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  1. Finally!!! Great news! and Great signing!!! Welcome to Chelsea Oscar!!!
  2. Oscar has got some pretty decent pace! but being lighting quick isn't exactly an attribute that is essential for him!
  3. Virtually everything Brazil have done has been through Oscar! he is such a tidy player, great passer and is always available! he has been class so far! he is making it look easy out there!
  4. Oscar plays more like Fabregas than Kaka. ;)
  5. I think he will end up at Juventus.
  6. oh how will I sleep at night! I can't believe you have blocked me! I'm devastated!
  7. @Hugh Jars 99 - I have already explained that! this thread is hilarious, I just want to see how long this will go on for! LOOOOOOOL
  8. HAHA!!! just what I thought! you can't explain how that makes me biased towards Pac as a boxer can you! when everything is in context that quote makes your argument even more stupid! so keep on trying son, I will give you until next week by 3pm! to try to prove something! haha now get back to work!
  9. Haha!!! keep on trying son! your argument is pathetic!its embarrassing how you dont understand! please explain how that makes me biased toward Pacquiao as a boxer please? I am also half English so being a Khan and Froch fan is also in my blood! doesn't make me biased towards them when they fight! it makes me biased towards them as liking them as I support most British boxers! If someone asks me who I like more Erik Morales of Amir Kahn for example who do you think I would pick! I like both guys but I would say Khan! you clearly have a problem with differentiating the difference between being biased towards liking someone and being biased towards someone in the ring! seriously just quit while your behind! </p>
  10. Great comeback!
  11. Haha please do explain how what I said about the Pac/Mosley fight proves anything? < LOL!!! that is how I felt at the time! now I know Arum is the one stopping the fight from happening! I really wanted the fight to happen and when it never materialised I was angry and upset and blamed it on Mayweather! but again how does that mean I dont support Mayweather? Maybe back then I wasn't as big a mayweather fan as I am now! good try though son. ;) < HAHA!!! what a joke! please do keep things in context in future, if you read the whole conversation, the person I replied to was saying 'how could anyone not like Pacquiao' which I replied to as saying how I also couldn't understand that! but then I thought maybe thats because I'm filipino so of course I'm going to like Pacquiao! which I do, I like him as a person and as a boxer! when I said I am biased that was not referring to being biased towards Pac as a boxer but being biased towards Pac as liking the guy! two very different things! I don't like Haye and Mayweather as people but as boxers I am a massive fan of both! So well done for trying! Chin Up! but your going to have to do alot better than that to prove anything! anyway have a nice day and dont be to down hearted son ;)
  12. come on then Sherlock please explain to me in more detail then how I am a Pacquiao fanboy!
  13. oh so because I think the Pac/JMM fight was close so that makes me a fanboy? how stupid is that! if I said Pac clearly beat Marquez then that would be a valid point but the fact that I said it was close and I wouldn't have argued what the final result was as it was so close and the fact that I think Mayweather would beat Pacquiao makes that comment even more ridiculous! there many people including many Mexicans who will tell you Pac/JMM was a close fight, but I guess that would make them fanboys as well wouldn't it? Such a typical response! just because I have Filipino roots doesn't mean I worship Pacquiao! but its the same with many nationalities as soon as they say something about someone from their country ignorant people call them fanboys! it's pathetic! I support Pacquiao as much as I support fighters like Mayweather, Marquez, Cotto, Ward, Alvarez, Donaire, Martinez, Khan, Haye and the Klitschko brothers. So no I'm not a Pacquiao fanboy, I'm just a fan who obviously saw the fight against Marquez differently to you!
  14. LOOL!!! ok so everyone who thinks Pac/JMM was close is a fanboy! haha well worked out! That fight can be argued as 7 rounds to 5 to Pacquaio, 7 rounds to 5 to Marquez or a draw! no way was that fight a clear Marquez win! absolutely no chance!with Pac/Bradley the closest you could realistically argue for that fight is 8 rounds to 4 to Pacquiao! Thats if your being kind to Bradley! Both fights were very different, one was close the other was a robbery! btw for whats its worth, until Pacquiao can prove otherwise I no longer think he can beat Mayweather, I think Pac will get outboxed by Floyd, but after this shambles that doesn't mean that Floyd will get the decision. ;)
  15. What I find Idiotic is people who say the Pacquiao v JMM wasn't a close fight!