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  1. Absolutely, sly sports meddling with games to maximise their product. We could have played that Watford game ages ago but it was not in their interest for us to potentially open up the gap any further. So they stick it in the last week of the season. Also, why do we play on the Monday? We could easily play it on Tuesday or Wednesday. We have effectively played twice in one weekends fixture list now that Friday's and Monday's are an established part of a weekend. If it had gone to the last couple of games the spuds fans would have had every right to be fuming having to play on the Thursday before the final weekend, a complete farce. It has got to the stage where sly sports can actually have an influence on results and positions in the league. All so they can maximise their profit. They manipulate the schedules to make every game possible mean something, they manufacture the pressure on teams by ensuring rival teams play first. In the last few weeks of the season there should be some rule which ensures teams fighting for the title or against relegation play at the same time. There should be no advantage, it's no different than the final games in the group stage of cup competitions. Rant over lol
  2. Absolutely, Conte is pure class. Forza Conte...
  3. Brilliant, can't wait, gonna be great day!! Celebrate the league title and see JT off...
  4. How great it feels to wake up this morning as Champions!! When do we think the trophy presentation will be, on Monday against Watford or Sunday against Sunderland? Hopefully Sunday as I'm not at the Watford game.
  5. Champions!! I was always confident we would win tonight even with 20 minutes left, just had a feeling something would eventually go our way. Really pleased for Michy to get the goal. Absolutely love Conte he is rapidly becoming my favourite manager of all time, everything about the man is pure class.
  6. Having now watched the Matic goal about 50 times, anybody else notice that Eden had to dribble around Costa to stop him tackling him? The strike is incredible and quite rightly the talking point, however the build up play by Eden and Cesc was also superb.
  7. Best post I have read since the final whistle. Spot on, a bit of perspective. Up the Chels...
  8. Oh yeah before I forget, anybody see Conte swinging on the dugout when Cahill scored the second? I love how he celebrates and shows his full emotions like the fans.
  9. That Cahill goal could be the one that we look back at as winning us the title. A huge win in the title race, if the citeh and/or spuds slip up tomorrow it really puts us 12 or 13 points clear of them, a massive gap with 10 games left. Another tricky away game ticked off with 3 points taken. We now have more home games than away games left. That was a big moment, the players also knew, you could tell with the way they celebrated at the end. Come on Chels...
  10. I just had a look on youtube at the alledged Diego Costa stamps on can and skirtel in that semi-final game a few years back. Neither are any worse than the rojo stamp, so I just can't see how the fa can explain it away as oliver has seen it so no need to take action? The sky sports marathon exposure of the Costa incident didn't help his cause, but surely the fa should be above that and judge everything on an even basis. It really is a farce so there is no surprise when people call them crooked. It reminds me of when Bran punched that fella in the back and got a 3 match ban, yet rooney can run 20 yards and elbow a player in the back of the head and escape any action. A different set of rules dependant on the club they play for.
  11. It was definately a tactic especially against Hazard, they took turns in hacking at him.
  12. Yeah it is a shame, but you will always get a few at any club. Having said that Mourinho has acted like a bellend towards us this season so I suppose it is to be expected.
  13. I have just realised that the two manc clubs and the gooners don't play in the league this weekend which is a nice bonus for us. It will ensure the gap stays at double figures for the time being, even if spuds win it will still be 10 points. As long as the gap looks that big it will dishearten the following pack.
  14. Great work by Hazard for that goal, superb!! And fantastic instinctive finish from Diego.
  15. Diego!! That should do it. Up the Chels...