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  1. Can't remember what game it was but the ref had just blew for kick off and the camera cut to Sarri about 10 seconds later and he was already writing!
  2. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    I started to feel alienated from the home crowd since the inclusion of Tottenhams name during the liquidator every game. The booing of players and the incidents happening around the ''fanbase'' have really put me off the club right now.
  3. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Horrrrrrriibbbblllleee from Emerson there. How did he let that cross get to his man ? Lucky lucky lucky.
  4. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    How many long rangers have we conceded this year ? Sturridge, Aguero, Salah, this one.
  5. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Where did the real Slavia Prague go ?
  6. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Welp. City vs Spurs was like our 4-4 game vs Liverpool but on another level. Never seen a game like it. VAR needs addressing though. I understand the right calls were made on the whole. But tonight and last nights Juve vs Ajax, play was stopped after every goal to review it. What type of sport have we got on our hands now where we can't celebrate a goal until it's reviewed. Very likely now that it could be a Liverpool vs Tottenham final. And if thats the case. Then it'll be the first european final I'm gonna miss in my life. Media blackout for whole season. I could live with Liverpool winning it as we've seen it before however.
  7. Just watching Ajax play Juve away in the CL. This is ''Sarri ball''. They're manoeuvring the Juve defence out of position using width.
  8. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Time for my nap.
  9. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Right lads. Thats it then.
  10. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Woooooaaaah, we're halfway there.
  11. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    I want to know what Pep and Klopp put in their players water to have so much energy. Hope they tire in the second half if we can get to HT at 0-0.
  12. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    Ohhhh Willy. I was expecting that to be on target, he's so good in those positions.