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  1. Oscar said he's had his medical, but hasn't signed a contract, and won't be deciding anything until after the Olympics.
  2. On Friday evening, Internacional president, Giovanni Luigi, admitted that Chelsea had been in touch with them regarding a possible bid for Oscar. “We received an email about this subject, but it’s a long way off being done. We think Oscar is worth more than €20 million. But it wasn’t an offer; they were just sounding us out about numbers. We are just saying that the numbers have to change” Luigi told Rádio Gaúcha. This is a long way off what the Daily Mail were reporting earlier this week when they announced a deal had been done for around £25 million. Oscar will be on duty with Brazil’s Olympic squad. Chelsea fans will get to see him in action when the South Americans take on Great Britain in a friendly at the end of the month. http://pitacodogring...ct-about-oscar/ jon cotterill ‏@Pitacodogringo Internacional president Giovanni Luigi says Chelsea emailed club about Oscar asking about a possible fee. wasn't an offer. deal long way off I still think this deals closer than he's saying, a couple of days ago he was saying Chelsea havnt even contacted Oscar, so I think he just wants to find a replacement (maybe Ganso).
  3. Hi, can you change my name to Terry07. El nino 9 seemed good at the time, you know when we signed him....
  4. Try and log on in twitter, I had the same problem.
  5. Hey I've made a quick video on him, nothing special, but I am happy we got him so I thought why not.
  6. I know this guy is great, but to me he seems similar to Malouda, although better. He doesn't seem like the pacey winger who can run at players, that's why I would rather get Hazard, even though he is less proven.
  7. ****..........
  8. Oh well lets hope Bolton and West brom dont lose now
  9. Full time, 3-3 :)
  10. 4 minutes added on.
  11. 3-3 :) Edit - nope given a free kick instead...
  12. Great goal by Rooney, Vincent Kompany played well.