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  1. I know I'm splitting hairs here, but have we both been found guilty of making the approach, or have we both been charged with it? I understand fully why we both have been called to answer for our actions, I also understand that we have both acted incorrectly, but we can not both be guilty of starting the same thing? Does it make a difference who started the whole thing?

  2. I'm no legal expert, so can someone please explain to me how we can be guilty of making an approach for Cole, and Cole be found guilty of making an approach to us? Surely whoever started the ball rolling should be punished more?

    Or is this just poor language, and we're both been found guilty of talking when we weren't entitled to?

  3. Don't want Drogba either, he looked very good when I saw him, but that was never against quality defenders, and when he faced Valencia he looked average at best. I agree that we need proven quality, not one season players, he may prove to be more than that, but we don´t need to take gambles.