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  1. About 15+ of us go to games together and go regularly to european aways. If your up for the most absoulute banter you ever come across and like drinking excessive amounts then feel free to join!..
  2. I lion would never cheat on his wife, but a tiger wood.
  3. And anybody who says he is slopy and slow, he is a holding midfeild player. If he was quick and would take players on he wouldent be playing in that position.Holding midfeild players rarely get the praise they deserve becuase nobody notices them in a game just becuase there not flare, without him we would have lost a fair few points for sure. Fact is, who else would play the position if he left, to the same ability Mikel does ?
  4. Mikel is a fantastic player and gets too much unfair stick. A lot of people dont appreciate how much he can read a game and how much he stops play coming through the middle. I dont think there is another player in the world as young as mikel who is composed and so tactically aware as he is. IMO he will become a chelsea great if he stays with us. He should be first 11, every week.
  5. I would love Pacquiao to win as it means so much to him, his country and family, where as Mayweather main and sole purpose you would think is money from the way he flaunts it. IMO, I can onlysee a Mayweather win atm. He has that extra spice and will counter anything Pacquiao throws at him in the early round I would expect and the only way I can see Mayweather losing is if he gets caught with a big one early on and he dont get back up. Mayweather is at best when he is avoiding the other fighter and tiring them out at the same time, aswell as making his opponent run out of ideas. Overall, Pacquiao will get the exact same treatment as Hatton did and once agian, that annoying little prat with all the dosh will prove he is the best P4P fighter in the world.
  6. Yeah, travel wise for reading is pretty simple. Not walkable realisticly, bus is the best idea. Only take 15mins. There's a few good pubs and the town centre is right by the station.
  7. I'm seriously up for this and I am more then happy to take a role in arranging and getting things going. Anybody intrested in joining this next year PM me.
  8. Yes completly agree with the whole community sheild idea, anyone who is seriously up for this will like the idea I would think? Pub choices and everything shouldent even be considered yet until we get this thing rolling. I think this whole idea could go down really well if we can get this going. There could be a big attraction, Young lads who dont want to go with the old man any more, or few lads who want to start getting involved with bigger groups. Also some people just want to go more often but can't becuase they dont know many Chelsea fans in there area, (My problem) As I only get to go with the old man on away trips or the occasional home game. If anybody wants a hand in arranging and trying to get his thing going I'm open for offers to give a hand.
  9. This sounds a like a cracking idea if we could get it going next year. I'm 17 so will defo be up for it. How many people were in it when it first started?
  10. Thank you.
  11. Was able to make the game as I live local. The old boys outplayed Swindon, and they had a fair few of there first team in there squad. For the person who asked if they could see it online I will look on stfcworld see if I can get on there.
  12. Your existing username: SwindonBlues The username you want it changed to: ShedEndArmy No worries if your not able, thanks in advance if you can.