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  1. 93 points up for grabs. 30 wins up for grabs. JT's last home game. Trophy lifting time. It's going to be a party. One step beyond.
  2. No way will Pickford come to us at this stage of his career. Agree with Conte Kante that it'll most likely be an experienced pro. Apparently we'll be getting about 12m for Begovic which is a very handy fee. In other news Kessie is rumoured to be off to AC Milan, so that's him off the market. Makes the Bakayoko links even more solid. Also, further rumbles regarding Lukaku and Van Dijk. I reckon we're going to sign the 3 of them.
  3. Yup, decent little fee. They all add up. Expecting further sales for the likes of Piazon, Kalas, Pasalic, and a few others.
  4. Right, of course.
  5. I think the point being that Jose sticks to his 4-2-3-1, hence a rigidity towards a system. Conte has shown to be very flexible with formations, often moving between three (3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-2-4) within a single game. Jose's rigidity towards his system has meant that several players (such as Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Rashford) haven't played in their preferred positions.
  6. Yeah I really like him as well and hope he stays. He's good in the box and tends to sniff a goal. He's also pretty good at coming short and bringing others into play and should only get better at that. What he needs to learn from Diego is how and when to make a run off the ball. Diego is one of the best in the world at doing that.
  7. I'm very surprised there hasn't been a kit launch yet. Don't we usually have it revealed by now and in fact wear the new kit in the last home game of the season? Maybe with Nike on board they want to milk it a bit and have a glitzy launch prior to the new season? It's been strangely quiet.
  8. Did anyone watch the pre-match show last night, in which Lampard chose his composite 2004/5 and 2016/17 eleven? He went with this: Cech; Azpi, Carvalho, JT, Gallas; Makelele, Kante, Lampard; Hazard, Robben, Costa What. A. Team.
  9. Yes, there are only two from Arsenal that I'd consider. One they won't sell to us and the other is pretty much one of us anyway.
  10. 90 points. We're in elite company now and with the possibility of hitting 93 points, it's one hell of an achievement. Watford played it like it was their cup final. Pressed high, went flying into tackles and desperately wanted to ruin the occasion. That was all Mazzari driven, I reckon. He obviously has it in for Conte. It was doubly enjoyable then, beating them with a B team and watching him storm down the tunnel after the game. Conte must have loved it. Thought Wilian was excellent. Him and Hazard are so good at receiving the ball under pressure, back to goal, turning and accelerating like greyhounds. We're going to need Willian more than ever next season. Quality player. Some auditions on display for Zouma, Kenedy, Ake, and Chalobah. Zouma, as likable as he his, is still so rusty and raw. He's not great technically and probably needs a loan next season. I'd really like him to be part of our long term future, but I'm not sure. Hope it works out for the lad. Was surprised Kenedy got a run, I thought he was all but frozen out. Not sure he did enough to be considered an option for next year. We'll probably look to strengthen that position and he'll likely be on his way out, in one form or the other. Thought the other two, Ake and Chalobah had solid enough games. Ake was turned for the goal, but otherwise solid, as he sually is. Great asist and won most of his challenges/duels. Chalobah had a 7/10 game and that's the sort of player he is. I think they'll be handy squad options next season, but will they be okay with that? Decisions to be made.
  11. Form a line and applaud the champions. Party time now, should be a great night. Normally I'd have the core start the game to soak up the applause but seeing as it's coming so soon after Firday, it makes perfect sense to rotate. So in comes JT, Zouma, Ake, Chalobah, Kante, RLC, Willian and Michy and maybe a couple who started against West Brom. I'd be very surprised if it was anything else. The regulars can come back in next weekend.
  12. Not going to put a wishlist here, instead will focus on the ones we continue to get linked to: Van Dijk, Sandro/Alaba, Bakayoko/Kessie, Lukaku/Morata. So that's a CB, LWB, CM and ST. I wouldn't be surprised if we land at least 2 of those names and I reckon a couple of those deals are already sealed.
  13. Can I just say what a prick Klopp is? He's gone on and on this season downplaying our success, attributing it to fewer injuries, no European football (something about a dark kettle here) and any other excuse he can make. The man has no class whatsoever.
  14. The man is pure class. He has the competitive fire and quenching desire to win of Jose, the humility and respect of Claudio, the nurture and support of Carlo, and the immaculate style and empathy of Di Matteo.
  15. Champions!
  16. Well that was emotional. Congrats to everyone. The team, management, club, supporters and everyone involved. There's relief and joy in equal measure. It's been a ride, but oh so worth it. As for the game, never in doubt. I'm usually a pessimist, a conservative really when in comes to watching us play. But I just knew we were going to win. I knew it was coming, and really, the later the better. It meant more. So happy for Michy. He's been patient, witty, and entirely respectful of his circumstances. For him to get the title winner would have meant so much to him. Really well taken goal too. A striker's goal. I hope he stays. Couldn't be happier for Antonio as well. In a short space of time, he's become as loved as anyone associated with the club. And he's done it with respect and dignity. Whatever happens, he'll always be a fabric of the club. Having said that, there's a lot more to be achieved and you can sense we're really building something quite special here. Exciting times. For now, let's revel in this with pride and reflection. Carefree.
  17. Celta really should have scored in those closing seconds. The chap who squared the ball should have shot instead. It would have been a delicious end to the game. Unfortunately I don't see them losing in the final. Jose just doesn't lose finals (I think he's only ever lost one, against Atletico in the copa) and this Ajax team is young, inexperienced and naive.
  18. Butterflies abound. Anticipation, nerves, excitement. It's all there. First things first, we need to win a football match. And it won't be easy. Pulis is a renowned party pooper. He will not want to lose. He was at the Borough game and was probably disgusted by their performance and will use it as a paradigm of what not to do. Expect the baggies to be much more physical and intense. I'd start Cesc for this but I don't think Conte will. Reckon he'll go with the Matic-Kante partnership with the rest of the team as is, with Cesc to come on later. I suppose there's a poignancy to that, seeing as it's gotten us to where we are. The atmosphere will be electric. It's a momentous night. It's really been a journey this season, and we're so close. So proud of this team. So proud of the support. Let's do this.
  19. Yes, it's very team based and all about structure and organization, which in turn allows individuals to flourish. As long as we strengthen with the requisite quality and with players who know their roles, it is, as you said, very sustainable.
  20. 5. He'll be fine.
  21. Reports that he'll be bringing in his own (Italian) assistant to replace Holland: 'The club are also prepared to allow him to appoint his new No 2 in the job having in the past asked of managers that they take an assistant with a background either at Chelsea or in the English game. Steve Holland is leaving to work full-time with Gareth Southgate at the end of the season, and Conte is minded to appoint another Italian to his backroom staff to replace the Englishman.' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/05/09/chelsea-confident-antonio-conte-will-extend-contract-capital/ The funny thing is that of the 3 signings (Luiz, Alonso, Kante) I'm not sure any were first choice. We were chasing Koulibaly and then Romagnoli for the CB position, and Nainggolan for CM. Alonso was a late buy and I think we were looking at other options, though I can't quite remember who.
  22. Nevin is one of the best pundits, offering incisive and analytical analysis. He really should get more screen time.
  23. Alright, the squad status needs to be redefined with some end of season extensions. These are absolutely vital if we want to stay where we are and begin to further strengthen. From back to front: 1) Courtois 2) Fabregas 3) Hazard 4) Costa Extensions for all 4. Obviously Costa's future is up in the air and you'd imagine we'll get a quality replacement in if he leaves. The other 3 are world class talents. We have to secure their futures.
  24. That was fun. The whole team played with real freedom and enjoyment. It was a bit of a party atmosphere really. The celebrations have already begun. Thoughts: 1) Fabregas, first and foremost. He's honestly the best long passer I've ever seen in my life. Only Pirlo compares to him. In terms of short passing, Xavi and Zidane were probably better, but pinging the ball 30-60 yards and landing it on a coin? Unparalleled. All said and done, 20 goals for Costa, his best haul. We wouldn't have won the league without him. If he does leave, I'm really going to miss his blind charging runs behind defenders with Cesc picking him out time and time again. We won't have it so good again. Thought Azpi was brilliant, as were Luiz and Matic. Everyone deserves praise actually. 2) I suppose the moist praise should go to Conte. It was quite endearing seeing him move to 3-5-2 with 10 minutes to go. Oh Antonio. Never change. Contract extension for him and support him to the hilt in the summer. He's creating something gargantuan. 3) Let's win it at WBA, shall we? I remember a cracking atmosphere when we lost there in the title winning season. The away support sang, 'We've won the league' for almost half an hour straight while we were 3-0 down. Let's give them a lot more to sing about. And really, we don't want to delay it. Say we draw and Spurs draw against Man U. That makes us champions but I'd rather not win the league due to an opposition result. Let's do it ourselves.
  25. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. What were you saying mate? Oh... Ok then, after thoroughly enjoying trolling myself, we have the small matter of finishing off the job, beginning tonight. Cesc to start, regardless of whether Kante is fit. Pedro keeps his place, and whilst I'd like to see JT start if Luiz isn't fit, I think Conte may go with Ake, which would be well deserved. Don't see any complacency to be honest, Conte won't allow it. If anything, there should be a freedom to our play, seeing as the pressure has been lifted. Should be a cracking atmosphere for what could be the beginning of a decisive and momentous week.