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  1. New Kits

    Online megastore is £3.95 for p+p and I didn't think inc VAT.
  2. New Kits

    Let the bargin hunt begin. Adults shirt at the megastore is £41. Sports Soccer is £34.50. Anybody found cheaper?
  3. Didier Drogba

    I was sat directly behind that fan and to be honest every Chelsea fan at the bridge either said or thought the same as him at the time as it was such a dreadful shot by Drogs. Unfortunatly for him he seemed to catch Drogs eye and he came and fronted him up. We all thought is was pretty funny because that fan was like a mouse for the rest of the game. Personally I thought it was great because it meant that my ugly mug is in all the papers and on Sky. Fame at last.
  4. New Kits

    My local JJB (Staines) is advertising the shirt £5 cheaper than the megastore. As Chelsea wont sell me a season ticket I'll put my money in the Wigan owners pocket. That'll teach 'em!