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  1. Brilliant....
  2. Obligatory "about time we sung his name more" post. Everyone knows the song Tomorrow from the movie Annie but there's a link if you need reminding. What about: N'Golo N'Golo, We love you N'Golo, There's only one N'Golo Kanteee. *Just remember, people once said One man went to mo wasn't a football song...
  3. I much prefer your Hey Jude suggestion. I also thought of singing Antonio to the Italian national anthem chorus: Four drawn out Antonio's and then replacing the ITALIA chant at the end with CONTE which could be repeated and got going fairly easily at aways.
  4. Wow, they never fail to impress do they? Presumably they were singing JFT96 as they did so. Thanks for the info though, guess I'm heading to the "away section" then... Or possibly a chance to momentarily reclaim that part of the shed.
  5. Not worth starting a thread in the tickets section for this but just wondering if anyone else has sat in Gate 1 in the Shed before? I think they did it for Liverpool in the league cup last year but do we have to queue in what would normally be the away section by the East Stand or is it the normal entrance? Should also mention my ticket is Shed Upper.
  6. Just a guess but maybe starting at around 60 odd, or maybe high 50s? I was able to get a Spurs ticket back in May with 39 points fairly easily but with it being the new season and a Friday evening game there will be high demand. Hoping to get two for this with 42 and 45 points though.
  7. Anyone at the game last night see the mass of cameramen around our dugout before the game? Not surprising there probably isn't a limit set by the UEFA authorities, but the sheer number of them and how close they were to Mourinho was clearly just another group effort to try and get a negative reaction. Very easy for someone outside the circle to see it was clearly a windup tactic but when you're faced with over a dozen possibly flashing cameras it would be hard not to look anything but irritated and under pressure.
  8. Just waiting for him to get the home run and call us 'homophobic rentboys'
  9. It's almost like it's a troll account to see how much people will follow someone with a certain agenda. Pretty sure he's increasing the hypocrisy and losing sanity with every tweet he comes up with. I was pi**ing myself when he called Gazza a 'serial wife beater' yesterday.
  10. Both very true. Funny how so many hypocritical people who take the moral high ground always seem to be linked to Liverpool football club in some way... Wow, I didn't know that was behind it. Well him and Ulrika are best buds now so it's completely fine everyone... He really is a messed up disgrace of a human.
  11. Anyone seen Stan Collymore's tweets recently and think he needs to see a psychiatrist? I neither like or dislike Rangers but his obsession with them and us is pretty weird and bordering on psychosis. He apparently suffers from borderline personality disorder and yet the shite he's coming out with (according to him) has generated 4000 new followers in the past 24 hours... I just think it's slightly worrying that people like him are allowed on the radio, or anywhere where they can stir up **** and so many people are willing to listen.
  12. Redevelopment of the Shed End seems like it would be extremely expensive and time consuming. There's the buying up of existing property, demolishing it, planning and building safe exit routes before even starting work on the stand. However, it does seem physically feasible. I'm confused about some of the Matthew Harding discussions though. Some people seem to be implying that we can add more capacity to the MH stand without rotation or repositioning of the whole stadium? If you walk behind that North stand on a match day you can see there's not much room at all to play with. There's also a train track just beyond there if you look on google maps. You can't build a stand up without building back and unfortunately there doesn't seem like there's space for that at the moment.
  13. I remember being in the Shed that game. It was probably the last game they'll bring 1500 away fans to the Bridge. From now on with their brand new supporters and new songs they'll take the whole 3000.
  14. Do they realise Madness is a London thing and Suggs is a Chelsea supporter? Next they'll be singing Sky Blue is the colour...
  15. So Torres is probably going to sneak out after all the support and faith the fans have given to him yet he can't even celebrate a goal when he finally gets one? Brilliant. If he does leave to go to Atletico, I hope he carries on his consistently average form for them as well