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  1. Season prediction

    I really enjoyed the spirit in the group yesterday. After a long time chelsea really looked like a team and not a bunch of individuals.. I am particularly impressed with Mason Mount.. technically he is very good but I think above all he is a very very intelligent footballer.. he has a footballing brain which is evident in his positioning without the ball and his decision making on it.. I can see why Lampard rates his so highly.. he will score atleast 10 goals this season.. Pusilic also terrorized the Liverpool defense.. if not for VVD we would have scored more.. I am worried for Tammy though.. He is desperate to do well and maybe that is why he is not in the zone.. If we can do what we did in Istanbul on a more regular basis we will be in the Top 4.
  2. Season prediction

    In a game like this - Full back position will always be shown up when we lose - especially given how high up the pitch their starting position is. I think if we analyse the goals you wont really blame Azpi.. to that extent.. Would I love a Kyle Walker or a TAA absolutely but Azpi is not joke either.. Goal 1 - hit on the counter after a give away in the middle of the park, individual mistake by Zouma. Goal 2 - Hit on the counter again.. Tammy was hauled down to the ground .. should have been a Fk.. having said that the move had all but died.. but Zouma again was guilty for not getting tighter to the attacker.. something that got shown up against the Germans aswell. having said that Azpi shouldn't have allowed the attacker to be goalside.. But IMO Zouma should never have left the cross in. Loss in concentration.. Goal -3 In the system that we have - players need to recognize when to play a high line.. Everytime there is no pressure on the midfield we need to drop back, its suicidal to not do so given the pace in the Utd forward line.. but instead of going back our entire backline stepped up.. This should get resolved by a bit more coaching.. Goal -4 didn't watch .. switched off the TV.. by then..
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    a two year content makes is 6m a year.. 52 weeks means 100+K /week...so not that incorrect mathematically..
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Luiz being a former team mate of lamps would have a lot to do with it... luis demanding a certain role or challenging lamps authority.. I did find it odds how he always refers to him as lamps and not the manager
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe he isn't keen on working with Lampard.. may be just doesnt respect him that much.. or getting told off for making silly mistakes like the one against RB Leipzig.. I would prefer him to stay.. but if his way of repaying the club's faith is going AWOL a day before a transfer window which we can't operate in... I much rather not have him here..
  6. Season prediction

    I dont think I said they aren't brave.. I also think I talked about quality in the air.. Luiz and Rudiger are just about average when it comes to winning headers certainly a notch below the likes of a JT, Iva, Cahill... AC is below average in that respect.. he is also not so confident in winning the ball ..and lets it bounce a lot and has been caught in trouble because of that more than a couple of times.. Giroud hardly starts in the PL.. so I dont think he counts.. I think attacking wise we did do have a plan and under Sarri did try some variations.. but I think it also has to got to do with the lack of our aerial threat.. for example if you look at Arsenal or City they also take a lot of short corners for similar reasons... while the likes a of a burnley are able to take advantage of their height and aerial threat..
  7. Season prediction

    JT, Carvalho, Iva, Cahill.. had height, were brave and had desire to win headers.. add Drogba to the mix.. and I actually thought we were ok at corners for a long time... of the current lot no one is particularly good in the air or physical enough... hence so many variations aswell by the managers.. I still fell nothing better than drop the ball in at pace in the six yard and go with desire rather than too many tricks is the way to go..
  8. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    dont we have a buy back from Ake.. but unfortunately I dont think he is an upgrade on what we currently have..
  9. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    looking over at Barcelona.. I think Hazard will need support... our like you say he will become the under performing star... I really struggle to understand Real's transfer policy this time around.. they went for the two young brazilians, 21 year old Jovic, and a 28 year old Hazard.. and are being linked to Pogba.. I dont think their fans have the patience to see the younger trio makes mistakes develop and learn.. I think they missed the buss with Neymar and Mbappe who were superstars at 19.. so they for a period wanted to buy young but after last season realise how far they have fallen behind barcelona who further strengthened with Greizman... having watched RM recently they look confuse.. they seem to want to get rid of players without buyers.. squad looks fragmanted and a coach who despite winning doesnt instill confidence in any one..
  10. Opening Day

    the worst I felt was when I think Xabi Alonso scored a deflected goal to end our undefeated run at home..
  11. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    when harry maguire goes for 80 mil it tells you not many out there..
  12. Media / Press

    It’s in the suggested reads section :/
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tough world.. you could see he really tried hard in the pre-season games he got... but wasnt up to it unfortunately.. very similar to Boga.. in career trajectory and level he may end up at..
  14. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Luiz must be one of the most frustrating players to coach and support.. at times he is brilliant and then at times he just loses concentration and makes complete rookie mistakes.. for a player who is 31 you would hope decision making would be a strong attribute.. but sometimes he makes un-explainable choices The corner for the first goal.. trying to non-nonchalantly chip a ball to a teammate inside your own penalty box.. suddenly deciding to step up and losing the ball in the midfield..getting nutmegged and out of positions thrice in 5 mins... all of this then to play a defense splitting 60 yard pass.. he is a player who is too good to leave out and too risky to put in.. CB for me is an area where even though we have bodies.. apart from Rudiger, I am not so confident on the other options, all have them have a mistake a game in them.
  15. Opening Day

    Scholari's first game in charge I think it was 4-0... where Deco (Scholari's Jorginho) shined and it looked like a chelsea revolution is about to begin..