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  1. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    couldnt score against bottom team watford today
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Zaha's 90 minutes against bottom placed Watford shows the waste of money he would be
  3. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Lets offer Pickford a place at Chelsea. Young and English, not too short and able to play with the ball on the ground.
  4. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    but he did just stop and being so far out of position he was unable to help. kepa can not pass
  5. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    we start every game a goal or 2 behind. You know we are going to concede. Rudi and Tomori have to start and if not we need to buy the minute the window opens. what did jorhino do wrong to be dropped and not recalled?
  6. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    woeful defending. if we werent so bad at the back we wouldnt need to have to try and score so many kepa is neither keeper or sweeper and what zouma is I have no idea. how is he starting ahead of tomori?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Particularly if Rudi is now injury prone, lose him and back to square one
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Dybala is a top young player and yes he would be expensive but why should he cost more in salary than others
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Grealish is interesting to me as he is English, in good form and young. JT may have worked on him
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    it wont get picked up by the media as it was us, it doesnt fit their agenda
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    well done, will be interesting to see the response. maybe we can claim some compo from UEFA
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We certainly have money in the bank having sold and not bought. Edens money must be burning a hole on top of the accumated winning and tv fees
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    but at the price, we should not be, as you say, giving him a chance. That money should buy proven players
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    zaha played against us a few weeks ago
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    hardly excelled against us a few weeks back, does he offer any more than Bats does