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  1. There is a clause (can't recall the exact details of how many events at what capacity) but around the time of the announcement regarding the decision by the council, there was a session in Brent Council where extending the number of large events at Wembely was discussed. no idea what came of it, but I think that had as much to do with more gigs, NFL, boxing etc, than anything just football specific.
  2. for what it's worth, my wife's cousin works at a private school in south london where Matic's kids goes to school and she said that Matic had informed them that the kid isn't going (there) next year. Could be that they just move school, but who knows. on other news Willian has applied for a place for his kid.
  3. always has reliable streams. not the best quality but for laptop size screens perfectly fine. works on the shittest internet connections. for the full monty I use you need acestream player, and if you can get the stream from bloodzeed and you won't notice a difference to sky sports hd. but all the channels usually have good enough quality for throwing it on your plasma. enjoy
  4. neither did I (was at the bridge with the kids and met Paulo Ferreira). everything since the everton game is pre-season for next year in my book. give the youngsters game time, let the senior players to what they think is necessary to convince Conte one way or another...
  5. he also spat on the floor next to the ref. and not matter the circumstances that's not on. no complaints here
  6. interesting article from Tim Vickery about him. could go either way, but welcome to the club and good luck
  7. could be a fake, could be that because they are relatively unknown in these parts they added the word so people know what they do. either way quite like it, despite the sprinklings of red...
  8. I sincerely hope we don't end up with Falcao. Nothing personal, but even with Jose's magic touch I doubt he can get back to anywhere near his best and would cost a ridiculous amount of money (even at half price) in the process. Yes Costa will miss a sizeable chunk of games due to injury and being a bit mental, Remy just through injury, but I much rather see Solanke or Bamford up front should the worst happen (both out at the same time).
  9. was down there for the kids day and the main shop was closed for a refurb....other than that no signs.
  10. what title race?
  11. Keep it up
  12. Keep it up
  13. from the always reliable Daily Mash:)
  14. easyjet fly london to ljubljana direct, then 90 minutes drive.
  15. seriously not happy. stupid decision that will bite us in the arse.