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  1. Particularly when the transfer window is open.
  2. or Inter
  3. its a loss but its pre season, only our 2nd game, their 5th and we lost only by 1 goal. It will have given more idea and impetus for who or what positions he needs. I think we can take this one on the chin, the season starts in 2 weeks or so.
  4. to be fair I think its their 5th pre season game
  5. Goes back to Mancini times. It is as if they dont have a scouting network they just wait to see who is being courted by other top clubs and go in and try to gazump them. Pep doesnt need to prove his training abilities he just buys the most expensive team as he had in Germany and Spain
  6. didn't he play today as a sub?
  7. New season and already arsenal are there to be bullied!
  8. tired of winning? Thats all PSG do in France but whey drop into such a tin pot league......oh yeah the money
  9. Boga and Bats looked great, lets hope they get to stay around
  10. Droy, football has always been a team game and love or hate the parts they all do their bit and make the team. Matic may fall into the later option for you but he played enough games where we won to be credited with the title, PL winner. Step back give the boy some credit, wish him well (and riddance if need be) but had we really played with 10 men in the games he was present as you often suggest we would not have won so many games, likewise had we played some one else in his position do you really think we would have won more games than we did? I doubt it.
  11. 50m to Utd (plus add ins but dont say that as he would be a Utd player) seems a deal worth taking. I am not Droy and appalled by all things Matic but I can't see that he would add anything to them but it would add 50m to our accounts.
  12. Its amazing the press quote Morata at cost 58m with add ons but quote Lukaka only at cost 75m. Love is blind!
  13. At some point the draw of RM and Barca has to come to an end. Why do some players still see it as their objective. We need to arrive in the same place, I think we are slowly and I think they will slowly struggle for the following reasons. La Liga is not the best league, it certainly does not have the most competitive games The tax breaks sport players are given can not last forever Clubs supported by local councils is anti competitive RM and Barca taking a disproportionate TV money is not logical Eventually some of these tax evasion cases are going to be impossible for RM and Barca and their players to dodge Yes, the names are big and are known all over the world but they really dont deserve it.
  14. My concern with this merry go round this summer is that the spanish duo seem to be selling but so far not really buying. They may be cash rich (not that its ever stopped them) by the end of the summer and one or the other may have an eye on Eden
  15. If you dont make enquiries for other players the club of the only player you enquire about will raise their price knowing that you dont have an alternative. Enquiring about Lukaku led to Utd being robbed.