bad as each other last night, in that respect. Just love the 2006/07 CFC. We have a Plan A, B & C, an amazing will to win (or draw!) and can adapt to any conditions or opponent, home or away. There's more to football than knocking over stiffs 4-0 some weeks.
  17. Gianfranco Zola

    7. Zola goal v Norwich. Was there that night and didn't appreciate the skill involved at first. Thought he just flicked it in near post. Will never forget the collective "gasp" around the ground when the replay showed what he had actually done. A genius, pure and simple.
  18. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by gangessquote:Originally posted by charlie cookeHe took on board what the cfc fans disliked about his play acting and concentrated on what he's paid a huge wage to do.. well done son. id="quote"> id="quote"> bollocks, Drogba hasn't changed much. from what I have seen so far this season the only thing that's changed is that he's scoring goals. People now appreciate his importance to the team because of his goals. CFC fans that gave him stick for his play acting were simply easily led by the medias' campaign to get him. why someone like Robben or joe Cole never got booed for their antics? Drogba was never a fans' favorite, people like Kezman and Eidur were prefered to him. I honestly don't see much change in his game apart from the goals. Welldone to him. id="quote"> id="quote">Well done as well but how can you possibly say he hasn't changed (since Man City)? I think he's changed massively, in terms of his attitude on the pitch. much, much less diving, compared to Pre Man City, fewer arguments/backchat with the ref. ALL his efforts now channelled into doing what he does best, which to my mind is a leader, someone who will battle for his team to the end, a guy who can hold it up and not let defenders rest and a guy who can make us fans be proud he's playing for us. He did this all of course before Man City, but not nearly as well in my view, because of the negative parts to his game. Yes, he has added (more spectacular) goals too, but to me the other attributes are what made me excited when we signed him. He has it in him, the way he's going, to be a club legend, if he's not one already. I just want any Chelsea player to channel EVERYTHING into playing for us, regardless of how good or bad he is. He's doing this now, but not so last year IMO. Agree with you though re Robben, Cole (and Duff). Big girls' blouses at times. Still thought Drogba was the worst at play acting, with Robben not far behind. Why he got so much more stick than them from the media, I don't know.
  19. Didier Drogba

    Just have to agree with the lads who said that Man City last March was a turning point. Don't know what combination of events really made the penny drop (fans, media, team mates, management etc). What I think we had up until then was a player who was not only inconsistent from game to game, but within games as well. Add the daft histrionics to the mix and we had a really frustrating footballer on our hands. Since then though, starting with the West Ham game, he's more like the player we all saw at Marseille. Of course he's never going to be a Ronaldinho or an Henry, but he is what he is. Which is sometimes unplayable. Little or no diving is a major bonus. The tabloid frenzy has gone away and he must be a nightmare for any defender on this form. The pundits made a big thing yesterday about Chelsea's joy in Crouch only being on the bench. Are they serious? He's so good that we don't even let JT mark him, preferring to leave it to Carvalho. Just imagine if Drogba was named as a sub. The likes of Carragher, Agger, dear old Sammy Hyppia etc. would have loved it. He used to drive me mad at times but the way he puts himself about for the team will do for me. You can't give more than 100% and the Man C episode brought it all to a head. Top team player as a result IMO with his energies channelled in the right direction.
  20. Didier Drogba

    >> where the opposition manager was saying they had few problems and >> played well. It was just all the goals we scored that were the >> difference between the sides. Enormously amusing. Yes, that struck me too, especially last season. "We matched them but if it wasn't for the fact that we lost 4-0, we would have come away with a result" Tee hee.
  21. Didier Drogba

    >> Are all the critics (including those on this site) who called him a cheating t**t who should be run out of >> Chelsea and English football going to put their hands up and say they were wrong? No, I'm with Rachel on this one. You can be both a fan and a critic here. Although not in the "run him out of town" camp at all and generally a fan of his, I reserve the right to say what I think when a player in a Chelsea shirt goes down like a big jessie time and time again and makes my club a laughing stock. The people you are referring to just felt that much stronger. DD's last two performances contained no histrionics and today he was sensational, as he has been for many games this season. See, that wasn't hard, was it? What's wrong about somebody saying "enough's enough, stop falling down son, and you'll be a much better player". We all know it was the media who set their sights on CFC and DD with that irrelevant handball and referee-surrounding nonsense, all of which is frankly ridiculous as we're largely no different to any other club. However, IMO Chelsea and Drogba needed to get its act together re the diving and who cares if it was down to some people writing on this site, Jose, the media, JT, Lamps or even the great god Sky Sports (news) itself to make this happen for Didier? The penny's dropped in under two weeks and what you got was a performance the like of which will quite rightly make Didier Drogba a hero with the fans if he carries on in this vein. The cheating/diving debate will obviously die down now because Chelsea and in particular DD aren't doing it any more (come on Arjen, your go next!). That's the price we pay for being, er Chelsea. Didn't see a "dive watch" section in the News of the World today - funny, that? However, I don't care because the result is the Drogba I want to see and in my book it's all down to this episode. Fantastic performance. Mr Hyppia must be getting a bit worried for a fortnight's time.
  22. Didier Drogba

    I'm afraid it's the old "cry wolf" situation. Of course a poke in the eye must hurt but when you've gone down as if shot dozens of times in the past, many people just don't believe you any more. Who's fault is that? My take on the booing was that the last 20 mins saw another uninspiring display by the team. You know the story; 2-0 up, kill the game. That's fine usually, but not against a mid table team team who were playing mostly a reserve side minus their skipper, and were outclassed in the first half to boot. Couple that with the numerous chances missed earlier in the 2nd half and people in the ground were getting frustrated at yet another tepid display. Playing the ball around the halfway line didn't help (the fans) and there was an increasing amount of booing, whistling, groaning, call it what you will. Haven't heard that since Veron was booed against Boro post the Monaco debacle (was there as much uproar then?). Drogba's great run but ultimate fall in the box was simply the last straw that day for some and has brought out all this emotion, either for or against Drogba/the media/diving/cheating/booing/are you a real fan if you boo etc. What it has also done is fuelled this media witch hunt, which most people agree is ridiculous and biased against our Club and its players anyway. Most can ignore this, but we can still get our own house in order. I actually think this is potentially a good thing (always positive, me). For the next home game, Drogba is likely to get a massive ovation from the fans, and why not? He is a physical, committed player who scores goals and works so hard for the team. He has all the attributes to become a hero at our club, regardless of how good or bad you think he is skillwise. All he has to do is stop the theatrics and nearly everybody will love him, or at least support him. NOW is his chance. It's our chance too. Get behind him - see if he responds by cutting this out of his game. If he doesn't, the debate will simply rage on. If he does, spot on. That could/should then rub off on the other thespians in the Club.
  23. Michael Essien

    It's been reported on Reuters that he's not even in the 23 man squad now.
  24. Didier Drogba

    Drogba was simply outstanding yesterday, against admittedly moderate opposition. We all know his problem is his inconsistency, but let's give credit where it's due. I'm a big fan of Crespo (like most of us), but if they swapped performances for the Brum and West Ham games, where Crespo played two blinding crosses in, bullied the oppo's back four and scored a great goal & Drogba scored twice but missed seven or so gilt edged chances + a couple of half chances, we would we screaming blue murder. Crespo deserves more and so does Drogba. Perhaps we should only boo him when he dives! Drogba drives me and everyone else mad at times, but he was close to his best yesterday.
  25. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by thabigdawgquote:Originally posted by James PrescottListen to Jose's interview for BBC. He is upset becuase nobody talks about the challenge on Essien which "means he can't walk" and could be out for six weeks. However, when Essien tackles Hamman and causes a slight scar (which doesn't put him out of any games) it's shown for two weeks on tv and Essien is branded dirty. He's spot on again. It may sound petty and arrogant but the fact is that if Essien had done that to a West Ham player he would have been sent off and slaughtered in the press. Is that fair? Is there a slight vendetta against Chelsea here? id="quote"> id="quote"> The possible reason why the Essien/Hamann tackle got a lot of attention (more than this one) is because: 1. It was a Chelsea player, and Chelsea headlines get viewers. 2. It was the second bad tackle from him in a short space of time (this is the main reason IMO) and 3. It was in a high-profile "grudge match." But about all this attention, did Lampard's tackle on Alonso last season (that broke Alonso's ankle and kept him out for over 3 months) get the same amount of attention that Essien's got? Nope - don't think it is a Chelsea vendetta, but its probably due to the fact that Essien did two bad tackles in a very short space of time that the Hamann tackle got that kind of attention. id="quote"> id="quote">You're mostly right, but don't know how you can compare the Lampard/Alonso incident with Essien. The former was purely a mistimed tackle from an honest player which unfortunately put out one of Liverpool's more influential players for 3 months or so. You could however compare the Lamps/Xavi tackle to Shearer's challenge on Wayne Bridge (which broke his ankle and our full back hasn't played a league game in 10 months since). Little or no TV coverage either - These things happen. No, Essien made two horrible tackles both warranting straight reds in most people's opinions and nobody can argue against a ban. Where Chelsea fans get the hump is when video evidence is used to bring Essien to book but other challenges caught on tape go unpunished and the authorities appear to be making up the rules as they go along (I.e whether the ref saw the incident or not). I think Rooney also got a three match ban last season for pushing Ben Haim over. The media got hold of it and the FA jumped. How was that any different to the Gerrard/Crouch/Bowyer shenanigans? Neither deserved a ban - the game's gone soft. Same thing happened with Sky, UEFA and Essien, and I look forward to UEFA doing likewise when a ref misses something in the next round of CL matches. It's probably because there seems to be different rules for the premiership and CL that we think, rightly or wringly, that the whole thing stinks.