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  1. Didier Drogba

    Drogba inspite of all the vile by media and alleged theatrics is a player you don't exchange for either torres,rooney,ibrahimovic,etoo simply caus as someone pointed out earlier has such a unique style of play which is so suited to PL. I don't remember the match to be precise[I think vs spurs] where he stood with his back to the defenders,flicked the ball to left channel and ran off Ledley[def. versus spurs] to create space out of nowhere............and he set up Lampard who duly missed. The difference between Pool and us was Drogba not only caus he assisted both the goals but because he put an inch perfect cross after creating space and created another by using his physique to pull alway from carragher. Brilliant player who always wears his heart on his sleeves.
  2. Ashley Cole

    If you ask me,which players should be "De Facto" first elven player......................then Ashley definitely comes into that. I never bought the "Bridge" is better than "Ashley". Sadly,Due to his background[Highbury],he will never end up as a legend of our club though his preformance clearly indicate if he keeps up the performances for some more years,then He is a definite Legend. And Ya,We made a fool of Le'Arse via the swap deal.
  3. Didier Drogba

    Nona,there are big differences. 1.Lampard never goes out in press and moan. 2.Lampard always played with determination...............while Drogba looked disinterested whenever he had played this season[with certain exceptions though]. 3.Lampard is Non Injury Prone And Drogba has A Dodgy Knee. 4.Drogba has wanted to leave us since the day he has signed his contract. 5.Lampard wanted a Salary which was well deserving for his status while With Drogba we have troubles which goes beyond contracts.