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  1. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    I literally have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
  2. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    The problem is that it’s a recurring theme. We have no cutting edge, we lack incisiveness match after match. In every match the attacking fluidity is just not there. We dominate possession but don’t create anywhere near the chances you’d expect for that ball possession. There’s a problem there, clearly. I’d love to see the stats on how often we pass the ball backwards versus the other top teams. In a recent match, we had about 700 successful passes and only 4 shots on target. Those numbers are just ridiculous. An average of 175 passes just to get a shot on target, let alone a goal! All this is to say that when it happens so often, I think you do have to put it down to the tactics, the manager, the philosophy and so on. We’re basically toothless. We overplay. Our crossing is Sunday league level. We’ll dominate and but not score, and totally let teams off the hook and then we’ll inevitably concede. You don’t see this week-in week-out with City or Liverpool, they’re absolutely devastating. Although of course their squads are 10 times better than ours. It’s really hard to feel a connection with this current *team*. If Alonso never played for us again I’d be really happy.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's strange one, the Barkley signing, because he's no better than RLC in my opinion. And Ruben's having a great season at Palace so my hope is that he'll come back in an even stronger position to challenge for a place next year. Based on Bakayoko's performances this season, I'd put Drinkwater ahead of him (he knows the league, has title winning experience , has a great synergy with Kante and his distribution is far superior). And once RLC is back, I'd much rather see him in the lineup ahead of Bakayoko even if his performances aren't outstanding straight away. I think as fans we're a lot more tolerant of a youth player feeling his way into the team than we are an expensive foreign signing. As far as transfers go, I'm dreaming but I'd love us to get Bertrand back or go for Sandro, plus get Aubameyang and Alexis Sanchez. That would be a sweet January window!