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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I think he will end up at Juventus.
  2. gutted I missed out on that he was 25/1 as well! I was out otherwise I definitely would have had at least a tenner on him.
  3. Welcome to Chelsea Hazard! Great Signing!!!
  4. THIS.
  5. Hazard is some player! him and Mata next season is going to be ridiculous! And as for Torres he is going to love them two playing behind him and creating chances for him!
  6. From the Chelsea FC Website.
  7. No it will definitely be after the England v Belgium game on Saturday.
  8. the shirt is terrible but I think he is the one probably selling it, thinking someone on here would be stupid enough to buy it! I wouldn't even pay £1 for that rubbish.
  9. Yeah Mata and Hazard needs to build a good understanding with each other. Imagine if the new manager comes in and decides they can't play in the same team together!!! But imo I think they will link up really really well together and have the potential to just terrorise teams! they could be our version of Xavi and Iniesta! ;)
  10. Hazard is just as good as Mata in that department maybe even better overall player as Hazard has pace and can use both feet.
  11. Thats a good point. He certainly has got pace I would say he is alot faster than Mata but not quite as fast as Ramires. But yeah as you said he does combine his pace and trickery very well.
  12. Eden Hazard vs Liverpool when he was 19! he played most of the game in wide area's and was so impressive, against a Liverpool that is much better than their current team as well. He showed a wonderful first touch and a great burst of pace to ghost past players in this video and his passing and vision is just superb all at the tender age of 19. The scary thing is he is even better now!!!
  13. I would agree with that! I have had enough of Sturridge.
  14. He will get his chance! he needs to be loaned out first so he can play every week. So if Torres starts scoring goals next season how much playing time do you Lukaku will get? he is better off going on loan for now so he can play regularly.