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  1. Wouldn't Eduardo be our #2 ?
  2. There will have been numerous scouts who will have watched him week in week out for the whole season, writing post match reports on their findings, his weaknesses and his strengths, how he can compliment the current side. Providing feedback to the club & Emenalo. I trust them to make the right decision.
  3. oh yeah my bad lol.
  4. Gallas over Cole at left back?
  5. Depends what qualities we want in the wingbacks. If this was football manager I'd be looking at the two Valencia fullbacks Gaya and Cancelo but in the real world they may not be what Conte wants.
  6. I'm a big supporter of Cahill but he's had his fair share of ropey moments this season. If we're serious about challenging on all fronts I still feel we need one more trusted CB who's champions league capable. The first XI are the only players truly confident in playing the 343. Once someone goes injured in the back 3 or one of the fullbacks, things start looking disjointed and unconvincing. We need players on the bench who can slot in like for like.
  7. Well if we keep on scoring 4 each game we should be alright. 5 Games to go!
  8. ole ole ole ole, Chelsea, Chelsea
  9. Boring boring Chelsea
  10. Now that was class.
  11. Are we watching Arsenal 2006-2012 ? Pass pass pass pass pass pass inside the box.
  12. And a pointless foul in a dangerous position...
  13. Now sit back and invite pressure..
  14. GET IN THERE!!!!! For all the naysayers he doesn't half pop up with some huge goals.