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  1. only at Chelsea. Winning trophies is great, but I rather built something lasting, give someone a brief for like 5 years and finally bring through a whole batch of young talents, we clearly have in our ranks. stupid decision (yet again)
  2. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    39 - Maurizio Sarri won 39 matches in all competitions for Chelsea this season - the only manager to ever win more in his first season in charge of Chelsea was José Mourinho in the 2004-05 (42 wins). Special. take that Sarri haters.
  3. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    I know, just when I texted my arse mates that it is on the bastard scored. anyway cracking 2nd half....happy days. good send off for Eden, super pleased for Sarri. give him a full pre-season and a squad that he chooses and we are coming for the scousers.
  4. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    6-0 again like 5 years ago. Hazard hattrick as a farewell present **** 'em
  5. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    the team plane wasn't exactly Ryanair. the travel had / will have no impact whatsoever. yes the friendly was pointless and Sarri said as much but it's a matter close to Roman so guess who wins this argument. That the timing of the game, and the venue for it was stupid is a definite, but nothing Sarri could do about it. As for the strength of team, I wouldn't be surprised if Sarri was under clear instructions who to play / for how long. So yes, blame Roman and the board as much as you want for the game itself and maybe even the injury, but leave Sarri out of this. yes, italian roads innit.
  6. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    **** happens, it's sport, players get injured. Look at the Giro (not sure if cycling is your thing). Dumoulin prepared for weeks and months for his one big target of the season, gets knocked off in the 3rd stage. Of course it's not ideal, but they could have injured themselves making breakfast, they could have had an injury 5 minutes into the final. At least now we got 2 weeks to prepare.
  7. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    here's an interesting link to the all time league table and the league table up to when 3 points came in And I agree, as much as a Liverpool win would annoy me, it would be so much more bearable than a Spurs win.
  8. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    and the injury couldn't have happened then? Is it frustrating yes, but as the poster above said, it could have happened during training, during warm up for the final. Yes he could have played a crucial part in the final, but if we can't beat Arsenal just because a bit part player, admittedly a good one, is out of the final, we might as well not bother turning up.
  9. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    absouletly agree, there were at least 40 Frankfurt Fans in Block 3 of the West Upper and the poor steward did little even when told they are there. I know he's on a pathetic wage and undertrained etc, but just not good enough from the club if I could I would like your bit about our fans last night a thousand times. the booing when Ruben came off was disgusting, and when you read the Frankfurt forums they are shell shocked how bad the home support was, and especially incensed about the booing.
  10. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    English atmospheres are generally piss poor compared to those on mainland Europe and further afield like South America. Ticket prices and a general cultural difference being the main reasons. I was back home in Austria last summer and watched Sturm Graz v Ajax in the CL qualifiers and the atmosphere was mind-blowing considering the home team got battered and there were less than 15000 in the ground Why is no-one mentioning the fact that Sarri arrived 3 weeks before the first game in a new league with a very disjointed squad. I'm not saying he will be the best manager in the world ever (we sacked a ****load of them remember) but give him a full pre season and things will look a whole lot better. But realistically top 3 and 2 finals is a cracking season in the current state of affairs so stop being so bloody miserable.
  11. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    who is who? my dream would be drab 0-0 after 120 minutes and so many penalties that both teams have to give up due to exhaustion and there's no winner.
  12. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I just don't want to be the only English semi finalist to not make it to the final. It's also my little man's first European semi, so please don't **** this up. Can't wait
  13. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    He had cramp
  14. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    Every corner like this should result in a 10k wage reduction
  15. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    Hazard would have not prevented that goal one bit, and 45 gone and his selection has just been vindicated. It's not a beauty contest but a first half in a European semi final