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    EXCLUSIVE: ASSE / AS Monaco: Zouma agree with Chelsea
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer5m Chelsea FC do it yet again. Part 2. "The **** from Pool, they bought his flight, but Salah, he saw the light" #CFC #LFC Hahahahahahaha.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Salah signed !
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Guys, its done and dusted. No use frying our brains out anymore about this. Yeah it hurts and all, also would be painful watching him in that red jersey. But well, we have decent money from his sale, which we "might" spend and add players to strengthen our squad. Time to thank Little Juan for all the great memories ! One of my favorite players in the squad at the moment. But Onwards and Upwards ! We move on !
  5. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    Thanks for all the great memories Little Juan ! Onwards and Upwards ! We move on.
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    Sky Sports Scouts rate Salah quite highly:
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    ROB ‏@1RobBeasley24m Check out Antoine Griezmann for #CFC Chelsea will use some of the money to grab £24m-rated Griezmann. [sun]
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    I say, good replacement. He is the type of player Jose requires. Good move.
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    Just as I posted the, time to trigger Costa clause thing, I read this on Express: "No one is indispensible. What's most important is the club," Simeone told Spanish TV stationCuatro.
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    Maybe time to try and trigger Diego Costa clause ? 32m - Diego Cost + 8m Salah
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    Well tbf, for price he does offer a lot of quality. Plays as a proper wide winger, has a lot of pace.
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    Interesting. Well the only factor is that it has been posted by the official NextGen Twitter account.
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    NextGeneration ‏@NextGenSeries10h Reports from the Netherlands suggest Viktor Fischer could be at #CFC as soon as the end of this month.#ajax Anyone know who this kid is ? Transfermarkt states that he is a LW/AM. So basically we ship DeBruyne and sign another.
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    Ben Smith ‏@BenSmithBBC1h #CFC target Nemanja Matic is in Zurich to attend the Ballon d'Or awards. He is up for best goal v Porto. Gonçalo Lopes ‏@_GoncaloLopes1h Matic will be in London today, after Zurich. Tomorrow he signs with cfc. Benfica and cfc still in talks.
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    Well slightly off-topic, but Matic's height is 1.94m. Will be a tough cookie to mark in the "D" on a set-piece. João Ruela ‏@joao_ruela34mMatic will play against FC Porto today, but shall join Chelsea after it.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Gonçalo Lopes ‏@_GoncaloLopes34mMatic has an agreement with Chelsea. He's refusing to play today with Benfica to put pressure. Gonçalo Lopes ‏@_GoncaloLopes34mBenfica refused the first offer, 35m€ Gonçalo Lopes ‏@_GoncaloLopes32m#CFC expects Matic to be in London tomorrow. All the story in O Jogo.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    LoL, AC Milan release Official Statement that the rumor is false.
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    Nikolas Postinger ‏@nikpostinger45m Berlusconi—"I've had enough, the decision is made. Mario Balotelli is officially on the market. We must sell him before the end of January" So Balotelli is available. Wouldnt mind him tbh considering Milan dont demand some crazy money for him !
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    Silly Football ‏@SillyFootball 7m Agent says Willian is interested in joining ManUtd. Anzhi accept Liverpool's bid. Willian has medical at Tottenham. Chelsea sign Willian!
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    Apparently, the rumour started by Superdeporte, local Valencia based Newspaper. Never heard of them before. Here is the link: They are stating that Valencia have definitely contacted Chelsea regarding Torres.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Valencia want Fernando Torres to replace Soldado
  23. ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer Alex Candal is a senior Madrid correspondent for DIRECTV & has confirmed Mourinho will leave #RMCF at the end of the season. ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer "Confirmed, Mourinho leaves Real Madrid at end of season. He signed his termination 70 days ago. The club plans the season without him" #CFC
  25. ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer According to Le Parisien, Ancelotti has reached an agreement with Real Madrid; with Jose Mourinho favourite to take over at #PSG.