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  1. Gael Kakuta

    Why is the Transfer forums closed, were not officially banned from buying players yet.
  2. Gael Kakuta

    Well the past week news has been dry about CHelsea. The only thing that kept the tabloids running was "Who will Chelsea sign" or "Messi-linked with Chelsea". If they ban us, most tabloids will be out of businesses or they will turn to Man Citeh
  3. Gael Kakuta

    We can still sell players, but we can't add any new ones to our squad.
  4. Gael Kakuta

    I think the ban will get reduced to 2-months hopefully after the appeal
  5. Gael Kakuta

    So far its only London...then they'll be at Liverpool soon
  6. Gael Kakuta

    Why would they be watching a fan-made forums?
  7. Gael Kakuta

    Maybe Kakuta is a real gem, and Chelsea were trying to do everything to sign him.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Well what happens to Bertrand now, wait another 3 years...I guess
  9. Gael Kakuta

    "A restriction of four months on his eligibility to play in official matches has been imposed on Kakuta. Chelsea are banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the two next entire and consecutive registration periods following the notification of the present decision." We going to use the same squad for 2 years, and we can't add any new players than the ones we have now..I don't know for those players on loan Well its us against the World then I guess.
  10. Gael Kakuta

    is that why they finished 6th?
  11. Gael Kakuta

    They don't like Chelsea. And its 2 tranfer windows. So we can't make any signings until January 2011..
  12. Gael Kakuta

    Well Peter Kenyon is in charge of transfers, so I believe its his fault.
  13. Gael Kakuta

    It says we have to use the same squad for two years. And our players are over 30...this is not good. I blame platini and blatter.
  14. Ryan Bertrand

    Walcott and Sinclair are different because Wenger uses youth, and Chelsea don't.
  15. Ryan Bertrand

    We don't use youth because we had 5 managers in 2 years....