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  1. You still on planet Earth Ove?

  2. Name Change

    Ok, from Carefree SRT to bitnr it is then.
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    Yes, no problem.
  4. Name Change

    Yes, sure. I've changed your name from Hardcore_Blue to Chris Huggett
  5. Michael Essien

    I remember reading a story about Essien and his father in the Guardian a while back. I googled for it and it's called The rise and rise of Michael Essien, in which there's mentioned something about his relationship with his father: Lots of people have problematic relationships with their parents, so Essien certainly wouldn't be the first one. It's a terribly one-sided story about a difficult family situation that the Sunday Mirror really shouldn't have run with. Credit to the radio journalist in Ghana that refused to take advantage of the situation.
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    Your member name has been changed from CHELSEA AGGRO to Pauline Fowler.
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    I've been expecting this. :) Your name has been changed from Robben17 to Flo17.
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    Sure, I've changed your name from Mulberry to Daniela.
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    OK, I've changed your name from Leighton to Mascherato.
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    Yes, it's a bit too long, your name will probably be truncated in topic view.
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    Sure, your name has now been changed from moaabens to CFC Moe.
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    OK, cfc_george to cfc_George it is then.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Drogba has just signed a new contract while Frank Lampard hasn't. Lampard already has a contract that's worth more than our PL top scorer and I'm sure the club would be perfectly happy to extend his contract on the same terms. These players are clearly trying to get the most out of their playing careers financially. But thinking that Lampard is "desperate to stay and commit his future to Chelsea" when he's not put pen to paper, while slating Drogba for not being loyal enough when he already has signed a contract, frankly doesn't make much sense.
  14. Name Change

    Carefree CFC -> Tickle Her Bum boby -> Mr-H-L
  15. Michael Essien

    Please get back on topic.