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  1. I was getting worried about Paim. Thats a relief.
  2. We need another Kante in the middle. 433 isn't dead in the water as Real Madrid have shown in Europe and we need to start practicing with it again if we want to compete against the very best in europe. We just get overrun with 353.
  3. Insigne would be brilliant if only he didn't play for Napoli. Trying to deal with them is a nightmare.
  4. Must be as a pop star.
  5. All well and good saying we were never interested but if we're not interested in Morata, Lukaku, Aubameyang or Belotti then something is very wrong.
  6. So would you be happy with Jermaine Defoe ?
  7. I swear if Christian Benteke is our striker signing it'll be friggin hilarious! Come on guys, pre-season 2015-16 did happen. Be prepared for all eventualities.
  8. Stranger things have happened. I never saw us signing Torres.
  9. TBF They did beat Barca at home. They're very good on their day.
  10. Why are we so quick to assume Matic and Costa are leaving ? The club will make sure their replacements are made before moving them on.
  11. Luiz to play DM ?
  12. I would take Oxlade without hesitation. Good work ethic, would fit right into our side as a right sided utility player. Also fills the homegrown box which we need. If its true they're going after Lemar then he might be surplus to requirements;
  13. We need to get Zola, Vialli and all our former Italian Chelsea connections on the phone to Bonucci and tell him how great it is here. If Bonucci is available we need to go in strong.
  14. So that's why we've been able to attract the very best players in the world then having won the league title 2/3 years.
  15. Those guys aren't for sale. Bayern and Roma aren't selling. Verratti on the other hand wants to leave.