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  1. Coronavirus COVID-19

    To be honest I’ve read very little on this particular subject. I've seen the headlines that Italy feel abandoned by the EU. I suppose it has allowed China the perfect opportunity for some much needed positive PR. How the Italians react will be interesting though, I'm presuming from what you’re saying it has been positive. I’d be surprised if it won everyone over though, but gradual steps I suppose.
  2. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Out of curiosity what do you think the answer to that question is right now?
  3. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I got a couple of mates that are Fulham and Arsenal season ticket holders and they see it exactly how we see it. I also know a couple of utd fans who see it the same way, although I’m never sure if it’s just the rivalry between the clubs. For me utd also get the same positively spun media. In fact I think many fans of other clubs see it and many can’t stand the club and fan base because of it.
  4. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Only if you are an animal lover!! What a ridiculous statement. So you are quite happy for pangolins, rhinos, elephants and tigers to become extinct due to demand in China? You don’t think there is any need for China to make an effort to stop the demand? Your other statement is also bizarre, why would I create an agenda to hate China? I've no such desire. My only concern here is that I hate the thought that these species and many others could soon be extinct. Is that so difficult for you to understand?
  5. Coronavirus COVID-19

    The point I was trying to make was to distinguish the difference between killing an animal and deliberately torturing it. You raise an interesting case with the factory farmed poultry and the conditions they are kept. I’m not sure it could be described as torture but it’s certainly a very unpleasant brief life that they have with what you can only imagine involves a high level of suffering. I would object to that in the same way as I would the dog skinning. So it’s not as simple as China bad, UK good. I’ve also read some horrific stories about ‘super farms’ in the US. I would like to think free range gives people the option to choose a more conscientious way of farming, however I am dubious of some of the free range claims on packaging and what that exactly means. The reality is large amounts of food need to be constantly produced so these practices will continue whether we like it or not. More people do seem to be trying alternatives to a meat heavy diet so maybe things will change. China do tend to make it easy for them to be a target though, fuelling the demand of the ivory trade and the demand of endangered animal parts in Chinese medicine both come to mind,
  6. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Not from me it wasn’t. I didn’t say the country was evil. I said I don’t agree with how the dog markets operate. If you want to call the individuals who torture the animals evil, then yes we could agree on that point. Can you imagine if Dr Dolittle went on holiday in Yulin and stopped to chat with the dogs whilst they were being skinned alive. Oh the stories he could tell.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Funny you say that as I bumped into a propagandist whilst queuing at the butchers a couple of weeks back. Do you think he played a Jedi mind trick on me? By the way try eBay for your cheap second hand books, you’ll get the quality of thriller you’re seeking easily.
  8. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I think you’ve missed the point a little. Its not an argument about the most moral way to kill an animal. Its the fact they will skin a dog alive as they believe the stress it causes the animal releases chemicals that makes the meat taste better. Or how about drowning a big net full of dogs so their lungs fill with water and weigh a little more, so they get a few extra quid. That’s slightly different to the option of buying free range or not. If I’m daft for thinking that then so be it.
  9. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    😂😂😂 That’s brilliant I wish I’d listened to that
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Look up the Yulin dog market. Skinning dogs alive because they believe it makes the meat taste sweeter. Also the way in which they are trafficked and stored is shocking. It’s as if they actually get a kick out of being as horrific and cruel as they can be, making them suffer just because they can. I understand that cultures have different beliefs and ways of doing things, but this kind of behaviour, no. There’s no excuse for it, it needs to be stopped now.
  11. Coronavirus COVID-19

    All things humans inflict on each other. The human race is wicked as we know. Animals are totally innocent when put in the situation they find themselves within those markets. And the totally unnecessary cruelty. I agree we will all differ in opinion and that’s absolutely fine, we’re all entitled to. Personally I find unnecessary animal cruelty the most sickening thing on this planet, but that’s me.
  12. Media / Press

    It seems the premier league is going to start alienating the public. Just seen the news and spurs, newcastle and norwich have all applied for help from the government to cover the wages of non playing staff. On top of that other clubs have furloughed non playing staff whilst continuing to pay players full wages. BBC headline is that premier league clubs are in a moral vacuum, and who would argue? This just stinks of greed and in the current climate is very difficult to stomach. I believe the clubs are currently meeting with the FA to discuss all options for the league, however with news like this will the appetite be there for many? Can you imagine in the near future the idea of playing a rescheduled premier league game whilst listening to all the hype and talk of players salaries etc, then also hearing 500 plus people have died that day due to Coronavirus? The two don’t sit well together do they? Priorities?
  13. Media / Press

    😂😂 I agree!! I was going to say replace Ronaldo as well just to make it an all Chelsea team.
  14. Media / Press

    That is an incredible team. The only tweaks I would personally make would be Ashley Cole for Gallas and Essien for Ozil.
  15. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    It certainly sets a precedent for future decisions, you would assume the same logic will be used for all leagues including the premier. I suppose the only argument to why it would be different is the big money involved and tv contracts. I think we are very fast getting to a stage where many people couldn’t give a crap about what’s going to happen with the football league. So whatever happens, whether the dippers get awarded it with final standings or games do somehow get played, any glory in winning the league has been severely dampened. So effectively it has been taken from them either way. I just can’t see the games getting played in the next few months, how can there be any justification for even attempting it any time soon, putting peoples lives at risk. And of course the government will be fully aware that if it did go ahead the dippers would have a huge public gathering when they won it, even if strongly requested not to, they haven’t exactly got a good track record with crowd control at their ground and surrounding area.