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  1. Probably more to do with me really. I am very much a match going fan and most of what I know comes from watching the game on the day and the conversations in the pub before and after. I rarely watch sky sports and never read the papers or football websites, only the official site and this one, so I'm a bit ignorant to most the transfer talk etc, especially of other teams but that's kind of how I like it. Although I do feel a bit out of touch in the summer months.
  2. Welcome to Chelsea. I don't know much about him but I was at a do last night talking to a couple of gooners and they were telling me how impressed they were with him last season. Unfortunatley we had to talk about the cup final as well!!
  3. Welcome to Chelsea. I don't anything about him to be honest, let's hope he fits in and does well.
  4. Great news for match going fans. I don't want the game on television. A Saturday 3pm kick off is exactly what I want, I'm looking forward to it.
  5. That's the key thing for me, there are no tacky or gimmicky add ons.
  6. Good luck to him, I hope he has a fantastic last few years to his career, he can still do a job at a very high level so I'm sure he will be a great success at Villa. Whats the betting we will get Villa in one of the cups.
  7. Actually that's a very good point, the shade of blue looks spot on. Such a simple thing but it's so important.
  8. Only just seen the new kit, I'm actually quite impressed. I'm not usually a big fan of Nike but they have done a very good job. I prefer simple designs and this hits the spot, no fancy nonsense or gimmicky stripes and patterns. It has a really classic Chelsea kit feel to it with a nod to the early 70s. Good stuff.
  9. Absolutely, Conte is pure class. Forza Conte...
  10. Brilliant, can't wait, gonna be great day!! Celebrate the league title and see JT off...
  11. How great it feels to wake up this morning as Champions!! When do we think the trophy presentation will be, on Monday against Watford or Sunday against Sunderland? Hopefully Sunday as I'm not at the Watford game.
  12. Champions!! I was always confident we would win tonight even with 20 minutes left, just had a feeling something would eventually go our way. Really pleased for Michy to get the goal. Absolutely love Conte he is rapidly becoming my favourite manager of all time, everything about the man is pure class.
  13. Having now watched the Matic goal about 50 times, anybody else notice that Eden had to dribble around Costa to stop him tackling him? The strike is incredible and quite rightly the talking point, however the build up play by Eden and Cesc was also superb.
  14. Best post I have read since the final whistle. Spot on, a bit of perspective. Up the Chels...
  15. Oh yeah before I forget, anybody see Conte swinging on the dugout when Cahill scored the second? I love how he celebrates and shows his full emotions like the fans.