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  1. And I meant to say that Allegri will almost certainly move from Juve this season, so that may come available.
  2. Press seem to all be on a Jose love in, how times change.
  3. Many Italians are telling me he is coming to Inter but then the Italian fans in general haven't got used to the idea their league just doesnt have the same kudos as it did 20 years ago. Top managers want to prove themselves with the big boys. The only job he may come back for would be Juve, thats in his blood and Inter would be going to work with the devil.
  4. Double is looking a real possibility now. Spurs without Kane would be useful and how much would I enjoy having Arsenal in the final. Interesting reads in page 14 and onwards. A lot of negativity with a top 6 being touted by some of the more optimistic
  5. Somehow he always sees greener grass somewhere else, rather than back managers he has sacked and paid them off rather than give them the money. Lets home Conte is a keeper
  6. he is also seeing the attacking, exciting football he is said to crave, so why would he want to change?
  7. off topic here as this was to celebrate the continuous joke known as LFC but to comment on AFC problems. Players have become because of Arsene not because of the trophy cabinet or the money and if they dont replace him with similar they may struggle to attract players, it could be a lot longer than 2 to 3 years before they are back
  8. Last season a 1-0 lead was a chance to bite the nails down to the quick whilst fearing the worse. This season is so much more assured, the team is being led from the coach and 10 points is a very healthy cushion that we wont lose. Sit back and enjoy watching the oppo take points from each other.
  9. I see him as ambitious and as he has spoken positively about the prem and its competitive merits I dont see him leaving soon and certainly not for Italy. Having done Juve and being a Juve man, having done Italy he is hardly likely to return for a Milan team.
  10. Ronaldo scores with his head, Eden is never going to be famed for that
  11. Be ready for many attempts at unsettling stories led by utd and LFC journos right up to the point when we can no longer be caught. The same journos will then claim credit for stories earlier in the season when they spoke positively about us. Its the press we love to hate. People who grew up as Chelsea supporters, on the back of the Roman era, are still not yet old enough to make their mark in the press, when they are the tide will turn a bit.
  12. Continue this way and the bearded one could find himself below Everton and WBA in 8th both of whom they still have to play. Oh how funny would that be.
  13. If we were in the middle of the pack of 6, I may be a little more concerned about not beating a spirited, barton driven burnley team on their turf but we have been more consistent than anyone this season hence the 10 point gap and so I can sleep well at night and dont understand the negative feelings here. We all have to play each other a number of times, win the 2 we have and nobody can touch us
  14. You know Jose is concerned/jealous of whats happening in our club (that he couldnt replicate last year) because he sees a need to say things about us. Conte has been there and done it so I hope he doesnt rise to it.
  15. city are away to arsenal then away to us 4 days later, they wont win both of them, relax