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  1. Yep, I agree regarding his striking technique.. And also if you watch it he looks down at Mignolet's right hand side as he goes to take it. Probably a bit of a giveaway. I've always favoured midfielders taking penalties.
  2. Definitely a point we would have taken before the game if it was offered, although the fact that Tottenham drew and Arsenal lost makes the penalty miss and some aspects of the performance frustrating. Would have been fantastic to have gotten all 3 points given the circumstances. Thought the Kante twins (haha) were outstanding tonight. We didn't look comfortable with Liverpool's pressing at all, ball retention was poor, until Cesc and Pedro came on after which we started to look far more composed. We were compact but far from spectacular. Aside from Luiz's inventive free-kick (and the penalty of course), Pedro's late hooked effort a yard or 2 wide was the only other genuine chance we had. I'm kind of annoyed that Diego doesn't stay on his feet and actually try to score from open play in the penalty incident. There was some contact, sure, but not enough to bring him down and I feel he has a better chance of rifling that in as the play continues. I hope that we put on a big performance against Arsenal now. We struggled tonight.
  3. I would 'hazard' a guess that Messi and Ronaldo have taken a lot more penalties in that same period for their respective teams, though. Probably a percentage of missed penalties is the more accurate metric. However, you're right - only 2 missed in 5 years is an excellent return.
  4. Hey guys, Hope you're all well. Scott here, avid long time reader of the forum, but I think I've only posted twice in the match day threads in the 8 years I've been a member! Anyway, not to bore you all too much - I generally live mostly in the U.S these days and have for the past 3 years, although I'm British and a Chelsea fan through and through. I try to get tickets for games whenever I'm over and we're -playing at home/time allows, etc. I've got a ticket for the Bournemouth game on Boxing Day and was wondering if anyone's meeting up beforehand for some drinks? I'm travelling from Brighton but looking to get to London at around midday. Would be lovely to meet some some of you and have a drink with some fellow Chelsea fans. My email is: and my UK number is: 07375 506177 Feel free to reply on here or using the email/number above. Thanks for your time! Much appreciated. Scott.