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  1. Has Moses got past Young once tonight ?
  2. Now that's more like it. Very well maneuvered.
  3. Has Moses got in a cross yet ? It's been blocked every single time.
  4. Costa doing his best Lukaku impression.
  5. Next week on training, shooting on target.
  6. Where's a prime Frank Lampard ghosting into the box slotting it into the corner when you need him eh.
  7. Big final 20 minutes. Come on Chels
  8. Not if he dilly dallies that long on the ball
  9. Hard to do when they're the ones dominating possession.
  10. When you're playing counter attacking football, it's vital you make the most of the little possession you have. We didn't do that at all tonight. Until Fabregas came on and he's found his attacker every single time.
  11. Covering Moses and tracking Milner ?
  12. Spurs are going get a late winner aren't they. What a huge chance wasted.
  13. We've been so crap going forward. If we lose this it's criminal.
  14. Get Fabregas and Pedro on now. Hazard and Willian off.
  15. Another painfully slow start against a big side. Had to sacrifice one of the front three for Cesc and try and impose ourselves in the midfield we which haven't done in all of the big matches against City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.