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  1. Chelsea 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    If you've watched the Crystal Palace vs Wolves today it was a similar game to us with only difference that one of Crystal Palace's players was brave enough to shoot from the edge of the box. We need our players to take on those opportunities and not just dilly dally around the box. I am pretty sure we have a very very low percentage of goals score from outside of the box compared to other teams.
  2. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    I've watched today's performance objectively keeping emotions aside. I've come to the conclusion that the players are in that downhill spiral where they don't know what to do on the pitch. This usually happens when the manager has tried everything and is not able to turn it around. This is very reminiscent of the last days of some of the managers we have sacked in previous years. I remember during the bad run in leading to the sacking of Andes Villas Boas, that even players like Terry, Drogba, Lampart et al were looking poor. Same happenned during Jose last days here where all the players just looked like they dont know how to play. We can micro analyze all we want players like Werner, Havertz, Kante and find faults but at the end of the day the team looks bereft of ideas on how to play cohesively. Unfortunately this is on the manager who also happens to be one of the best players in Chelsea's history. I don't want us to sack Lampard immediately because there is a lot at stake here. All the players came here because of him and bringing in another manager might lead to a significant churn among the players. What I want to see is if Lampard has realized that the way we are playing now is not working and if he is able to turn this around. I'm willing to give him atleast till end of season to see if he is able to take on such a big job or it was never meant for him to succeed at Chelsea
  3. Its not working though, is it? I'm sure protecting players is a part of it but Jose always believed in creating the "Us Against the World" mentality to galvanize the players. It gets old too fast though when you start running out of excuses.
  4. Now that Jose is on the other side as a manager, I'm realizing how annoying his propaganda and victim mentality are! Every situation he has an excuse ready to dish out. He can never admit he has failed with size of ego he has. Spending a fortune on players and getting a complete season with Man United, he still has to cling on to rubbish excuses like fixture congestion and injuries. Some people are naive enough to buy his bullsh*t but I always feel he does this to take attention away from his failings.
  5. Fans attach way too much sentiment to managers. Its just a job for most of them. Gone are those days of Ferguson and Paisley where the club was a big part of the manager's life. Managers will now say whatever gets the supporters on their side and Mourinho is no exception. He makes the same remarks more or less for every club he has managed.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Most good defenders are late bloomers. I'm sure he'll come good for us!
  7. Thats a diplomatic way of saying the buck stops at the manager. I'm sure a lot of thinking was done before doing this. Managers were sacked for far far less this season.
  8. I feel bad for Mourinho as a man. Sure he gets a huge compensation but he is the only manager who knows and respects us Chelsea fans.
  9. Brilliant analysis Michael Tucker. Its hard to argue against your points. People in here are getting way too defensive of Mourinho, like he can do no wrong. We just need to admit he messed up this time and move on.
  10. Mourinho's ego is taking him over. His justification of getting vulnerable to counterattack is so ridiculous when you consider Hazard is the only player who stays in attack and is not the one who defends.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    If Sterling is worth that much then Hazard's value can estimated at 100M for me!
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is a big mistake if true. Falcao is done, there are pages and pages of United fans moaning about his complete inability to score goals. I'm disappointed in Jose if he goes ahead with this.
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    He deserves this, I've no sympathy for him. When you go out and try to hype things up for yourself, people will have a laugh when you eventually fall on your face. Did it last season, did it again!
  14. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Why is Gerrard's farewell from Premier League being made such an occasion while Lampard got none of it ??! Its a shame our fans didn't try to big up the occasion when he was leaving.
  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Yes, its hard to complain when you win the league but I'm not entirely sure if we are struggling to find our early season form or we just to chose to play this way.
  16. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    What did Gerrard say ?
  17. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    It'll be very easy for fans to turn against Jose, if he fails to win trophies with the style of football we are playing. He'll get away with it as long as he wins.
  18. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Shameful from Hazard ! This is not the attitude I would expect from him
  19. Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 0

    Bringing Mikel on is not necessarily defensive. It is to release WIllian on the wings and get Fabregas to get closer to the goal.
  20. Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 0

    Unless you get the ball, impeding a running man is a definite penalty no matter the amount of contact. Hazard should deffo improve his penalty taking decision to consider times when keeper doesnt move.
  21. Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 0

    I knew Hazard would miss, he wasnt even looking at the keeper . Thank **** for the rebound!
  22. Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 0

    What good is Cuadrado for ?! can't even trap a pass now!
  23. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 3

    Does Drogba not know where the goal is ??! what is with these weird flicks ?? He is very frustrating!
  24. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 0

    Mourinho has never lost to Wenger one has to keep that in mind! I'd expect to draw or may be nick a win with some luck!
  25. Chelsea 2 Stoke City 1 I looked at this clip and you can clearly see Courtois is even out of the freekick circle outside the box. Add to that the fact that he reacts so late after the shot there is no way he was going to save that.