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  1. New Kits

    I can't see anything about a new away kit on the megastore site, maybe the-powers-that-be have decided that since we will be getting three new kits when adidias take over that we don't need to change the kits too much ;-)
  2. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by JAFFAHah! I work on the editorial staff of the Indy and the sports writers are generally CFC friendly id="quote"> id="quote">The Indy is not too biased either way when it comes to Chelsea I have always thought, which is why I tend to read it more than other papers, although James Lawton is not afraid to put the boot in when he feels like it!Speaking of Chelsea friendly papers, has anyone noticed how very pro-chelsea the Mirrorid="red"> has become? I can't remember an anti-chelsea article coming from that rag since before Christmas! I can't help feeling suspiscious of their agenda on this one. They are either hoping to build us up for a bigger fall or the guy who edits the sports pages has suddenly become a Chelsea fan! I think we should be told ;-)
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    The club is solvent, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are debt free. If RA did clear the debts when he bought the club then the club is probably in debt to him. Ultimately very few people know how RA dealt with all the money we owed, it is entirely possible that he took responsibility for paying the longterm loans rather than paying them off early, but I have nothing other than hearsay to corroborate this. However the figure of £200m seems extravagant, although if you look at all the money RA spent on players as a loan than as a gift then it is possible to argue that the club is in debt to it's owner.
  4. Didier Drogba

    Good news if it's true, but then again TribalFootball is not know to be the most reliable of news sources!
  5. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by BoogleWouldn't have said Fascist myself, surely its more socialist? id="quote"> id="quote">No it's populist, not socialist. Its political slant is (like all the Murdoch papers) very much to the right.
  6. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by silkyYoure right Harry I now see you in a completly different light you are now a thoroughly nice chap! id="quote"> id="quote">Why don't you two just get a room!
  7. Ashley Cole

    Who knows hugejars, it's possible but I don't think it likely, not given the timing before such a big game, the gooners would be shooting themselves in the foot. It could be Cole's agent trying to put pressure on the gooners to offer a better contract... it could be disgruntled Manc fans trying to muck thing up for arsenal before the big match... it could be gooners fans wanting to get one over on chelsea... the story could be true and PK and JM really stupid enough to meet a high profile player in a public place... it could even be a complete fabrication on the part of the News of the world... the article itself could be a chelsea attempt to tap up Cole through the media by putting the idea of a better deal here in his mind... or it could be a case of mistaken identity and the player concerned wasn't ashly Cole but one of our own who we were selling. Take your pick, I'm sure there are a lot more conspiracy theories you can come up with although there are very few people who I can see benefiting from this story going public. Personally I'm hoping that the article was a Chelsea plant to let Cole know we were interested, but I've no idea whether that's true or not.
  8. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by hughjars99Now if Chelsea are not allowed to approach a player without the permittance of the club the said player is currently at, then surely the player should not be allowed to attend any meeting without the same permission? It's this point that Wenger is overlooking that I find the most amazing. [...] So what punishment, if any, be awarded to Ashley Cole if this situation is proved? The FA cannot ban the player from playing, that would hurt Arsenal's cause and at the end of the day, its not the club thats in the wrong. Should any punishment in fact come from the FA or should it be left to Arsenal Football Club's discretion? Its tricky to get my head around, but my view is that Ashley Cole should be punished if and when this situation is investigated and proved. id="quote"> id="quote">The FA cannot punish Ashley Cole because he has not broken any FA rules. If the meeting did take place then as far as he is concerned it is purely a contractual matter between Cole and Arsenal. Cole would have breached his contract with Arsenal nothing else, so only Arsenal are in a position to punish him.The reason the gooners are making so much noise about Chelsea is that only the FA is in a position to punish Chelsea, and so if the allegations are found to be true then all they can hope for is for the FA to take action.
  9. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by KalI doubt it blueally - no other clubs who've done it recently have had point deductions have they? So why us? id="quote"> id="quote">To make a very public example of us to show that they are tough on transgressors, that's why.
  10. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by Michael TuckerRXM, I'm not sure why you'd be surprised if PK was involved in this sort of thing - he has a track record of clandestine meetings with "targets" currently employed by others, doesn't he? Remember Sven? id="quote"> id="quote">I guess I'm surprised by the stupidity of it all, as in I can't quite believe that these three men with a wealth of experience of footballing transfers would go about tapping one of our closest rival's players in such a public fashion.They would all know the repercussions that they would face were they caught. So it's not actually that they did it that I find so odd as the unsubtle way in which they are alledged to have gone about it. I credit PK and JM with more intelligence than that.
  11. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by CFC-4everI'm not saying he wants a move to Chelsea, but otherwise it's weird that he went to a hotel in London to talk with PK and JM id="quote"> id="quote">I agree, if I were a gooner I would be just as angry at Cole as I would be with Chelsea (should these allegations be proved to be true of course).
  12. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Mind you, an £87m loss sure would save a lot on tax when offset against earnings... ;-)
  13. Ashley Cole

    I agree, it's very odd, if it is true it surprises me that PK and JM would resort to this sort of tactic. Of course I cannot imagine that an FA fine would worry them unduely. I can't find the original News of the World article but here are links to a couple of second hand articles on the story: http://www.teamtalk.com/teamtalk/News/Stor..._280525,00.html and http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/...l&TEAMHD=soccer and http://www.arsenal-mania.com/?page=article...ll&article=4218
  14. Gianfranco Zola

    quote:Originally posted by milkshakesPersonally I still think he would be a good mentor to Cole.. id="quote"> id="quote">So let's bring him back as a coach, but as a player?He left on a high, personally that's how I always want to remember him.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Two great goals yesterday, but what went unnoticed by the media in general was a great turn and volley of his in the first 10 mins that Schwarzer saved well. Looks like he is almost over that injury, touch wood - yesterday he looked as dangerous to me when he got the ball as Hasselbank did in his prime.