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  1. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    ^^^ Don't see Conte moving away from a back 3, so I think it may take a change in manager to revert to a back 4.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yup, we could probably sell him for twice that in the summer. Ross is an interesting one. He has some good attributes, namely decent dribbling ability, pace and strength. He's quite young still (only just turned 24) so should improve. Needs to work on his decision making and shooting (he does far too much of the latter). But there's a player in there that could excel in the right circumstances. At that price it's worth a punt.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Really doubt we'll sell Courtois. I think it's just the usual contract talks which are dragging on. I fully expect him to sign a new contract. Luiz could go either way though. I wouldn't sell unless he explicitly wants out. He's a very important member of the squad and dressing room. I reckon we'll really need him in the second half of the season.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ha. I know you jest but I actually would look at a reinforcement and that would be Danny Rose. He's obviously fallen out with Pochettino and I think we would be stupid not to bid for him in Jan. Go all in for Sanchez as well and those would be 2 signings that would add a lot of quality.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Gotta say, this is the quietest lead up to a window that I can remember. Just about a month to go and deals are often close to being sealed at this point. I wonder what's going on behind the scenes.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Shocking news, really sad. RIP.
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Yes, agreed, my comment was more an observation about how we actually have an academy graduate who's made the leap, and the deafening silence around that. We're often portrayed as a graveyard for youth players, but Christensen is paving the way. As chiswickblue suggests, perhaps it's due to nationality?
  8. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    We'd only sell if Hazard explicitly asked to leave. We never keep players around if they don't want to be here. Hazard doesn't seem to be the sort to agitate for a move so it would probably take a huge bid to come in for him to ask for a move. As for replacing him, that's impossible of course, but I'd immediately throw over a 100m at Dybala. He's quality in his own right.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, he's way too good for Holland and would be a handy addition to the squad. I'd have him back but I'm not sure he's considered a serious option for us in the future. Yeah, I think it's a choice between Cesc and Pedro. Tough one, but Cesc at his best influences the game more.
  10. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    If he were to go in this ridiculous market, he'd cost close to 200m. Not sure even Madrid would cough that up.
  11. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Well said. He's very good. The silence around him, as an academy graduate, is deafening.
  12. N'Golo Kante

    Wouldn't swap him for anyone else in the world, in any position.
  13. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Yes, but would that afford enough opportunity for Tammy? He needs games under his belt and I reckon he'd probably be 3rd choice behind Morata and Dzeko. If we do bring him back, he should be no worse than 2nd choice, meaning we should probably have a veteran as 3rd choice. Maybe someone like Crouch or Mario Gomez.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, agree with this. I doubt Alex Sandro will be made available in January, so I really don't know who to look at. Maybe go back in for Bertrand? As for Baba, he's coming off a terrible injury and will need at least a couple of months of fairly regular football to build up some form and fitness. I don't see that happening here. It's not about better but, as you said, it's about numbers. We literally don't have an alternative to Alonso and whilst his stamina is incredible, we can't expect him to play 55 games in such a demanding position. Agree that we need more AM's, but that could be mitigated by playing more of the 3-5-2. All of a sudden that means we have 5 options for the 2 up top. Kenedy makes sense to me too but Conte obviously doesn't rate him, and I reckon he doesn't like him either. I like Alonso too, but his is one of the only positions where there's literally no competition. The WB's play a vital role in our system and we need to have options there, ideally quality ones. Good shout, but I reckon we need someone established and immediately usable. This. I've been screaming out about the need for a quality attacking option at LWB. Someone with pace and the ability to beat his man would add an entirely new dimension.
  15. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Is this true? If so, that's fantastic news. Fingers crossed, the rest come back without any injuries. We're going to need a fully fit squad to get through the next 6-7 weeks.