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  1. Chelsea 1 Atletico Madrid 3

    We will be stronger next season I have no doubt. Luck is not on our side tonight.
  2. Chelsea 1 Atletico Madrid 3

    Can't see us scoring two...
  3. Chelsea 1 Atletico Madrid 3

    Have a bad feeling about this. Need a huge performance now, we must take them on right from the restart. COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  4. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 0

    No chance we will score today as it seems. Will be good if we concede just one.
  5. Media / Press

    To compare his reaction when Liverpool scored and City scored... Like he had a bet on dippers or something.
  6. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Azpi is beyond useless in this game
  7. Chelsea 2:0 PSG (3:3 On Aggregate)

    Expect nothing and hope for the best! Come on Chelsea!
  8. Chelsea 3 Stoke City 0

    Torres is more or less a joke.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    You can understand Oscar's dip in form. He's still a kid and is playing non stop since he has joined us. Both for Chelsea and Brasil, and there still is WC coming for him this summer. Unbelievable number of games for him in last few years.
  10. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    Season over for us. Some players deserve to be punched after this performance, played like litle ****ing girls. Cech out in the summer, have no ****ing trust in him for a long long time, and again he showed why. Mourinho should take some of the blame too. The approach for the second half was shocking.
  11. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    Total lack of balls in this team.
  12. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

  13. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    OMG just get Ramires off ffs Jose!!!
  14. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    And get Ramires off, because he's bound to be sent off with this ref.
  15. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    Please explain me what is Shurley asked to do tonight? I bet even he doesn't know.
  16. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    oh okay
  17. PSG 3 Chelsea 1

    Not comfirmed, but Canal+ have this - Chelsea XI: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta; David Luiz, Ramires; Willian, Oscar, Hazard; Schurrle
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Even the idea of dippers winning the league makes me sick. Imagine the wankfest from their fans, all those Liverpool supporting rats on TV, press and so on. City can have it, I don't mind.
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Imagine Liverpool winning the title. God please no.
  20. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 0

    Everything through our ****ing right side.
  21. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 0

    I have no idea what he was doing there? What was he expecting to happen in that situation?
  22. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 0

    So lucky not to be behind at HT. Oscar and/or Willian on and we'll win this.
  23. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    So we will probably need to win all our games and hope that City slip somewhere. They will spank Arsenal no doubt, we shouldn't put any hopes here. In this case, If Everton win their game in hand it can become a real battle for the 4th place between them and Arsenal. Then, the only places I can see City dropping points is at Anfield and Goodison (if Everton can somehow keep the pressure for the 4th place until MD 37, unlikely, but there is a little hope as they have kind of a decent fixture list until then). City's a massive favorite now, but anyway, we should only look at our games, win them and hope for a little miracle.
  24. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Lovren. Wow, just wow. He probably has a bet on Spuds.
  25. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I demand new contract for Moyes.