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  1. TT is doing his best with what he inherited. He has tightened up the back. 1 OG and some sloppiness yesterday aside. He has the team keeping the ball and playing generally 1 or 2 touch. Too much is sideways possession and that needs to change sometimes it needs to ge into the CF area. Tammy is too lazy to make runs, he will score but only if it comes to him. I would like to see more of Giroud, who is more intelligent, until the end of the season and we can buy a someone younger than him that can keep defenders on their toes. As for taking CHO off again yesterday, thats brave, I hope it doesnt backfire but if CHO was pissed he isn't starting and that showed I agree with the action.
  2. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    I feel TT is not a manager to wait until the standard 60 mins so expect some HT changes. Tammy off for Giroud and Jorg for Kante and a change in shape. Maybe we will also see CHO
  3. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    Tammy is so frustrating. If the ball doesnt come directly to him he doesnt gamble on going to it
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tuchel may have the pulling power but only if we secure CL
  5. Chelsea Women

    I was just about to post that, I thought it was an excellent insight
  6. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Jorg has become a negative passer, I would like to see him play a few more adventurous balls forward, that we know he can, instead of the safe sideways or backwards but perhaps thats the remit he has been given.
  7. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    I actually agree and was just throwing it out there as it often is the case. No oppo player has yet to score against us is a sign of the organisation he has brought where there previously was chaos. But I will keep my fingers crossed all the same for a while!
  8. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    and keep our fingers crossed its not just a new coach bounce
  9. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    and reasons why something is not being discussed
  10. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    I have never questioned Werners input, he gets himself in the right places several times a game, his finishing has been a bit disappointing but it will return I am sure. He gets more grief than Tammy here when he contributes so much more. Tammy just stands in the middle. How did Tammy not even hit the target with that 6th minute header last night.
  11. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    So happy we have turned the corner and seemingly sorted out our defensive frailties even Kepa looked a little more assured. Hopefully its not a new boss bounce and it continues as everyone is taking points from everyone this season again. We have secured the back now we need to steadily improve the quality around the pitch. Christensen and Zouma always worry me particularly together, Jorg only goes backwards and sideways when he used to be able to pick a great forward pass on occasion and Tammy is too wasteful for me and then spends too long on his bum waving his arms around.
  12. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Any ref conversation should be recorded and made available afterwards. Until they can justify their decisions (I dont even mind if its a mistake, they are human) they can't be trusted. VAR has just given us a second layer of incompetence. Refs hide behind VAR and visa versa
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    5-5 would be perfect with Calvert Lewin scoring 5. Will satisfy also my fantasy league team.
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    Next up they have Everton, thats a 6 pointer. Come on Everton.
  15. I have struggled to understand why Willian gets such a bad wrap here. So he is not flamboyant but he game us another winning performance today against Spurs. Can people get off his back or at least help me understand why opinion on him is so divisive
  16. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    Zouma to kepa. How many times, its ridiculous.
  17. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    Tammy just get on with it, stop waving your arms around all the time. This is how lower levels are. Get wise and learn.
  18. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    I have zero confidence in kepa christensen zouma triangle too much faffing around. Hope I am wrong.
  19. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    I like Carlo and Calvert Lewin seems in form
  20. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    Top City, then Leicester, Chelsea and Everton.... Without a transfer window I dont think Ole or Klopp can stop their slow slipping All blue top 4, I just realised.
  21. Sheffield United 1 Chelsea 2

    Its not always nice but its true. We may really like some players and managers but in the end we dont support player x or manager b as we all support and follow Chelsea and not particular managers or players whose coming and going we have to accept.
  22. Sheffield United 1 Chelsea 2

    I imagine Tuchel has a better eye than our Frank and understands a 36 year old plaster will only hold fast for so long. Priority number 1 is a serious defender
  23. Sheffield United 1 Chelsea 2

    Keepers are keepers and not outfield players for a reason. Involving them in such back passes and play on the ground is always a risk....Ask Alisson, that made my night as much as us winning
  24. Sheffield United 1 Chelsea 2

    Another win, a clean sheet, in the sense they didn't score. We can worry about quality later I am just happy to be getting points in the bag for now.
  25. Sheffield United 1 Chelsea 2

    He looks to play it forward something Christensen can't do