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  1. My god what a finish!
  2. Where is Kenedy on everyone's squad lists?
  3. Nice from Bats too! Finesse.
  4. Fantastic finish from Willian.
  5. Did Murphy play for Arsenal? ****
  6. Was 4 minutes in.
  7. Matic's touch..
  8. Fabregas replaced Matic. He needs to be praised to devalue Matic. something something I've got an agenda.
  9. Mourinho says ouch.
  10. That was some scissors kick from Aguero. Knew he was off as soon as he got up. Fernandinho getting a red justice for the cards he should have had for his unpunished challenges throughout the match. Don't know how we won, but we took our chances.
  11. That miss by De Bruyne looks so, so pivotal in hindsight.
  12. Costa seems to have picked up a back injury, off for Chalobah.
  13. That is 100% a penalty. Don't know what game you guys are watching, but seems like we've had a LOT of decisions go our way.
  14. How are we winning. CMON