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  1. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    funny nobody mentioned the system not working in the first 2 months of the season. Today none of the players were confused, they were just not doing their job. it's not like football is quantum physics. Barclay didn't have to break the enigma code, he just had to kick the ball anywhere else then put on a plate for one of the deadliest strikers in the world.
  2. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    lame excuse that for me doesn't wash. if I can't stand my manager at work, I'll move jobs. only at Chelsea you seemingly can't be bothered, play like that **** shower today and do the same under the next manager.
  3. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    the individual errors leading to ALL the goals today are down to lack of effort. nothing to do with tactics or direction.
  4. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    as said short time lift of performance would happen here as well if Sarri get's the sack, long term it won't change anything because they players just aren't intelligent or good enough. Kante, Hazard and hopefull Higuain, the rest bang average.
  5. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    he might, but it won't make any difference
  6. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    these players should be made to walk back to London, naked, with **** thrown at them while Chelsea fans line the roads shouting Shame. if you perform like that in your job, you'd get the sack, not your manager
  7. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    of course it's embarrassing, but where any of the 5 goals down to tactical naivety? No, they were down to supposedly good enough players switching off. I'm not absolving Sarri of any blame (for Kante etc) but this result is 100% down to the players not doing their job. a new manager won't change anything
  8. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    So sack another manager who isn't really the problem, see a short time lift in performance before going back to the same. As said before I'm not not blaming Sarri, but he is nowhere near the biggest of our problems
  9. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    True but **** or bang average since then. That's down to the individual not a system or a coach. They show no pride.
  10. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    If a professional can't easily adapt to a different system despite months of training, then maybe he should sell pies in the stadium, rather than pretend on the pitch. We could have Ferguson, Mourinho and Clough at their peak managing those players and little would change. They might be technically gifted enough to warrant PL status but of they lack the intelligence or effort then maybe they should just go
  11. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Totally agree. Not saying Sarri is blameless, but these 4 goals had nothing to do with bad coaching or lack of tactics etc. They happened because supposedly decent players have ****ed up.
  12. Bats just scored 2 goals on his debut for Dortmund. good on him
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    true, but you wouldn't put it past us to finalise the loan deal for Bats to Dortmund so they can sell Auba to Arse and then us not getting the Giroud deal over the line.
  14. New Stadium Plans

    There is a clause (can't recall the exact details of how many events at what capacity) but around the time of the announcement regarding the decision by the council, there was a session in Brent Council where extending the number of large events at Wembely was discussed. no idea what came of it, but I think that had as much to do with more gigs, NFL, boxing etc, than anything just football specific.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    for what it's worth, my wife's cousin works at a private school in south london where Matic's kids goes to school and she said that Matic had informed them that the kid isn't going (there) next year. Could be that they just move school, but who knows. on other news Willian has applied for a place for his kid.