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  1. hahha .. dont you know we have now started inserting buy back clauses. :)
  2. hahha .. dont you know we have now started inserting buy back clauses. :)
  3. This boy Costa is not the smartest now is he.. or his advisors.. he does realize that Chelsea will never release him for free and can keep fining him for all they care. I dont think RA likes to be bullied. His plan it seems is to create unrest but by behaving unprofessionally I doubt he will win any support in the dressing room.
  4. exactly my sentiments.. apart from attacking roles .. we really dont have anyone.
  5. Would be a Demba Ba kind of a situation .. I think conte would rather play a false 9.
  6. Looked really good.. he has all the attributes to be a beast in CM.. let's hope he does.
  7. With him set to miss 6-7 weeks .. doesn't really help us, we need folks who can hit the ground runnng IMO.
  8. Some comments about Mikel being treated unfairly by conte being attributed to a former youth player in the papers today hmm.. its not uncommon though Jose with Bastie coming to mind..
  9. 45 mil for sigurdsson is very steep IMO.. he is a poor man's Erickson .. glad to see Everton blowing away the lukaku cash esp with them. Being c**ts with us over stones and lukaku.. the team they building lot of above average players but lacks star quality..if Coleman was not injured we could have looked at him.. always looked a decent player..
  10. Yuppz I think by now folks should realise that only the club can decide to buy sell.. so after a time constant / repeated themes do get a bit boring and spreads negativity.. something we need to avoid..
  11. Just a thought not saying ox is the same caliber.. When we signed Lamps most thought we overpaid and were underwhelmed.. In football it's very difficult to guess potential (moneyball). Look at Keita Kante Eva etc.. Started where ended where Point is we need to take punts and Ox is as good a punt we have..
  12. Hmm over bakayako.. not so sure.. been in a slump recently.
  13. He will start for Juve and be a 3rd choice for us. I dont think Matuidi would have accepted that.
  14. Sandro Roberto ox and I am happy
  15. Haha stuff of dreams tbh.. I had planned to come SB this season around march.. (my pilgrimage after 19 years .. finally have enough time)if it happens I am booking my tickets today .. :)