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  1. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    Because apart from a few changes in personnel, I see little difference in the way we set up or play compared to last season. We dropped points against Palace, West Brom, Newcastle, Sunderland, West Ham, Norwich, Spurs and Villa, but had a great record against the top teams. I fear the same this year.
  2. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    And just for the record, I think we will do just fine against the better teams - those who will attack us, commit players forward and leave space for us to exploit on the counter. Like last season, I think we may struggle against the lesser sides who will set up to keep a clean sheet and aim to score on the counter or from set pieces.
  3. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    But therein lies the issue - most people are not criticising the RESULT, they are criticising the way we play, the formation, the game plan, the tactics, the personnel. We could have won all of our pre-season games but the problems remain: Slow build up play, no plan B against sides that park the bus, an unwillingness for wingers to beat their man and Fernando Torres!
  4. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    Writing this from Bremen, but struggling to concentrate due to the number of sirens (police and ambulances) that have passed the hotel in the last few hours. Hope Chelsea fans are safe and well and keeping out of trouble! We were in Arnhem earlier in the week. I felt we looked very comfortable against a poor side. On paper, we should have found today a walk in the park, but we were awful. Truly awful. The referee also had a shocker but that shouldn't hide the fact we weren't at the races. Our main problem was a lack of creativity and pace. We moved the ball so slowly - the biggest culprits were Van Ginkel and Fabregas. When attacking against a team that sit back with their banks of four, the wide men need to retain width and the ball needs to move quickly. When the ball reaches the wide men, they need to either deliver with quality early or look to beat a man. All too often the crosses were poor or the wide man played the safe pass backwards. Torres - I've defended him and supported him throughout his time at the club but I think he has to go. His movement off the ball, especially when crosses are being delivered, is dire. The simple parts of the game - controlling the ball and laying off a short pass - Torres just can't do it. And I needn't mention his finishing or confidence in front of goal. Not a fan of the two holding players today. I felt the tactic was a negative one and they only ended up getting in each other's way. Impressed with Courtois and I think Costa will be great for us if he improves his discipline. He seems intent on picking fights. Impressed with the noise from the Chelsea fans today, it was a good atmosphere for pre-season. We do have some fools within our fanbase though and they do their utmost to give us a bad reputation abroad. The hospitality and kindness that we have had from locals in Holland and Germany has been top notch. Lastly - the Chelsea players and staff. Our friends waited outside the team hotel as they arrived in Bremen just before midday. Some players stopped for the odd photo but in the main, the squad and staff barely acknowledged the fans. Mourinho was the worst of the lot. For people who spend vast sums of money and time following the club they love - just a simple gesture or word from the players and staff means alot. To be ignored is an insult. JT, Ivanovic and one or two others applauded the travelling fans at full time (albeit from the centre spot - why they couldn't summon the energy to walk over I don't know.)
  5. Hi Mate

    Was It You I asked about Newcastle Tickets Near the end of last season


  6. Happy Birthday, Olly!

    Enjoy! :-)

  7. Ashley Cole

    I really don't wish to be nasty here, but it's an awful suggestion. Ashley Cole would get absolutely terrorised if we played him at centre back. It's likely he has never played there in his life, so to suggest bringing him in at this stage of the season, in what is such an important match for us, is quite simply ridiculous! Although Essien clearly operates best as a central midfielder, he has had some experience at centre back this year. Carvalho being injured is a huge loss, but playing Essien there seems to be our only option. Boulahrouz would be an option but is only on call as emergency cover, due to his pending surgery on the shoulder injury he sustained some weeks ago now. Is this an emergency? Although the club haven't mentioned anything on the site, I have been reliably informed that Mikel hobbled towards his car after the match, so I hope he shakes it off before Tuesday, otherwise we may have a real crisis in centre midfield with Ballack already missing and Essien due to start in defence.
  8. Gianfranco Zola

    I still believe he was the Premiership's greatest player to date, but that might be me being biased. I know Henry is quite worthy of this position. I watched basically every match at Stamford Bridge during his time at the club. The guy was a genius, highlights on Match of the Day would not do him justice. This is why it is so difficult to argue with rival fans about just how good Zola was, they weren't fortunate to see him for 90 minutes, week in week out. His best moments for me were the goal against Norwich, the goal in the ECWC final, the amazing trickery in the corner against Liverpool (final league game of 02/03), his 'twisted blood' goal against Wimbledon, making Julian Dicks look like a fool, turning United's defence inside out in his first season and the numerous superb free kicks he hit. The guy was a great footballer and is a true gentleman.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    http://www.chelseafc.com/article.asp?hlid=...r+deal&nav=news Everything has been finalised it seems. He has a 3 year deal. I wonder what the transfer fee is...
  10. Michael Essien

    Just to add to Juni's comments, the away support was superb yesterday. We sang to the end, even after we had lost and some idiotic Fulham fans had run on to the pitch. The odd groan can be excused I'm sure. It might have sounded bad on TV because everybody groaned in unison at the errors Essien was constantly making.
  11. Michael Essien

    Yes, I agree that it is better to get behind the players, particularly those that are having a poor game to try to raise their performance. But it is easier said than done. I don't think many of the Chelsea fans that went yesterday went out of their way to start anti-Essien chants or deliberately jeer him, but many of us couldn't hold back the odd groan when he repeatedly gave the ball away and didn't seem to care less. I think it was frustration from the fans more than anything. I mean, even when he had time and space, he insisted on playing the one touch long ball, (which always went to an opponent).
  12. Didier Drogba

    According to Lawro and Hansen on Match of the Day, the referee had a good game! Jokers.
  13. Michael Essien

    How gutted were we as Chelsea fans when the career of Paul Elliott was ended by a horrific Dean Saunders challenge at Anfield back in the early 90s? Essien's 'tackle' tonight can be ranked alongside it. The only difference is that the opponent hasn't come out of the challenge with his career in tatters. I am a loyal Chelsea fan and always get behind those wearing a blue shirt, but Essien has now made three terrible tackles this season. Tonight's was the worst. He is a superb footballer but this is a very unattractive part of his game and surely none of us want to see it again. When Mourinho does look at it, I hope he takes necessary action against Essien, perhaps a fine or at least a lecture. Essien is endangering the progression of the team by making such reckless challenges- he could now have been sent off three times this season. I believe UEFA will take action against tonight's offence and ban him. This for me is the only possible course of action- the foul was totally inexcusable.
  14. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by EstacheI know a shop which sales chelsea home kits with Lampard's name and number at the back for £25 id="quote"> id="quote">A certain Sports Soccer perhaps?
  15. Didier Drogba

    For your first effort, I think that was superb. It shows how good Didier can be, some of the goals featured were amazing. His strength is his greatest asset, and even his touch doesn't look too bad in comparison to what we have often seen when he has played for Chelsea. I'm not too sure on the music, but the video is of a decent length and shows plenty of action. Good work mate.