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  1. I like Belotti. I think he has a lot of attributes that would work well for him in the league. However, I don't think we're looking at him that seriously. Presently, as it was last summer, Lukaku and/or Morata seem to be the favoured options.
  2. I sincerely hope it's trimmed. The likes of Piazon, Kalas, Omeruo, Nathan, and Hector don't really have a future with us. The same could be said for Van Ginkel and Pasalic, even though they are of a higher quality. And don't even get me started on the likes of Wallace, Rodriguez, Feruz, Delac, Cuevas, and Angban. Finding buyers won't be easy but we could recoup a fair amount if we move a few on. I like Traore, I think he's very talented and would be very useful as a 4th AM/3rd striker. Being left-footed, he offers a bit of variety as well. He's also technically gifted and has an eye for goal. Having said that, and even though he's young, I do have some reservations: 1) He's extremely one-footed. Sometimes that's not an issue, but you need other attributes to compensate for that, and I'm not sure he has those. 2) As you mention, he's lightweight. He could work on that, being as young as he is. He's actually filled out since his days as a 17 year old when he was a twig, but he's going to have to hit the gym. 3) He's not particularly quick or a great dribbler. Whilst he's tall, he's not quite an athlete as such and that's a problem. You really do need 3-4 stand out attributes to make it with us (pace, power and technical ability being the holy trinity) and he doesn't really tick those boxes.
  3. The possibility of meeting later aside, I think it's a good result. It just means that another one of our competitors will have the burden of CL. All 5 of us are now in the same boat.
  4. No doubt. They've already tried to ship him off to Inter and with that looking a pipe dream the next step will be to stir up trouble regarding transfers. It's good that they're worried though; it shows that we're doing something right.
  5. This won't be easy. Arsenal have, as others, mimicked our formation and been the better for it. They have a defensive solidity which allows their attacking players to flourish. As with us, it has suited them. If they were stuck in their 4-2-3-1, I'd be very confident, but in the 3-4-3 there is the possibility of a canceling out. Having said that, we've been using the formation for longer and our players are more used to it. We also have, IMO, the better quality and that tends to make the difference. Also, psychologically, we hold the edge. Important, then, to start well. Go ahead in the game and Arsenal will have to chase, leaving gaps behind and their confidence wavering. I think we'll go tried and tested in this one, with Matic and Pedro preferred to Cesc and Willian. The latter two can come on later to exploit the big pitch. I'ts 10 years on from our FA cup triumph at the 'new' Wembley in 2007. It's time to come full circle.
  6. Am a bit late to this so will add just a few observations: 1) Alonso is an absolutely brilliant set piece taker who should be taking the majority of them. His technique and accuracy is remarkable. 2) Once again you can only marvel at Fabregas' passing. The long ball that led to Pedro's goal was ridiculous. The ball ran to him on the center circle and he looked up for barely a second before launching it straight into Pedro's path. Pedro celebrated the goal with a binoculars gesture. Fabregas has binocular vision. 3) JT. Don't even know what to say here, except, thank you. Captain, leader, legend.
  7. 93 points up for grabs. 30 wins up for grabs. JT's last home game. Trophy lifting time. It's going to be a party. One step beyond.
  8. No way will Pickford come to us at this stage of his career. Agree with Conte Kante that it'll most likely be an experienced pro. Apparently we'll be getting about 12m for Begovic which is a very handy fee. In other news Kessie is rumoured to be off to AC Milan, so that's him off the market. Makes the Bakayoko links even more solid. Also, further rumbles regarding Lukaku and Van Dijk. I reckon we're going to sign the 3 of them.
  9. Yup, decent little fee. They all add up. Expecting further sales for the likes of Piazon, Kalas, Pasalic, and a few others.
  10. Right, of course.
  11. I think the point being that Jose sticks to his 4-2-3-1, hence a rigidity towards a system. Conte has shown to be very flexible with formations, often moving between three (3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-2-4) within a single game. Jose's rigidity towards his system has meant that several players (such as Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Rashford) haven't played in their preferred positions.
  12. Yeah I really like him as well and hope he stays. He's good in the box and tends to sniff a goal. He's also pretty good at coming short and bringing others into play and should only get better at that. What he needs to learn from Diego is how and when to make a run off the ball. Diego is one of the best in the world at doing that.
  13. I'm very surprised there hasn't been a kit launch yet. Don't we usually have it revealed by now and in fact wear the new kit in the last home game of the season? Maybe with Nike on board they want to milk it a bit and have a glitzy launch prior to the new season? It's been strangely quiet.
  14. Did anyone watch the pre-match show last night, in which Lampard chose his composite 2004/5 and 2016/17 eleven? He went with this: Cech; Azpi, Carvalho, JT, Gallas; Makelele, Kante, Lampard; Hazard, Robben, Costa What. A. Team.
  15. Yes, there are only two from Arsenal that I'd consider. One they won't sell to us and the other is pretty much one of us anyway.