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  1. can't help feeling the chinese market may have started running before it was walking. Tevez is threatening to leave (but then thats what he always does) Costa missed the boat if there really was a big offer, some dissent among those there and the government slapping an enormous tax on signing foreign players. Maybe its going to be only our market thats crazy
  2. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40368137 8 match ban, didn't think he had it in him.
  3. ok was convinced he was a LB at Juve when I saw but stand corrected
  4. but they also released alves
  5. A few years back I would have snapped of your hand to have him. I think he has so many opportunities to shine and either he is not interested enough or unable to regularly step up.
  6. I have seen him here a number of times and the Italian league is not great these days. Pogba was bossing it here but not so now. Big fish little pond and Salah (and Cuadrado) look good here but it relative
  7. de bruijn came back and as good as he has turned out to be fortunately he hasnt haunted us ....yet To be fair not so many players have come back to haunt us, maybe Robben caused a few problems but not many more come immediately to mind
  8. But Arsenal have a culture of injuries, maybe there is something fundamentally wrong within the club. By comparison we dont and maybe its down to how we look after the players. Whether I was another fast runner is open but to worry about his injury I dont think is too relevant
  9. 150-350m for 32 year old Ronaldo would be right up there with other Roman vanity buys. Personally I dont think he will leave RM for anywhere he is just posturing as Rooney used to when his stock was high. Whatever happened to that Rooney chap? and he has never got over Bale costing what he did. He wants to be loved a bit more...... financially. RM should be able to do it once they have cleared up the last lot of unpaid tax
  10. TV income has also gone up plus the premiums of winning the league but unfortunately the asking prices will have also to reflect that
  11. Love the simple blue but would agree do we really need tyres on the shirt.
  12. I dont see evidence that they are either, and as we all know we have had winning managers that somehow get discarded. Who next another chain of potential greats and washed up buddies. The statement was more generic than you have interpreted it. Instead of reading negative spins I would like to read positive confirmations and quotes that he is staying. The longer they dont come the more negative interpretation will come. The opening of the official window (seems irrelevant these days as most are declaring their business already) start of the new shirt deal and a few new signings sitting next to Conte will make me feel better I know the Italian press, I read it here every day and to be honest they are not putting out much about him anymore.
  13. Dont like all these press stories. Time the club backed a manager, particularly such a likable and capable one
  14. I think its going to depend who comes in. If Cesc stays he wont start enough games to be captain but I do agree. like JT, he has handled himself impeccably without game time. Based on playing time, of the players we now have it has to e between Luiz (already has a lot to do) and Dave (maybe too quiet) although if Lukaku comes back he could be a big shout, he leads from the front, is a big man, vociferous, growing in self confidence and young