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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    FIFA is one of the most corrupt not for profit organisations in the world.. ffs having a World Cup in Qatar in June! The conspiracy theorist in me says given the property and perks FIFA enjoys in Dubai it dare not go against their deputy PM
  2. Media / Press

    true that.. doesnt affect me... I really respect his work at chelsea and understand from his perspective.. Non event apart from a rival singing a new coach mid-season which always a good sign in my opinion..
  3. Shay given was also of similar height but on his day was exceptional.. also I dont remember his ever being bullied in his penalty area.. also a model pro.. can only be positive one would assume without knowing the full backroom story .. that is - if there is one..
  4. 5 Chelsea Questions

    First Chelsea Hero: Super Frank Lampard Club Signing That Excited You The Most: Ballack.. to think we had signed up a midfield of Essien, SFL and Ballack.. best in the world football IMO at the time Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed: While CR7 would be obvious but he was a bit of unkown for me at the time.. the two players we were linked with but never really signed and had me wishing were Dani Alves and Tevez.. hard to separate the two but I believe Dani Alves would have won us at least one more UCl Favourite Chelsea Goal: has to be one between Ramires vs Barca, Droba vs Munich or SFL vs Pool with an honorble mentions for Demba Ba vs Pool and Hazard vs Spurs for 2-2 /Hazard vs Arsenal last season at the bridge.. Fav XI: Cech Azpi Terry Desailly Cole Essien Lamps Kante Robben Hazard Drogba
  5. sidwell and Boularouz was bought while JM was here and Benayoun was half a decade later!
  6. I am sure no one is happier than you given his recent performances.. but just underscores why we love the sport no one can write such a script..
  7. Season prediction

    will that be chelsea or more spursy/arsenal.. doing well against big teams fluffing lines against smaller ones?!!
  8. I think he needs to find a way to deal with opposition physicality in the box.. Unfortunately while he is decent shot stopper, good distribution and fairly consistent.. his inability to really command his area... does make us vulnerable to set pieces..
  9. Sean Dyche is a c**t for saying that about CHO .. why is he trying to knock down an 18 year old.. we all know how difficult it is shake off a reputation.. piss poor from a wannabe sam allardyce Good on Frank for highlighting how his big men were falling down and crying like children everytime they didn't win the ball... I think his pride was hurt on the relegation tactics that his team used and still got stuffed 4-2 and he just wanted to divert the attention.. Also the referee was very poor in not using the monitor before issuing a yellow card... its crazy how reluctant these refs are to use technology but are happy to make a mistake.. Its simple at that pace when you are running even a little shove can knock you off balance.. yes it may not be enough to give a penalty.. but a dive very questionable and only CHO knows... But the broader point is that unlike other sports .. say like cricket the refs/umpires still use technology in a run out situation even if the batsman is miles in .. these refs have too big an ego that is also showing up the ref.. Maybe they are worried that they lose their jobs as onfield refs 20/30 years down the line to bots and tech.. who knows but use the technology that the FA spends millions implementing and training you on.. another sham another match!
  10. Season prediction

    I think our real season will start post the next international phase.. We play City, Arsenal and Spurs in this phase.. having made one point against pool, utd and Leicester... while we have had a good start for a team to develop and cement our position we need to breed a positive arrogance in our play.. which will mean we always go in expecting to win games we have won..which requires time and a good sequence of results.. so the next two games, Watford(A) and Palace(H) both winnable IMO are very important for us to keep the momentum going.. How far we go this season will depend on 3 away games against City, Spurs and Arsenal.. If we can get 4 points of these 3 - and 13 of the other 6.. it will mean we sit at 37 points at half way stage.. which my opinion should set us up for a top 4 finish going by previous year point totals -- Spurs - 71 -- Pool - 75 -- Pool - 76 -- City - 66
  11. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Congrats to the little magician for another piece of little magic.. God Bless the Hazard family!
  12. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    this one seems like twitter mischief than anything substantial..
  13. what is the point of this post.. given this actually was a very positive comment and shows the mentality of the lad .. instead of throwing his toys out and saying I will look for a move if this continues (what the media wanted him to say).. he actually said I will work harder to change lamps mind...
  14. This ^ I think some people have an opinion of a player before he joins and then every game where the player does shine is a stick to beat him with... Yes he did not do great yesterday.. but he also was unplayable against liverpool in the supercup.. he is young player there will always be games like this... he is adjusting in a new league plus had start - stop game time... as per numbers neither willian nor pedro have been great last 2-3 years yet managers tended to select them.. which tells me wing play is more than just numbers.. I still like the basics - Workrate, Pace, Dribble and a good cross.. rest of the attributes will develop.. give the lad a fair chance before you slate him.... atleast a decent sample size? but basics of wing play are still there.. he has
  15. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Individual mistakes are letting us down again and again.. :(.. especially in big games.. plus I think with SFL as was in his career nothing will come easy or with luck.. carry on gaffa.. tide will turn..