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  1. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    I think a lot of it has to do with the less physical nature of La Liga defenders though.
  2. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Are you implying that those who wish ill on Malouda and Kalou are a disgrace, but those on Torres are not? Or do you mean they're all jokes of supporters, who contribute to their own player's demise thorugh a non-stop barrage of insults when what the players really need, as people, is just a bit of support? If your own fans don't support you, then who will? I think the definition of hypocrisy might have just missed you. I (personally, so correct me if I'm wrong) don't recall seeing Kezza applaud those who pick on "Kalou, Drogba, Anelka, bosingwa, mikel, and even Lampard (lately) and so on". What he/she is doing is defending a player, that's not hypocrisy mate. As for your post, what annoys me is you agree that posters who, feeling mighty behind their computers, blast players are "a disgrace". Then why do you advocate it? Your post seems to have that air of: if everyone's doing it, then those who try stop it are the ones in the wrong. Instead of calling out someone who is defending one of our players, I hope to see your posts more often on the Lampard, Drogba, Kalou and Anelka threads shaming those who attack our own.
  3. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Not as simple as you'd think...
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    8 2 Brute?
  5. New Kits

    The third kit looks similar to what Germany would wear, and since Adidas is a German company... Maybe the printers got mixed up?
  6. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    =( You're clearly not very intelligent, and yet you're on the intelligent forum. Please save yourself some face. =)
  7. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Racism; I believe it's underlying.
  8. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Hello again, your post was irrelevant, so you'll forgive me if I quote your shorter post. To save space. First, my history on this forum doesn't concern you. As for the rest. As simply as I can put it; 1) It is too early to judge if Drogba is past his peak. Hence we should keep him for another season. 2) Drogba currently is our best striker. Raul is not Madrid's best striker. Because of this difference, Drogba should stay. 3) No one is saying we build a squad around Drogba in the future. However it really speaks of your intelligence assuming anyone meant this. 4) The current squad is not built around Drogba. In what world is a team built around one player? Perhaps you don't understand football. As for my own opinion. I want Malouda to stay, I like him and he (imo) is our best option at left mid (for the whole season), and until someone can prove they are better than him, then he should start. As for the question I asked you directly "You predict in your other posts that Drogba will sulk, throw fits etc etc, I would like to ask: How did you come up with this idea/conclusion?" You answered "I predict Drogba throws fits and that he will sulk because thats the way he is and we have seen examples of such behavior from him time and again." Hence, using your logic, I predict Drogba will regain his form and be an excellent striker because that's the way he is, and we have seen examples of such class from him time and again. Using your logic again. I say: Because Drogba is 33, he is clearly more mature, and definitely won't sulk. Sturridge/Neymar/Lukaku/Whoever will sulk, because they haven't reached the 30 year mark yet. The minimum boundary for non sulking players. Mate your logic is a joke. One that's just not funny anymore I'm afraid.
  9. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    On that point, assuming it's true. In the transfer threads I read all the time "Bring in X player so Y player can have some proper competition" which is fair enough. Why is it that when competition does occour, people are so quick to protect Torres, or shelter him? Instead of applauding Drogba for responding in the best way possible I.e. upping his game, his only crime is to have played (arguably) better than Fernando. I think some people just don't like the sight of Drogba whilst seeing Torres as some supermodel girlfriend that a nerdy Chelsea FC landed and they feel the need to put her/him on a pedestal (analogy...).
  10. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Nope. Your attempted definition of commonsense shows it is exactly what you lack mate. You say a lot of people refuse to see the big picture. Nope, again it is you who's failed here. I'll explain it to you; Your argument lacks commonsense because you failed to see the bigger picture. The reason being you judge Drogba based on his age, not his ability. Sure in Fifa, when a player gets older, he gets worse. But in real life mate, this is not the case. Furthermore, Drogba relies less on his speed (a quality that does drop with age) and more on his technique, positioning, and reading of the game (factors that don't drop with age). Try see it from more than an age perspective, and look at how they're currently playing. That is the bigger picture. Considering this commonsense would be to keep Drogba. Sure we can focus on younger players, eventually we have to. But not until they prove to be better than, or atleast be a match for our older players. You predict in your other posts that Drogba will sulk, throw fits etc etc, I would like to ask: How did you come up with this idea/conclusion? Think! Before you answer =) Although having said that I think your only valid point is Drogba's spot in the starting lineup restricts a first team spot for another player with potential. Drogba can play the bigger games, despite being an athlete he's still human and fitness would eventually see him with less appearances. If at that time he 'throws tantrums' then he will no longer be the best player. At which point your comments here would be fair. But until then, do try and see that we have none better than him at the moment. And certainly none that can win a game despite the team. A football team is not good if it's players are young. It's good when its players are good.
  11. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Nope. Your view is short sighted. And yes it is your problem. Getting rid of Drogba at this moment is premature regardless of who's behind him. Because he has proven he was, and is again showing signs of being one of the best strikers in the world. Ofcourse he has had a bad 10/11 season, for many reasons I won't go into. But it is too early to judge, and conclude that he is 'over his peak'. I would argue, based on last season, that he is at his peak. If you mention this season, I will point out that he is quickly rediscovering his form, hence we must wait and see. However, to sell a player who is playing at his peak because he will be over it soon is stupid. Assuming he can't carry his form into next season is also stupid. Assuming that players as they get older get worse is again stupid. Moreover assuming that Sturridge and Torres can step into Drogba's shoes seamlessly is the stupidest of the lot, like your argument really. The point of buying players young is so that they can reach their peak and play their best football for the club. I do believe Drogba was at that moment, lost it, and now coming back into it. Where he will be 2 years down the line doesn't concern me. How he is playing NOW is relevant, and to say we should sell him so we can develop young players is short sighted, and defeats the purpose of blooding players. Like Arsenal. I hope you can comprehend this. Drogba is one of those players who can make magic out of nothing. It's usually these moments that a player can pull a poor team through. It only gets better with age.
  12. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    You do in FIFA10.
  13. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    I don't think you've thought your post through. Your whole argument is built on assumptions. What annoys me slightly is when you try to cheaply manipulate opinion by claiming that most Chelsea fans don't know how to run a club long term (true), implying you do know (false). It's sad you think so little of our intelligence. Drogba's ability to play good despite the team is the reason why he is so valuable to us. We don't need to cater to his style. Furthermore, he has more than one style. When he plays good, we win. Simple. Building a team around Torres on the other hand requires the team + Torres to play well for us to win. Like Liverpool. "Drogba is having a good run now - convenient, as he has a year left on his contract and his place in the squad is suddenly under threat, especially once Torres hits form (which he will)" That's insulting. It's the equivilant of saying Torres has 5 years contract so he can relax because he's still getting paid. Funnily enough that has more merit. So far assuming you're in charge, we'd be short Drogba and Anelka. Fair enough if Torres has proven at all he can measure up to what they do every season. He hasn't, not even a glimpse. Assuming he "hits form (which he will)" is a gamble. Lukaku? Joking, if your excuse for Torres is settling in. If we sign Lukaku, and pair him up with Torres, and neither performs next season (more likely than not). Who will win the games for us? Finally, I think this sums up your argument "[Torres] coming back fresh next season to a team that plays to his strengths and without the intimidating Drogba breathing down his neck all the time." Good players can adjust themselves. To think Drogba doesn't like a ball delivered to his feet for him to finish is a joke. Drogba breathing down Torres' neck because he's intimidating? Because he's good right? If Torres can't handle being in a club of 'good' players. Then I believe it is he who doesn't know much about being in 'a big club.'
  14. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Hahaha! Excellent shot
  15. Josh Mc Eachran

    Probably because Ferguson and Wenger won't get fired for not winning.