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  1. I have struggled to understand why Willian gets such a bad wrap here. So he is not flamboyant but he game us another winning performance today against Spurs. Can people get off his back or at least help me understand why opinion on him is so divisive
  2. I read today Utd have joined all of Germany in wanting him. If all these teams value him, why aren't we openly busting a gut to keep him? How much is hype and how much is genuine talent?
  3. Time to give Willian some credit

    Thank you Willian. I appreciate what you have done for us. Its a team and not one player. Good luck.
  4. VAR and Chelsea

    What is the point of VAR and is it anti Chelsea? At the end of the day VAR is just another referee in a room somewhere so if we believe refs are anti Chelsea on the pitch why should an anonymous ref be any different. Yesterday, we could have had a pen when Dave was fouled by serial fouler Stiepermann and a number of other challenges should have been covered by VAR if its to work how I think it should. Feel free to log pro and contro decisions relating to VAR
  5. VAR and Chelsea

    It was as if BBC were not even interested in its validity
  6. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    We played to high and didn't have the speed of mind or foot to recover. Desperately need a commanding CB who would probably also be captain material. Think back to the days of JT, thats what we miss, somebody to attack everything.
  7. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Unlikely, until refs have to or choose to go public they will continue to hide
  8. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Christensen - Zouma - Keeper Zouma - Christensen - Keeper I scream at the TV when Chistensen and Zouma play together. They spend the whole game moving and passing backwards.
  9. VAR and Chelsea

    Keepers handball.....ignored. Kova and Mount yellows unchecked (I know the rules dont cover that but if we have to suffer VAR it should)
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    me neither, rabbit in headlights most of the time
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    But we need a CB and captain. I would argue thats the best position to organise from. We have lacked a vociferous captain since JT. I thought Rudi could have been the man but I dont hear him
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    too much but they have a habit of paying too much for good not great defenders
  13. Anyone seen or done a comparison on goals per game between kepa and Wily? Kepa offers the defence no confidence Wily has some presence.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Couldn't agree more. You are not going to put a cross into the danger area as he wont make the run across a defender
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I have also been a fan but if he extends he does under the understanding he will be phased out as the youth and new buys mature into their roles. Is that what he accepts?
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    agreed, he needs to be linked with a move that seems to inspire him
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    As a number 2 I am quite happy with Willy for another season. If the defence is improved the keeper will have less to do and he has been quite reliable
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Window open. 14 hours.....whats taking so long?
  19. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    dont think we will have to worry about him again
  20. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    from one of the liverpool players?
  21. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    play willy tomorrow its too dangerous to risk kepa
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Jody has been great for giving an insight into the youth but going forward Frank needs more technical support. An experienced, vociferous CB wouldnt go amiss with a GK who isn't one of the 7 dwarfs (you can decide which)
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was convinced he had a joint role I see Hilario is GK coach, he never inspired me with confidence as a player
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    isn't Cech also coaching Kepa?